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The only positive thing about the recent times is Technological Advancement, in these gloomy days wherein everyone’s routine is at stake.

On that note, every industry is adversely affected; the education sector has made a way out to deal with the situation without risking the health of students & teachers.

It is believed that, ‘One session of Online Learning is equivalent to Three sessions of Self Learning’

‘21st century is an era of Online Learning’

When we talk about interactive video conferencing for education, Video Conferencing & Live Streaming have been the two most dependable lifelines for the education sector, just as every coin has two sides both these options have pros & cons. To make out which option suits best, one must have in-depth knowledge about both these options.

Key Points About Both Tools:

  1. Live Video Meeting Tools: The meeting tools are shared between the limited sources of people interacting at a particular point in time. It is a complete two or more directional video communication mode.
  2. Live Video Streaming Tools: It is a single person or one-way mode of communication which is usually conducted to target the masses.

Video Communications has an Abundance of Perks:

‘Communication driven Education fits Every Pattern of Online Learning ’

Across the world there’s an “n” number of students who are willing to study; they reportedly crave education but what drags them behind is the absence of a medium.

It is difficult to offer the helping hand via traditional educational concept but via digital mode, we can help them access RIGHT TO EDUCATION by making it cost-effective at the same time one can ask experts to conduct online lectures so that students can get in-depth knowledge as well.

‘Video Conferencing is as simple as Click & Communicate’

  1. Cost-Effective: Video Conferencing Solution is vastly cost-effective as it doesn’t involve a long list of prerequisites. It just can be done with the help of a bit of technological advancement & one or two gadgets.

The students of the 21st century are the smart age kids & youth, they possess the techno-based knowledge & gadgets, it is comparatively easier, quicker & simpler to impart knowledge to them. In India, the dropout rate was 17.6% for the year 2015-16.

Thus if we make it cost-effective, we could control the dropout rate, moreover, schools can also conduct it without hesitating as it is effective for them as well.

2. Linking with Experts: A lot of students’ desire to attend special lectures from the faculties across the world. Video Conferencing software is working as a magical wish fulfiller for them, as to affiliate with experts or guest lecturers via online mode of teaching is way more executable rather than requesting them to conduct traditional classes.

3. Informative Teaching: Every teacher tries to fetch out as many examples as possible to provide better understanding concepts for students. Now, with web video conferencing software it’s easy to project live examples. It’s a complete win-win situation for teachers & students both.

Here’s a List of Pointers that Emphasize on use of Video Conferencing:

 ‘Video Conferencing is mightier than obsolete teaching methods’

Just a pen & book can’t serve the purpose of Education as the term ‘Education’ isn’t just about going through the books & appearing for exams & checking the score.

The concept is deeper & wider, to put light on the actual meaning of education series of activities like group studies, practical learning, doubt solving sessions, projects & much more is to be imparted. With the help of video conferencing platforms, it is possible to execute the way of learning in a more effective & interactive way.

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  1. Dynamic Communication mode: The best of online learning or e-learning comes as multiple people can communicate at a time. Video conference meeting software provides the feature of muting the mike & turning off the camera, hence those who want to listen or don’t want to appear on screen can use this feature & still participate in learning via conferencing.
  2. More than one screen at a time: This feature makes the task easy for the teacher as students can go through whatever the teacher wants to explain via viewing their screen. This implies understudies can work together with peers or get additional direction from the teacher.
  3. Easy Functioning: The usage of video conferencing is as easy as using some social media platforms. Things get done within a fraction of seconds. One can get enrolled in a video conferencing via mobile phone as well. As & when required one can get connected via video conferencing.
  4. Interactive Video Meetings: According to a survey, 6 million Americans are pursuing online learning sessions. Whether Online or Offline students prefer Interactive teaching sessions.

Some psychologists claim that students’ span of attention ranges between 10-15 minutes only, thus making class interactive can hold their attention beyond the time limit. The interactive class can help to encourage their participation in a better & fruitful way.

