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Food for Agile Thought’s issue #213—shared with 23,845 peers—delves into how Liberating Structures rescue Scrum; we borrow Swedish ideas on agile leadership beyond the so-called ‘Spotify model,’ and we learn to create an environment that is attractive to introverts.

We also consider pair coaching; we learn how to include stakeholders in product decisions while managing their expectations, and we dare to look at some math, namely Cost of Delay.

Lastly, we shed light on Mr. Amazon’s grand plan for the universe.

Did you miss last week’s Food for Agile Thought’s issue #212 ?

Food for Agile Thought #213: Liberating Structures Rescue Scrum, Pair Coaching, Stakeholder Buy-in, Magic Prioritization Bullet

🏆 The Essential Read: Liberating Structures Rescue Scrum

Barry Overeem, Christiaan Verwijs and Johannes Schartau (via InfoQ): Liberating Structures — an Antidote to Zombie Scrum

Barry Overeem, Christiaan Verwijs, and Johannes Schartau describe cargo cult versions of Scrum, and how to prevent them from manifesting themselves using Liberating Structures.

Agile & Scrum

Peter Koning (via The 7 Best Agile Leadership Tips After Visiting Stockholm

On tour to Sweden with 15 peers, Peter Koning visited several companies in and around Stockholm. Here is what he learned on how to create thriving environments for agile teams.

Yassal Sundman and Michael Göthe (via Crisp): Pair Coaching

Yassal Sundman and Michael Göthe claim that there are—just like with pair programming—many benefits to pair coaching.

Tobias Anderberg (via InfoQ): 📺 Agile for the Introvert

Tobias Anderberg reflects on how to foster an inclusive team environment for introverts and stresses the importance of psychological safety.

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📅 Professional Scrum Master Training PSM I — Frankfurt/Main, October 21-22, 2019

Learn more: 📅 Professional Scrum Master Training PSM I — Frankfurt/Main, October 21-22, 2019 .

Product & Lean

Franklin Foer (via The Atlantic): Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan

Franklin Foer analyzes what the Amazon founder wants for his empire and himself, and what that means for the rest of us.

Teresa Torres (via Mind The Product): 📺 Justify Your Product Decisions and Get Stakeholder Buy-in

In this closing keynote from #mtpcon San Francisco, Teresa Torres shares her learnings on how to create a collaborative relationship with stakeholders,

Charles Lambdin (via Medium): Is CD3 the Golden Key?

Charles Lambdin delves deep into the importance of Don Reinertsen’s concept of Cost of Delay for putting a price-tag on product decisions.

📯 Faking Agile Metrics or Cooking the Agile Books

Imagine you’re a Scrum Master and the line manager of your team believes that the best sign for a successful agile transformation is a steady increase in the Scrum Team’s velocity. Moreover, if the team fails to deliver on that metric something is wrong with the Scrum Team. Alternatively, something is wrong with you as you are the Scrum Master and hence responsible for the team’s performance. (Apparently, not faking agile metrics, or being transparent in this case, does not seem to be valued here.)

Learn more about how to coach these kinds of line managers and help them overcome their preference for the industrial past with a simple exercise on how to cook the agile books.

Faking Agile Metrics or Cooking the Agile Books —

Read more: Faking Agile Metrics or Cooking the Agile Books .


Make Retrospectives Great Again

Retrospectives should be an opportunity to improve, to celebrate success, and learn from failure. Yet, for so many teams they are just a drag, a boring and routine event, without clear outcomes… If it happens at all!

We’ve gone through so much of this too. Check out some ideas on how to make the retrospective a great event again!

Make Retrospectives Great Again — The Agile Box Retrospective Cards

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📅 More Training, Workshops, and Events

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🗞 Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

Read more: Food for Agile Thought #212: Temporal Dynamics, Coach Assessment, Impact Mapping, Mind Your Competition. .

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