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When your startup finally begins to gain speed and momentum, you might find yourself bewildered by your success and completely confused when it comes to your next steps.

Do you buy that car you’ve always wanted since you were a kid, or do you invest back in your company to scale your growth and set the stage for even more success down the line?

Spoiler: it’s the latter. If there is one thing all business leaders need to do when their business ideas start paying off it’s to consolidate and reinvest in order to keep ascending the industry.

The fact that you’re a part of a fast-growing company now doesn’t mean that you’re going to maintain that upward trajectory forever, so now is the time to craft your investment strategy in order to reach new heights of success in 2021 and beyond. Here are the five key tactics you need in your arsenal in order to maintain the momentum of your company’s growth.

1. Start with your vision and long-term goals

Ask any experienced and successful business leader and they will tell you that success is built on an idea of where you want to be, not the idea of what you can achieve right now.

In other words, you need to dream big to achieve big goals, and while those goals used to be unattainable before, now you have the capital to make them a reality.

Your long-term goals might elude you for a few more years, however, right now is when you set the stage for long-term success and affluence.

With that in mind, be sure to start by redefining your vision and setting new goals for the future.

Having a clear vision and a high set of goals will allow you to start working your way back, crafting strategies and tactics that will get you there. This type of long-term strategizing is what will ensure you and your company stay on the right track, and that you make all the right investments along the way.

2. Understand the risks involved in every investment

There are many different ways to invest back in your company. While it is important to invest in every aspect of your company at first glance, you also need to understand the risks that come with each investment you plan to make.

Risk assessment and management are integral parts of scaled business growth, as these processes allow you to avoid the common pitfalls, manage your resources wisely, and prioritize all of the investments you plan to make over the long term.

Most important is the prioritization part because even though revenue is overflowing right now, you can’t invest in every aspect of your company at the same time.

Instead, you should choose one or two areas that will bring the most value over the long term without making you break the proverbial bank. Be sure to run a risk assessment for all potential investments as well as an analysis of the ROI potential for each.

3. Identify the most lucrative lanes of expansion

Speaking of ROI, it should go without saying that one of the key reasons why you’re investing back in your company is to ensure more revenue down the road.

To do this, you need to conduct thorough research and gain insight into the most lucrative markets and industries that you can become a part of quickly. For example, the digital revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic have made cryptocurrencies more popular than ever before, and that’s something to take note of.

Now that customers around the world are increasingly trading in cryptocurrencies and that reliable bitcoin mining hardware has become more affordable for individuals and companies, investing in the crypto game would be a wise long-term plan.

Companies on the rise in the fintech industry, for example, are quickly adopting cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology into their business models, but no matter the industry you’re in, it’s important to find these types of emerging markets to invest in quickly.

4. Try to diversify your investment portfolio

Of course, no successful business leader will ever tell you to put all your eggs in one basket.

Centralizing your investments is one of the best ways to lose out big time, so even though you should pick your investments carefully, you should still diversify them to an extent.

Whether it’s better equipment and machinery, more employees and employee development, better marketing, or higher automation, be sure to invest in more than a single lane of expansion. This will ensure that if a single lane turns out to be a dead-end, you will still have your other investments to keep you going forward.

5. Bank on expert teams to take you to your goals

On a final note, don’t think that this is a one-person job.

Smart business expansion and scaling require the contribution of various experts from various fields, so it’s important to assemble a crack team of professionals to help you make the best investments for your company .

Be sure to create a business success center in your company that will bring analysts, strategists, and project managers together to work on your investments now and over the long term.

Wrapping up

If you are to achieve your goals in 2021, you need to have a sound investment strategy. Now that your company is climbing the industry, be sure to use these investment tactics to keep climbing until you reach the very top in the next few years.

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