List of Top Web and Video Conferencing Solution Providers for Online Learning

After understanding about the perks of Live Video Conferencing, now it’s crucial to understand which platform will provide the virtual conferencing software or Best Video Conferencing API or Top Video Conferencing SDK. We have created a list of the best platforms for the said purpose:

1. A Leading Video Chat & Conferencing Solution Provider

MirrorFly is an enterprise messaging solution for businesses to build a customizable communication platform on Android, iOS & web applications to ensure a real-time collaboration irrespective of businesses.

The enterprise messaging solution offers multiple communication mediums like real-time chat, video & voice calling, SIP, VoIP connectivity and video conferencing for businesses to connect with remote employees, clients, customers over virtual and interactive ways.

With MirrorFly’s APIs & SDKs, businesses can add real-time interactive functionalities into their existing application to host unlimited meetings, webinars, online classes and many more. The messaging solution is equipped with signaling protocols, Encryption standards, COPAA, & HIPAA compliances to secure the conversations against the stealing of information.

Highlights of MirrorFly Video Chat SDK & API

  1. Video Calling
  2. Voice Calling
  3. Video Conferencing
  4. SIP & VoIP Calling
  5. Contact Center
  6. Push to Talk
  7. Real-time Messaging
  8. Screen Sharing
  9. Whiteboard
  10. Audio & Video Recording
  11. End to end Encryption

Founded – 2008

Employees – 250+

Locations – India & USA

Website –

2. A Real-time Mobile & Web Video Conferencing API & SDK

It is a WebRTC based video conferencing solution provider and its configurations are appreciable as it provides high scale setups to conduct video conferences on multiple devices. Their Video Conferencing platform is created to cater to one-to-one and one-to-many video calling features.

Highlights of Apphitect Video Chat Solution

  1. Apphitect IM
  2. Video & Audio Calling API
  3. Features
  4. Data Channel
  5. Enterprise Communication SDK
  6. In-App messaging
  7. HQ Video Chat
  8. Interactive Live Broadcasting
  9. Group Chat
  10. Push notifications
  11. Multimedia Sharing
  12. High Caliber Framework
  13. Multi-platform compatibility

Founded – 2015

Employees – 200+

Locations – UAE

Website –

3. – Top Video Chat API & SDK Provider

It is a purpose-based video conferencing solution provider for modern & traditional businesses & communication driven video meetings. Video conference conducted on is crystal clear and easily accessible. The icon room systems are easy to access and it supports both computer i.e. web version and of course the mobile version

Highlights of Apphitect Video Conferencing Solution

  1. Video Chat
  2. Group Video Call
  3. Screen Sharing
  4. Meeting Link
  5. SIP & VoIP Call
  6. End to End Encryption  

Founded – 2008

Employees – 200+

Locations – USA

Website –

4. Best Video Conferencing Solution

Poly Video conferencing, Group calling all these seems easy & glitch-free due to Poly as it functions to provide solutions for Voice & Video.  is one of the leading platform providers in context to video and voice solutions. Their technology can help your organization unleash the power of team collaboration.

Highlights of Poly Web Conferencing Solution

  1. Group Video Calling
  2. Screen Sharing
  3. Digital Whiteboard
  4. SIP & VoIP Call
  5. End to End Encryption  

Founded – 2019

Employees – 5000+

Locations – USA

Website –

5. – Top-notch Video Conferencing Solution

It is America’s leading video conferencing company that combines cloud-based software with its proprietary in-room video conferencing hardware. Currently, it has been titled as one of the fastest-growing companies as it provides a one-stop solution for integrated hardware & software conferencing platforms.

Highlights of Highfive Video Calling SDK

  1. Video Conferencing
  2. Screen Sharing
  3. Audio Call
  4. Meeting Link
  5. Real-time Messaging
  6. End to End Encryption

Founded – 2012

Employees – 200+

Locations – USA

Website –

Drawbacks of Live Video Conferencing Tools:

Just as every coin has two sides, live video conferencing tools has certain sort of limitations which makes them unfit for the use of certain purposes such as it can’t be used to address the mass, for a small number of people one may use it but with the larger ration, one can’t make use of it.

It’s a complete NO to use it while conducting a recurring event. One might have to compromise with quality while using live video conferencing, for creating a high-quality video it’s better to avoid it.

