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Hello, welcome back to video 2 of my training series, 2020 Project Management. My name is Elizabeth Harrin, founder of Project Management Rebels and the blog, A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, and I’m delighted to be back here with you.

In this video, we’re going to be talking
about confidence at work. but more importantly I’m also going to show you how
that helps you show up and be more present for your team, and do a better job
as a project manager. You owe it to yourself and your project team to tackle
your work with confidence!

In video 1 we talked about skills, and that
was intended to help you save time working out where to spend your professional
development effort. So if you haven’t seen that video, go back and watch it
now, and then come back to this one!

Today I’m going to build on what we’ve
already learned by talking about the people stuff. The key to confident project
management is being able to do the people stuff. What we’re going to look at
today will help you tackle some of the trickier people problems at work and get
you on track towards leading your project in the way I know you want to.

We have a lot to cover today so be sure you
have some paper and a pen ready to take notes and follow along.

The truth is that trying to interact with
people can be pretty frustrating sometimes.

Your sponsor doesn’t have time for you,
your team don’t seem to take responsibility for their tasks, and nothing is
completed on time, your stakeholders don’t agree about what the project should
be delivering. People are hard!

And if you’ve ever faced situations like
these before, then know that you are not alone! It’s totally normally. Even so,
you can’t let behaviour of other people, or yourself, if you don’t know how to
handle it, get in the way of being able to deliver your project successfully
and in a low stress way. By low stress, I mean, that no one is working until
midnight trying to be a hero and getting stuff done. Low stress means the work
is planned out, it happens on time, everyone knows what they are doing and
you’re making steady progress.

That’s why in this video we’re going to get super practical and talk about the people stuff. So are you ready to dig in?

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