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This week, we decided to shoot out an exclusive review for our regular readers. For people who are active on our site and are interested in reading stuff that is related to productivity. On that note, we are making our blog a manifestation of articles, alongside a combination of product and software recommendations that will assist you in real-life scenarios.

This post is specially written on the “Staff Timer App ”; a time tracking tool that helps to improve workers’ performance. From the perspective of a layman, Staff Timer is an employee monitoring tool with a symbolic emphasis on an angry short-tempered supervisor with a big stick in his hand. If you go out of line during your working hours, you could get a slap on the wrist.

Well, ambiguously Staff Timer does offer tools that could monitor employee’s activities, including all the screenshots and work videos, but happens in a very indefinite manner. This app is all about increasing productivity, keeping track of teamwork hours, creating a healthy work environment and doing a lot more than just keeping an eye on workers from the dark remote cubicle.

Staff Timer App: First Time Onboarding Experience

A week ago, I signed up at Staff Timer’s official website: . While this, I decided to do so as a new user to help people who have never gotten a chance to even visit this site. So yes, this write-up starts off at a very basic level. Once you have visited their website, you need to fill your credentials. After their verification modules, this productivity app greets you with a few criteria to offer a more user pivotal experience.

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Here are a few selections that this app offers:
  • Choose the size of your team and the industry.
  • A name for the company.
  • Then you can create your first project.
Pricing Plan Details

During this process, you will be asked to select from three plans for your team.

  • Basic: Starts at $2.99 user/month, for 1 company, 10 projects, and unlimited team members. Plus optional screenshots and all other options enabled. They also provide data storage for 10 days.
  • Standard: This plan starts at $6.99/user/month, with a variety of perks that are planned to meet the requirements for bigger organizations. Everything from standard Staff Timer carries over with the slight addition of tracking apps, you can add unlimited companies with unlimited projects. They also offer 1 year of data storage in their standard package.
  • Premium: For the last and final plan you need to get a quote. If you have a big company with more than the average number of employees, you can contract Staff Timer for a custom quote on the enterprise plan.

Key Features

Apart from its employee monitoring capabilities, StaffTimer has a lot more to offer in terms of productivity. We will get to the monitoring part later, but first, let’s talk about things from the productivity perspective.

1. Real-time Monitoring:

Review the use of data and functions performed on your employee’s system remotely. With real-time monitoring, you can easily find out what your team members have been doing. See what your team members see and provide on the spot feedback. You can achieve the following things with these features.

  • Monitor live screens of your employees in real-time
  • Identify and rectify problems as they unfold.
  • Track your globally distributed teams.
  • Monitor and maintain employees’ overall workflow.

    • Insights into employee’s productivity

Helping managers to ensure that employees make better use of time, and measuring individual productivity, minimize the number of wasted hours. With that, it also helps to scale business and prevent a drop inefficiency.

    • Convenient for managing remote teams

It tracks your globally distributed team’s work activities, without any OS restrictions, while collecting performance data through employee work logs.

2. Record & Assign

Too much miscommunication at work? A simple voicemail can do the thing. With this application, you can record and assign tasks to your team members on the go and give an honest impression of what you really require. You can record multiple tasks in real-time, and also playback previously recorded messages.

It is an inbuilt project management solution for your teams. Simplifying and eliminating the communication gap. It makes the maintenance of a comprehensive record of all assigned tasks a lot easier.

So, basically how it’s done? You just need to tap on the assign task button on the top right corner of your page, then select the user you wish to assign a task to. After that, you will be given an option either to write a message or record a voice message.

It offers a bunch of functionality, such as giving feedback in real-time. It doesn’t require any third-party access. You can playback the assigned task or even download it. It just works like Whatsapp and Telegram voice note functionality. Your user will also receive an email notification when a new task is assigned. It can easily be attached to any document and can assign a single voice task to multiple team members.

3. Daily Work Video

Being constantly bombarded with projects? Finding it hard to go through all the screenshots? Then what’s better than a video clip! Daily work video logs take work recorded in screenshots, combines it and quickly detail what your team did the whole day in the form of an automated 10-second video clip. Stafftimer creates a video in the work diary to see the whole day’s activity.

Combining all screenshots gives a quick overview within a minute. This way you can get an exact picture of what’s happening on the go. It has helped to manage our employees and optimizes productivity with visual insights.

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You can also download videos for offline viewing. If you are having an internet issue or simply commuting to work with a weak internet connection, while this you need a sneak-peek into your team members’ work activities. This offline feature comes in handy at that point in time.

4. Keystroke & Mouse Activity

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We have found this feature to affect our team’s productivity above all other features. You can easily monitor all keystroke and mouse activities throughout the day. Its algorithm calculates the productive time over idle time through input usage and gives the update of user mileage. It also measures the activity level per minute, hour and day.

A list of filters is also provided to check out daily progress and statistical view of keystroke and mouse activity.

With this feature you can minimize total overall idle time, allowing employees to better utilize resources. Through complete transparency, it enables the user to assess their performance.

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5. Intelligence reporting

Want a detailed report on your employee? This feature provides intelligent task reports with details on hours worked, website browsed, application usage and deeper insights. It helps to identify productivity lags, examine employee’s output and also suggest improvements. Here are some insights about this feature.

  • Let you know about frequently used apps and URLs.
  • Provide multi-level reporting
  • An overview of time logged by each user.
  • Let you download reports in CSV or excel format.
Bottom Line

Overall, as long as using a phenomenal time tracking software that is capable of monitoring employee activity in a productive manner is concerned, Stafftimer is a go-to product. Give it a spin by creating a free account, and let us know through the comments section below.

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