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Individuals and businesses are constantly looking for top quality content with a link to their domain, in order to have something of tremendous value to offer their website visitors. As you often notice, few people connect to a product page, a homepage or a shopping cart.

This is because there aren’t very credible content with value. To have a better grasp of this article, I will quickly define two major terminologies.

1) Link Building:

This is the process of getting other blogs or websites to link to your site’s page, thereby improving your search engine rankings. These search engines grovel through the internet looking for links or connections between your site and other websites to decide the validity of your content and the ranking of your page in the search results.

You can always use a comprehensive and accurate rank tracker such as the Pro Rank Tracker to monitor your site’s ranking.

2) Content Promotion:

This has to do with creating and sharing content (blogs, articles, videos, infographics) for the principal aim of driving traffic to your website and acquiring new customers.

Kindly note that if you want to make massive progress in link building, you will need top-quality content. In this article, therefore, I will be sharing some requirements of top-quality content and some link building techniques that can be used to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results.

How to Create Top Quality Content?

1) Your Write-Up Need To Be Original:

business automation, productive artificial intelligence, digital project management basics

This means that whatever article you will be posting online must be devoid of plagiarism. Your ideas and concepts should be unique and not one that is copied from another website. If this is done, Google will flag your site as being fraudulent, and no one will link to it, which defeats the purpose of content promotion in the first place.

2) Your Content Must Be Detailed:

Ensure that every of your content gives or provides accurate information and is well researched. It is not just enough that your content must be original; it must also give out very accurate information showing that it was well researched upon.

3) Compelling Headlines Are a Big Deal!

business automation, productive artificial intelligence, digital project management basics

There is a popular statistic that about 70% of people will read your headlines while the remaining 30% will read the rest of the content. What this shows is that you must have an intense and captivating topic that will attract people to the main content.

4) Amazingly Written Content:

Ensure that whatever is being written is written impeccably. Smooth writing that can easily be read and understood by your target audience should be among your top priorities. Your articles and blog posts should also be very brief and straight to the point and nothing ambiguous.

5) Use Images & Videos Where Necessary:

It is no news to the ears that some people learn better by hearing while others learn better by seeing. The most important thing is that no one learns less with the help of visual aids. So, whether you use diagrams, pictures or videos, they only assist in illustrating your point. Kindly input only images that add value.

If this aspect of your content has been settled, we are left with trying to build your link, and this can be done using some techniques and tactics which are given below. You need to be careful when building a link because not all links are equal.

You can build connections for your business, product or even customers. By doing this, you are associating them with great content. Google will keep you in the search results, your users will be happy, and your business will grow.

Some Link Building Techniques Include:

1) Internal links:

These are links that lead from one page to another page within the website. It is often ignored but is a great way to help people dig deeper or navigate within your site. For internal links, always look for keywords or phrases that will link to another page with more information, thereby making users stay longer on the site and explore further as well.

Benefits of using internal links include:

  1. It helps to reduce the overall bounce rate of the website.
  2. If your page has relevant or useful content and strategic internal link, it will help improve your keyword ranking.
  3. It will help improve some older posts by sending traffic there and exposure.
  4. It will assist in improving your page authority and help pass link ‘‘sweetness’’ to other pages.

2) Use Regular Guest Blogs To Spread the Word:

According to Hubspot, businesses, and individuals that blog generate about 98% more inbound links on an average. They also generate 57% more visitors on their website. Being systematic, or strategic means or implies that you have set your goals from the onset. So for you to drive more traffic to your blog or website, you will target blogs that will send you this traffic.

Since your target is to build links, don’t just target blogs that accept guest posts but ones that their owners and readers are likely to share your post on social media platforms or networks. So before posting or writing a guest post for another website, you should first research and;

  1. Observe the blog’s user experience.
  2. Study or observe the popular posts or contents shared the most on the site.
  3. Get to know what the audience wants.

3) Build Your Link With Social Bookmarking Sites:

business automation, productive artificial intelligence, digital project management basics

One way with which you can get quality backlinks that will drive traffic to your website is through social bookmarking sites where users can freely add, edit or share content across the web. Some of the notable social bookmarking sites include;

  1. A) this is an online publishing platform where users not only read but also write and share their contents. Signing up with medium is easy. You can sign up in less than a minute using any of these social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter, Google, and Email address.

Some other top social bookmarking sites include;

B) Reddit

C) Growth Hackers

D) Voat

E) Slashdot

More to come, such as but not limited to; Designer News, Hub Pages, Flipboard. Etc.

To conclude, these two variables (your content and link building techniques) must align and be in consonance for your website to rank higher in the SEO results. With these simple yet effective techniques explained above, you can ensure that your goal is achieved. Nevertheless, there are also some advanced and complex link building techniques;

1)  Getting indirect links from competitors

2)  Discovering and recovering dead backlinks

3)  Finding the strongest competitors’ healthy backlinks

4)  Launching a giveaway or scholarship campaign, Etc.

This post is still a work in progress because we intended to add more valuable content to it. In case you are interested in learning what the future of SEO will look like in year 2020, be sure to check back again later. Do bookmark this page and don’t forget to share your views through the comments section below.

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