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Scavenger Hunt Team Building

We’re kicking off something new in the Project Management Café Facebook group today!

If that sounds mysterious yet fun, then you won’t want to miss The Office Scavenger Hunt that begins today!

  • Do you want to take part in something you can replicate with your own virtual team for teambuilding or getting to know each other?
  • Do you want to be in with a chance to win a copy of my Essential Project Documents template kit? Then head on over to the Project Management Café Facebook group !
Scavenger Hunt Team Building

What is a scavenger hunt?

A scavenger hunt is where you have a list of items and you have to find them. Sometimes the list might be activities. For example, at the Tribe conference earlier this year, the hunt around Toronto was team building: part of a way of getting delegates to talk to each other (plus generate a ton of social media images on Instagram). Teams had to find different local monuments and take photos of themselves doing certain actions e.g. riding a bike.

We’re not doing anything that is going to involve leaving your desk.

This week, find the things from the daily list and share a photo of them in the Facebook group. People who complete all 5 tasks will be in with a chance to win a copy of my Essential Project Documents template kit . I’ll draw a winner from the people who’ve shared all 5 pictures (and yes, you can do them all on the last day if you really want).

How can I use a scavenger hunt at work?

We’re doing this for fun, because our Facebook gang is awesome and we like to try different things! But also because a scavenger hunt is a very simple team activity you can do yourself with your project team.

Ask your virtual (or local) team to find certain objects, complete a quiz question each day, share photos, do an activity or whatever. They report back to you. At the end of the week, the person with the highest score, or a winner drawn at random, gets the honour and glory. You don’t have to give them a prize.

It’s a virtually free way of creating a shared experience for a virtual team.

Scavenger hunt team building ideas

Our office scavenger hunt is based on things you can see from or in your office. I don’t want to give too much away, but each day of the challenge asks you to take photos of something and share them with the group.

You can replicate this with your colleagues, and it’s a good idea to have some purpose to it, rather than just randomly asking them to find objects.

Here are some themes for scavenger hunt team building ideas.

Holiday themed: Share photos of your home, office or local town celebrations related to the holidays e.g. for Christmas, one day would be a photo of a tree, one day would be a photo of mince pies etc.

Travel/location themed: For virtual teams, a good team building virtual scavenger hunt would be for them to share pictures of their location. You’ll get to see where they work. Questions could be things like: Share a photo of a local tourist attraction, share a photo of a local delicacy. You’d want to give people enough time to do this though, so maybe run the challenge over a few weeks.

Video hunt: For a team prepared to get a bit creative and perhaps look a little bit funny in front of colleagues, you could ask them to share a video each day of them doing a task such as air guitar, drinking a glass of water etc.

Project themed: Think about your project and what kind of scavenger hunt it lends itself to. Could you run a challenge over the whole life of the project for the person who visits the most locations? Could you do a quiz question a day based on some specific project topic or knowledge? What about photos of items specifically relevant to your project? You’ll need to get your thinking hat on, but you could do it.

Will you try a scavenger hunt at work as a way of building your virtual team?

And meanwhile, will you come into our Facebook group and give it a try with us?

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