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In this webinar for PMI Phoenix Chapter, I talk about how to reframe your work and stay on top of your To Do list with creative strategies for managing everything — even when it feels like everything is a priority.

Project managers are busier than ever. We need smart tactics for workload management and different ways to think about the work we do to prevent overwhelm and boost productivity.

In this webinar, I discuss practical strategies to help you manage all the things on your To Do list.

You’ll learn how to reframe your work as your personal portfolio, tactics for using your time efficiently and how to use the 80/20 Pareto Principle to focus on what’s really driving your personal and project successes.

I’ll also share some tried-and-tested techniques for engaging virtual teams and keeping the work going while based apart.

Please note this presentation is tool-agnostic, so we won’t be looking at efficient use of virtual meeting tools or task management software.

Could I do a webinar for your Chapter? Get in touch and let’s talk!

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