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Businesses are no more concentrated in one place on the planet. You will be surprised to find that there are so many teams within organizations that are not in the same location. Yet, they work smoothly and ensure timely deliveries are done.

A project management tool is a common repository where the whole work is assembled, and the task-list is viewed. Based on the priority of the task-list items, work is planned, and teams are collaborated to give the correct effort.

As businesses have progressed, the concept of project management tools was brought into mainstream work. However, businesses have also changed over time. No more businesses are stuck in place. As they expand across continents and horizons, so does the challenge increase to keep them together under the same umbrella.

Thanks to technological inventions, it has become easier to collaborate with remote teams sitting at different places. Agile methodologies now allow that you can have your entire work management planned out to get the correct output. Some of the most important focus points are regarding:

  • Cross-team Communication
  • Collaboration with different modules / work-teams
  • Timelines and deadlines
  • Assigning Project Budgets
  • Engaging Team

Strengths and challenges of remote team management:

One of the obvious benefits is of having the flexibility that members of the team are working around the clock. Since team members are at different time zones, it becomes simpler to allocate and pass the information so that someone else can take up from where the previous member left.

Also, the whole concept of a single office setting can be not so encouraging at times. Part of the members are at the client-side and gathering information and changes. The whole concept of a busy office can be avoided.

What becomes a bottleneck is the fact that the teams are sitting at different places and time zones. Due to this, there are bleak chances of having an all-team meeting, stand-ups or weekly catch-ups.

But the best part is that all the work updates remain in the same place and the members can be in sync with the work. And it would become easier for project managers to see what the status of the work is.

Features needed in an ideal project management system:

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There is no finite definition of perfection. But all said and done, it is important that some of the basic functionalities be taken care of in a good project management system . These make tracking work easy and fewer hassles, more output.

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  • Resource and Risk Management
  • Managing milestones and dependencies
  • Easy Third-party integrations
  • Easy Agile methodologies
  • Dashboards and boards for clarity and visibility
  • Effective Time Tracking of work

Project Management for New Ventures:

remote working, remote project management tips, remote access, remote project management issues

The truth is obvious. New businesses need a tool to know that they are kick-starting in the right direction. Keeping a track of the work that is being taken up and done is a huge effort. This specifically, impacts start-ups. Start-ups are looking for something that can assist them in the work and task-list at hand.

Project management for Start-ups & Entrepreneurs may not be a highly complicated one. A simple project management tool can easily make the entire effort easy and work manageable.  Most of the tools available in the market these days are the ones that come with a consolidated module.

The best thing is that these tools easily make project management simple to manage from multiple places. This may necessarily not impact new businesses. But for businesses, that are starting at multiple locations, or are looking for a tool that scales if the business expands are the ones that star-ups and entrepreneurs should be really looking toward to.

Ideal features for a remote project management tool:

remote working, remote project management tips, remote access, remote project management issues

There might not be a complete list of the must-haves. But these features are supposed to be part of the package to give a total impact if you have teams working across multiple locations and disciplines.

Not only do they help in making the work simpler, but scalability also becomes robust and as the business expands so does the tool. It gives you better visibility and clarity while managing intra-office activities.

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Let us look at these points:

  • The number of people for whom the platform is set-up
  • The number of projects that can fit in the subscription. This is specifically helpful for multiple projects
  • Ensuring that all communication is in the same place and that all are on track.
  • Need to track, cost progress and delivery
  • Ensuring that full project backup can be taken

These features essentially ensure that all team and technical issues are handled in the same place so that work need not separately be tracked. This gives clarity and the reports give a visual benefit of the work that is being done.

Having said that, let us look at some of the top 8 tools that are governing the project management activity. These tools are some of the best in the current market scenario and a lot of companies are using them regularly for their work.

remote working, remote project management tips, remote access, remote project management issues

  • Clickup – Considered to be the next generation project management tool; it offers docs, reminders, goals, scheduling and even an inbox.
  • Airtable – This is the project management solution for all size organizations with an interactive device interface
  • Wrike – One of the best cloud-based collaboration software that helps business scale over multiple platforms. Allows teams to work smarter and easier, and align work easily
  • Backlog – One of the most cost-effective projects management tools, just as the name suggests it is easier to record and track work because of rich features
  • Paymo – The best from inception to completion, Paymo is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Process Street – Just as the name suggests, Process Street has a highly accurate interface and workflow management tool. It is useful where teams have repetitive kind of tasks and allow the business to optimize effectively
  • Asana – Considered the king of project management tools; it has rich features and is available with different subscriptions for use over multiple platforms
  • Basecamp – The next in line is the Basecamp which is equally considered to be the most interactive and easy-to-use Project Management System.
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