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These days, we can safely say that people lead more interesting and fulfilling lives than ever before. The abundance of content, hobbies, and careers is more plentiful than it was at any moment in human history.

However, that has sprouted an entirely new kind of problem. With a job, a social life, working out, and personal interests – how can you actually manage to achieve everything that you need to in the span of a single day? Don’t worry – we’re here to give you a couple of tips on how to live life to the fullest and not miss out on anything!

1. Sleep Faster

When you think about ways to manage your life, you need to realize one thing right away; chances are that, regardless of how busy you are, there are people who are busier than you. And that’s just a fact, no matter how much you subjectively feel strapped for time. The best example of this is the iconic advice Arnold Schwarzenegger gave to his fans while talking about how he managed to achieve all that he had.

He talked about how he intensely trained about 6 hours a day, while simultaneously working 6 hours and studying 6 hours. When confronted with the fact that people also need 8 hours of sleep, good old Arnie had a simple piece of advice – sleep faster.

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Indeed, if you want to complete all of your daily chores and obligations, keeping yourself clean and shaven, while still managing to have fun and actually do the things you like; it’s going to be a thin line to walk.

It’s a dance that takes years to perfect, but once you set yourself on the right track in terms of time management; you will find it’s as easy as riding a bike. And we’re here to give you the starting points of all the positive habits you need to develop in order to achieve more!

2. Quality Sleep

Okay, so let’s begin to delve into the world of superb achievement and heightened productivity! So, how and where do you start your journey of transforming your daily habits for the better? Well, for starters; sleep is important.

Sure, just as Arnie said – you may not always need 8 hours of sleep in order to be productive during the day; that’s just something that you can’t manage all the time if you’re a busy person. However, while most people will tell you to make time for more sleep – we’re here to tell you that the quality of your sleep is far more important than its length.

In other words, even sleeping an hour or two less isn’t that much of a tragedy if you do everything you can to ensure those hours you get rest you well enough. With that in mind, take a look at your bedroom, and see what you could change. If you’re dealing with noisy external conditions, consider getting some earplugs.

Also, make sure you have dim lights that can bridge the gap between daylight and complete darkness. While these are all details, two factors are the most important in this regard. Firstly, there’s the comfort provided by your bed. If you’re sleeping on a futon or an uncomfortable mattress, you won’t believe just how much your daily productivity will be negatively impacted.

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that a good night’s sleep means being away from electronic devices like tablets, laptops, and phones. More often than not, people lose track of time while being online; suddenly finding themselves being up at 2 AM on a workday. Plus, even if you just leave a TV show or music playing in the background; you will not rest as well as you would in complete silence.

3. More Energy

If you want to achieve more every single day, you’ll find plenty of online articles talking about time-tracking apps and management methods. But with most people, it’s not pure inefficiency that’s keeping them from achieving their true potential; it’s an utter lack of energy.

That’s why we’ve talked about the quality of your sleep so much in regards to daily productivity. If you get 6 hours of sleep under optimal conditions, they’ll be worth much more to you than 8 hours filled with distractions.

As you might imagine, a good night’s sleep isn’t the only factor in your daily energy levels. The simple fact is, if you don’t lead a relatively healthy lifestyle – you won’t be able to do the work you would actually be capable of. Many people who eat junk food and don’t exercise deal in absolutes.

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Sure, perhaps you don’t have the time to spend two hours in the gym every other day and prepare healthy meals all the time. But that doesn’t mean you should keep eating junk food constantly and never spend a day working out. Trust us, once you start eating better and working out at least half an hour from time to time; you will be less sleepy and down. And your overall productiveness will start going up!

4. It’s All Connected

By now, you’ve probably started seeing how Schwarzenegger was able to achieve so much in his lifetime. Sure, he was studying and working on something all the time, as well as managing a healthy lifestyle. But in that situation, that healthy way of living isn’t an additional chore to manage. It’s actually what gives you the energy and motivation to do everything else.

Once you start feeling better about how you treat your body with good food and exercise, you will find the strength to become a bigger achiever in every other aspect of your life as well. Don’t be afraid of testing new gadgets, using things you never used before, switching to new habits. Sometimes things as simple a morning shave can be sped up with a new good device and free some of your time!

Keeping all of that in mind, sure, you need to sleep faster. But that persistence isn’t something you’re supposed to magically conjure up – but you also need to live better, in order to “sleep faster” and achieve more!

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