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TL; DR: Agile Coaching Spotify Style, Empathy w/ Engineers—Food for Agile Thought #222

Food for Agile Thought’s issue #221—shared with 24,597 peers—addresses agile coaching Spotify style; we come back to technical debt—a never-ending story—, and we listen to a take on what high-performing engineering teams need.

We also learn how to empathize with engineers as a product manager; we pick up a formula on how to measure product/market fit, and we dive into seven likely cases of internal (product) politics.

Lastly, we dare to ask: what is sociocracy, and what is it good for?

Did you miss last week’s Food for Agile Thought’s issue #221 ?

Food for Agile Thought #222: Agile Coaching Spotify Style, Empathy w/ Engineers, Sociocracy, Internal Politics for PMs

🏆 The Essential Post: Agile Coaching Spotify Style

(via InfoQ): 📺 Agile coaching at Spotify: The Evolution of the Agile Coach

Erin McManus and Fiona Siseman discuss Agile coaching at Spotify, its evolution, struggles and pitfalls, and how coaches are set up for present and future success.

📅 Agile Camp Berlin 2020 — The Last Minute 🎄 Gift

The Agile Camp Berlin 2020 will happen from April 17-18, 2020, at the Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum  right in the center of Berlin.

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Agile & Scrum

Lisa van Gelder (via The Lead Developer): 📺 The four components of high performing teams

Beyond architecture & tech stack, Lisa van Gelder shares the four things she believes necessary to create great teams.

Allen Holub: Technical Debt

Allen Holub revisits one of this newsletter’s favorite topics.

(via Sociocracy For All): What is sociocracy, and do you need it?

Ted Rau explains the basic concept of sociocracy as a governance system.

📯 Scrum Master Career 2020 — Using Ecocycle Planning to Identify Opportunities

Last week, about 30 members of the Hands-on Agile community in Berlin came together to identify opportunities for personal and professional growth for the coming year, using Liberating Structures’ Ecocycle Planning in the process, to further your Scrum Master career 2020. Read on and learn in this post what opportunities you have to advance your career as a Scrum Master or agile coach in the next year.

Scrum Master Career 2020 — Using Ecocycle Planning to Identify Opportunities

Learn more: Scrum Master Career 2020 — Using Ecocycle Planning to Identify Opportunities .

Product & Lean

(via Product Manager HQ): Empathizing with Engineers

Clement Kao summarizes his learnings as a product manager on how to collaborate best with engineers.

Oleg Yakubenkov: What is product/market fit and how to measure PMF

Oleg Yakubenkov shares his proven formula on how to measure when product/market fit is achieved.

Shaun Juncal (via ProductPlan): Internal Politics Situations You Will Encounter as a Product Manager

Shaun Juncal outlines seven internal politics situations a product manager may likely encounter.

📅 More Training, Workshops, and Events

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Apr 17–18, 2020 Agile Camp Berlin — Berlin, April 17-18, 2020 (English) Berlin From € 129 incl. 19% VAT.

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🗞 Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

Read more: Food for Agile Thought #221: Flow Thinking, Trust Building, North Star Playbook, Prediction & Planning .

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