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The benefits of email marketing are immense. It is the most efficient marketing channel out there. Its advantages for businesses are endless, and it keeps improving them.

In this article, we will learn some email marketing practices you should keep in mind while planning for it.

15 Email Marketing Best Practices to Increase Conversions

1. Get Personal

According to email marketing trends, customization is the next big thing in email marketing. It’s the concept of forwarding the right message to the right individual at the right time. It also includes producing material, ideas, and promotions that are more relevant to your consumer.

These factors are based on the fact of how much you understand the customer’s preferences or choices. It makes the email marketing a trump card and your ticket to enhanced revenue.

2. Division, AKA Discovering Common Ground

It means to make groups of those customers that have similar interests. It is based on customer purchasing history and searching habits. It helps you to customize your message according to these factors. As your list grows and your customers end up being more diverse than you can use granular data to make it work.

3. Be Dynamic

Dynamic content is relevant for providing information on various sectors within your customer list. Let’s say you’re announcing a new clothing chain. You want male customers to see the perfectly cut fits and power ties and for women to know the business dresses and sparkly jewels. By using this tactic, you can say bye-bye to one-size-fits-all email marketing.

4. Don’t Wait. Automate

email marketing automation software

Now you’re designing, individualizing, and segmenting. Get in automation to save your day. Email automation is when you establish “consumer journeys” in such a way that automatically triggers an email to your consumer based upon habits when they subscribe to newsletters using email marketing funnels .

5. Lights, Cameras, Contact Us to Action

There is much mess out there in the marketplace. So never consider that someone has seen your CTA. Make it visible, provide it with enough visual love. Make sure your reader knows what you want them to do. And testing CTAs is always a useful practice, so you can see what would be the best for you and your audience.

6. Data Makes the World Go Round

It’s difficult to send the ideal message to an individual if you have inaccurate information. So link your company email to other business systems. Many platforms can work together to sync your data offered in the app store. For example, if you connect it with an online store, use that information to send a targeted email to your big spenders.

7. A/B Testing

You’ll never know what performs best for your brand without A/B testing. Send an email to a certain number of people of your list and another, altered email on the same subject to the remaining customers. Keep tracking their performances. Test the email subject line , test the format, or perhaps the material itself. Start creating some of the best practices of your own.

8. Design For Mobile

In today’s on-the-go digital world, individuals are acting and connecting with their mobile phones and tablets at an explosive rate. You have to make sure that your email looks remarkable on all screens.

9. Everybody Likes to Get the Benefit

Use rewards in your subject lines– talk about sales, or discounts or brand-new products. You have to offer someone a reason to open your email. Make it lucrative and be consistent with your offer to maintain its credibility.

10. Make It Exclusive

Limiting a deal to a particular group of people can suggest that a product and services are in short supply.

Reward members with early access to the products that may later be sold when the sale is open to everybody. Showing urgency can create a sense of scarcity that makes consumers engage with your email and do something about it rapidly.

11. Give Something Extra

Today, people are getting a lot of emails every day. They are continuously being asked to start a free trial , download an ebook, or follow someone on Twitter. That makes it difficult for you to convince your customer to open your email.

You can convince your users by providing them something extra.

12. Usage of Social Proof

Material evidence, such as customer evaluations, scores, and user-generated content, can help you establish the reliability and help your customer to make a purchasing decision. Many users read reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Many online forums and communities maximize social proof. Their active users can lead to higher engagement.

Emails should include appropriate, user-generated stories along with authors’ names. The recommended stories should be based upon the user’s activity on the forum; thus, they can return to discussions that boosted their interest and resume the reading.

13. Humanize Your Brand Name

Email is an excellent opportunity to humanize your brand name. Speaking about failures, obstacles, and success, allowing a glimpse behind the scenes or expressing gratitude can help you make your brand name to get more respect than others. Using the story behind the brand name and sending it to a person within the company can help to build a relationship with customers.

Adopting a more intimate, conversational tone is another marketing automation practice that you must keep in mind.

14. Be Clear

The essential part of the conversation is that you make them clear what you want from them. People can’t get converted if they do not know how to proceed.

Be direct and transparent with your users, telling them precisely what you’d like them to do.

15. Say Thanks

One of the most powerful email marketing tactics is showing gratitude. It can be used to build appropriate, meaningful, and essential email interactions with the customers.

You should be grateful to your users, subscribers, and clients! Sometimes, it makes sense to dedicate an email to be thankful, even if it doesn’t, you can show gratitude in every email you send, with a simple thank you.

This email isn’t designed to convert new users or to drive revenue. It simply helps to develop a relationship with the customer.


In this article, we have seen some useful email marketing practices to get connected with the customer that can eventually lead to more conversions. Use these email marketing best practices to set up your email campaign now.

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