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Are you thinking about changing the trajectory of your professional career during these trying times? If you are, you’re not alone. Thoughts like these are more common these days due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak issue.

Doing something like this without planning can be scary. However, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t the right time to do it. In fact, this could be the ideal moment to make a successful career change. While Covid-19 outbreak is a naked truth, and we sure as hell hope that it doesn’t last longer, this write-up will help you to make a career transition successfully.

While some companies are giving their workers leave of absence, others are hiring thousands . Whether you’re looking for a short-term or a long-term change, consider which of your skills are transferable. Make use of your expertise.

We’ve prepared some practical advice to help you make your next career move in these unprecedented times.

1. Embrace Virtual Work To Handle Covid-19 Outbreak Lockdown

With the Covid-19 outbreak forcing thousands to quarantine, many companies are going remote. In other words, businesses are hiring for remote job positions. To make a successful career change, consider remote-focused websites such as We Work Remotely , , or FlexJobs .

Virtual babysitting, for example, is an excellent option for those who enjoy working with children. This entirely new concept allows individuals to engage with kids digitally. During these sessions, one keeps the children occupied by playing games with them or helps them with homework.

Many education startups are looking for individuals who can offer online classes. Whether you’re a finance expert or yoga instructor, you’ll be able to set your pricing and schedule.

2. Be Creative and Flexible

Have a good look at your top skills and look for a way to cash in on them. Creativity and flexibility are bound to help you make a successful career pivot.

The career change of David De Souza is a fantastic example. Before the Covid-19 outbreak, David worked as a recruitment consultant. Like many others, he was made redundant. However, he quickly found himself in a new role – delivering medical supplies as a worker of a pharmacy chain.

While David’s new role is only a temporary one, thousands of people saw his LinkedIn update, with some even offering assistance with job hunting.

Consider looking for a position in sectors with increased hiring demands. Explore opportunities you never cared for in the past. This will allow you to keep making money until the economy normalizes.

3. Take Your Business Online

covid-19 outbreak tips, strategies and insight for online workers

Another way to make a career change is to start an online business. Nowadays, all you need to turn your talent into money is a computer with an internet connection. Working from home is trendier than ever before.

As expected, the first step consists of finding a niche that matches your strengths and skills. Have a clear idea about your target audience and their needs. Here are some ideas that don’t require a lot of startup capital:

Digital Information Products – Through a digital format, you’ll be able to share your knowledge with the customers. This can include text (e-book), video, or audio.

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You’ll need to make your content both useful and engaging. Once you add some products to your website, you’ll be able to earn passive income.

Virtual Assistant – The position of a virtual assistant is ideal for those with good organizational skills. Virtual assistance translates to completing basic administrative tasks. These include answering phone calls, making travel arrangements, or data entry.

Previous experience is not required, but it’s undoubtedly preferred.

Drop-Shipping – This kind of retail method allows you to have a store without an inventory. When your customer buys a product, you purchase it from a third party and ship it straight to your customer.

4. Get a Coach

covid-19 outbreak tips, strategies and insight for online workers

Those overwhelmed with the prospect of making a career change should consider getting a career coach .

Millions of employees around the globe fail to realize the impact that an experienced professional can have on a career. To put it simply, getting a coach is an investment in yourself. Taking action and overcoming mental roadblocks suddenly becomes much easier.

Having a mentor is particularly important in the early stages of a new career. Are you someone who lacks professional development or industry experience? If yes, you can only benefit from having someone helping you upgrade your skills.

5. Improve Your Skills Online

conflict resolution, conflict management, conflict at work place

With thousands of free digital courses at your fingertips, furthering your career skills is easier than ever before. Check websites such as Skillshare , Udemy , and  Lynda .

With the Covid-19 outbreak keeping you home, you can use the free time to complete free courses. Many websites offer discounts, allowing everyone to expand their knowledge while in quarantine.

Another method of acquiring more knowledge about a particular topic is watching webinars. These often last around an hour and are guided by professionals in real-time. This provides a classroom-like feel and allows you to ask questions.

Take everything one step further and earn a certification. This document shows that you’ve passed the test provided by a certified institution. It can be of great help during job hunting.

There are many different certification organizations and programs to choose from. In marketing, for example, you can get certified with Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and many others.

6. Start a Professional Blog

Another thing that can be quite helpful is to start a professional blog. You’ll be facing enormous competition in the market, and this can allow you to showcase your skills.

A professional blog can demonstrate your expertise on a particular topic. It will show the way you think and how you articulate your ideas.

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This, in turn, will elevate you above others and make it easier to get a new job.

Making a career change can be overwhelming, but it’s not an impossible task. All you need is to have clear goals and a roadmap that will help you reach them. By following the strategies mentioned above, you’ll be ready for the upcoming challenges.

A word of advice, though – be on the lookout for scammers. They are upping their game and targeting impacted job seekers who are desperately searching for a new job. Protect yourself by doing some research and looking out for red flags.

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