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TL; DR: Accurate Estimates, Remote Productivity—Food for Agile Thought #240

Welcome to the 240th edition of the Food for Agile Thought newsletter, shared with 26,317 peers. This week, we revisit the fallacy of accurate estimates; we delve into a study revealing massive increases in the cycle and release time metrics of development teams since going remote, and we enjoy a view at a different world of agile testing and quality.

We also learn about product management by nagging; we tackle feature request handling, and we analyze the essence of a decent Sprint Goal.

Lastly, we check the latest recommendations of the Dark Side of Agile; this time, they can ensure the productivity of your now remote workers. (Won’t we all want to be that confident?)

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Food for Agile Thought #240: Accurate Estimates, Remote Productivity, The Dark Side on Remote Agile, Handling Customer Requests —

🏆 The Tip of the Week: Accurate Estimates

Rob Wortham: If Estimates Were Accurate, We’d Call Them Actuals

Rob Wortham goes back to an old-time favorite of the agile community—estimating and estimates.

Agile & Scrum

Ori Keren (via DZone): Productivity Data From 50 Dev Teams

Ori Keren presents survey data on the change in performance of 50 now remote development teams.

Michael Küsters: The defect funnel – systematically working towards high quality

Michael Küsters takes a look at the ideal world of agile testing and quality.

(via McKinsey & Company): Revisiting agile teams after an abrupt shift to remote

Low and Behold, the Dark Side is also competent about how to ‘ensure’ that your knowledge workers are ‘effective now that COVID-19 has forced them to work remotely.’

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Product & Lean

Julie Zhuo: The Nag Metric: You got what you wanted… but at what cost?

As a product mensch, Julie Zhuo reflects on feeling pestered to do something, versus feeling free to make that choice.

Sean Sullivan: Tackling Enterprise Customer Requests

Sean Sullivan shares his approach on how to deal with “feature suggestions” from enterprise clients.

Christiaan Verwijs (via The Liberators): Examples Of Real Sprint Goals

Christiaan Verwijs analyzes how to create useful Sprint Goals.

📯 Remote Agile (Part 7): Sprint Review with Distributed Teams

We started this series on remote agile with looking into practices and tools; we explored virtual Liberating Structures, and how to master Zoom. We had a look at common remote agile anti-patterns, and we analyzed remote Retrospectives and Sprint Plannings based on Liberating Structures. This seventh article now looks into organizing a remote Sprint Review with a distributed team: How to practice the review with virtual Liberating Structures, including and giving a voice to team members, stakeholders, and customers.

Remote Sprint Review with Distributed Teams — Remote Agile (Part 7) —

Read more: Remote Agile (Part 7): Sprint Review with Distributed Teams .

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🗞 Last Week’s Food for Agile Thought Edition

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