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How are you doing with your Christmas shopping?

If your Christmas project planning has gone a bit awry and you still have gifts to buy, here is my list of what to get the project managers in your life. Or you could suggest that people buy these things for you!

There are so many cables on my desk at the moment. My skills at managing cables are non-existent. I have the same problem with headphones. If you have the same issues, a cable management tool is just what you need to keep everything from being tangled.

Headphone tidy


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11/20/2020 02:31 pm GMT

I don’t know what happened to my phone screen – I think my phone was balanced on a tub of raisins in the kitchen and fell off, landing on the corner and smashing the screen.

It still works, but I could do with a smartphone case. Perhaps some of your team would appreciate that as a secret Santa office idea ?

Smartphone case


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I still don’t have any Cocorose folding flat shoes. Perfect for when you have to travel for business and don’t want to schlep around the country in your heels.

A jumper for my morning coffee cup. It’s what all the best dressed coffee cups are wearing. I used to have a handmade coffee cozy but I’ve lost it. Personally, I’d like a ball of yarn so I can make another one but you can buy them on Etsy .

A small flat square make up bag. I like this one . Too often small cosmetic bags are structured (for example, triangular) which means they don’t fit well in a laptop case which is laptop shaped, and only fits flat things.

Make-up bag


Flat make-up bag that would slot inside a work bag or laptop case.

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Personally I’d like another set of make up for my workplace so I don’t have to carry it around and then find I’m at home without a mascara (this is the brand I use , in case you were wondering) as it is in my desk drawer.

A massage, to soothe the way the stresses of the project.

A facial, to blitz away the scum of working in a polluted urban area.

This is probably wishful thinking, but I think something that means you do not have to carry a laptop power cable around would be a good idea. My iPod doesn’t need one so why does the laptop?

Or a collapsible plug that does not have prongs that stick out, as the plug is the part that makes it difficult to pack the cable. I found this one and while it would be really handy for charging USB devices, it doesn’t deal with “ordinary” power requirements for a laptop.

USB Charger


Slick USB charger, perfect for work-from-home gadget charging.

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And if you are still stuck for ideas, how about a copy of Overcoming Imposter Syndrome , my e-book or a project management mentoring session with me?

Gifts for project managers

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