Perks of Live Streaming:

 ‘The best way to initiate Online Learning is via Live Streaming’

The concept of Live Streaming has got popular recently. A lot of influencers, celebs are using this feature to connect with their fans or followers on social media or other platforms. To communicate with mass the option or feature of Live Streaming is a good choice.

  1. Address to Mass: To interact with Mass, selecting the option of Live Streaming is good. For conducting class or tuition it is possible to connect with the entire batch within no time. Just click & build a live streaming website to be two simple mantras to use or access the option of Live Streaming.
  2. Accessibility: The feature of accessibility is the best; one can also record the live streaming video for future reference & can also share it easily. Related to accessibility is also the fact that since the live stream is hosted on a third-party service, no one connection can ruin the whole group communication?
  3. Easy Learning: Learning productively is opened via Live Streaming as the students get an option to learn while exploring all the study materials, referring to graphs and data. Studying can be as good as a live traditional classroom teaching in a digital format.
  4. High-Quality Streams: ‘The quality is the key’ if a student gets interruptive or low-quality glitch streaming video will he/she be interested in learning? A good or HD quality video can keep students engaged as it’s a complete disturbance-free video learning approach. Creating a streaming platform with desirable quality is an undeniable perk of this tool.

‘Live teaching beams with Quality Education’

Live Streaming Platform or Tool providers:

The significance of live streaming to impart knowledge is noteworthy. One must take note of how live streaming can make the task of teaching easier . Following is the list of platforms that can lead one to the usage of educational video streaming service.

1. A Secure & Reliable Live Streaming Solution

VPlayed is a link between content creators and the streaming solution that shall let the content owners serve a better performance and reach more audiences by building their video  & audio streaming platforms, powered with extensive features to support a wide variety of use cases.

2. Best Video On Demand Solution

Brightcove is a video cloud platform that provides a solution & base for live streaming. It’s a Boston based company that allows us to create a video gallery that is easy to be embedded in a website, the privacy settings are highly reliable.

It is highly recommended for large enterprises as it works well for all types of departments from marketing to internal communications.

3. Live Video Streaming Solution Provider

Thinking of a virtual event that needs to stream live, LiveStream is a perfect platform as it bridges the gap between streamers & viewers. Live Stream is available for all the business sizes making their communication easy via streaming solutions and it helps organizations to stream virtual events without pulling strings of technical know-how.

4. Leading OTT & Live Streaming Platform

video meeting tools, video conferencing software, video meeting software

It is one of the most successful OTT platforms, it is also a white-Label Service & technology provider in the context of converging mobile and digital landscape. It provides an end-to-end turnkey Live TV & Video on Demand, OTT Streaming platform for DTH service providers, Media & Broadcasters.

5. Live Video Streaming Solution

In the current trend wherein streaming live is in trend. One needs a platform that makes streaming live an easy & accessible tech. StreamMonkey exactly does so; it is a platform that lets you broadcast your life to any audience at any time.

A Comparison Between Video Conferencing & Live Streaming to know about Which one is Better for Online Learning?

Both the tools may seem similar, but the articles have made it clear that both hold different functionalities. Moreover, the usage of both depends on the purpose.

  1. Video Conferencing is the best tool for collaboration wherein one to one or peer to peer communication is possible. The quality of the video will not affect the actual engagement of the people or students.
  2. Live streaming is the best tool for teaching, keeping the entire concept of teaching as a point of discussion the usage of video streaming for education is an apt choice. As it allows one way to follow communication that helps teachers to teach without interruption, the better or high-quality video can help students get a clear idea of what is being taught.

Live video streaming apps for android for iOS are easily available, thus students can connect easily.


All the aforementioned tools have their benefits & drawbacks; depending on the purpose of the usage of a particular tool can make an effective session.

With the help of both the tools technological advancement can be experienced, a combination of both these tools under different situations can make it easier for students & teachers to grab a better way of learning.

Without a proper platform or base, is it possible to think about Live Teaching? In the absence of technology Live Streaming would have been possible only in imagination. With the current time, the need for platforms with such technological advancements are in demand.

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