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The Remote Agile Guide comprises practices, tools, tips & tricks, and lessons learned on how Scrum Masters, agile coaches, Product Owners, and project managers can create a meaningful virtual work environment for distributed agile teams.

Remote Agile with Distributed Teams—

The Background of the Guide

The Remote Agile Guide is a result of my learning path to offer my Professional Scrum training classes as live virtual classes, as the pandemic has made in-person training classes impossible for the time being. The guide provides compact information on the principles and patterns that are crucial to facilitate engaging online classes.

Of course, the guide is modeled after the technology that is available to me at the moment. Like many others, I do not have a home studio from which I can broadcast TV-style learning sessions. However, with modest investments in software and hardware, I believe that everyone can become a successful host in today’s “work from home”-world. I use Liberating Structures with Zoom breakout rooms, Google docs,, and a few other tools that often are free to use.

The Remote Agile Guide comprises of sections on:

  • Basic practices, principles, and tools
  • Virtual Liberating Structures
  • Mastering Zoom
  • Remote Agile anti-patterns
  • The Remote Retrospective
  • The Remote Sprint Review
  • The Remote Sprint Planning
  • The Remote Product Backlog refinement.

But see for yourself by downloading your copy of the guide:

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