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If you are working in a professional space, especially in the time of the pandemic, then you know how important Microsoft Teams for team collaboration is, which has become the critical factor for the success of a business.

But what if you could spice up your normal Microsoft Teams experience with the best integrations that can help you increase collaboration among the team members and also perform various other functions that can increase the productivity of the team members and ultimately bring more value to the company.

In this article, we are going to talk about those amazing integrations that can help you increase collaboration while having the already amazing Microsoft Teams experience.

11 Microsoft Teams Integrations to use in 2021

Here is a list of the Microsoft Integrations that we are going to talk about in this article. They are:

Let’s take a look at all of them in detail and find out how they are going to improve your Microsoft Teams experience and ultimately help you bring more value to the company.

1. Zoom

Zoom app

Whatever 2020 has taught us, nothing comes close to the fact that Zoom is the undisputed king of online collaboration among literally any two people or any 1000 people in any capacity, all over the world.

The best thing about Zoom is that you can literally start a video call among as many people as you want with a click of a button.

So, when you couple Zoom with the other amazing application in this genre Microsoft Teams, you are truly getting the best online collaboration experience this market has to offer.


  • Interact with people outside of Microsoft Teams
  • Get complete meeting summary reports
  • Add Zoom Integrations to other leading tools
  • Launch video in seconds on the apps your staff love
  • Host video conferences with a secure link
  • Access video meeting recordings

2. Freehand

Freehand by InVision

In this dynamic world of memes and other graphical illustrations that are encircling the social media paradigm, you really can’t rely on just words anymore. You need graphics.

This is why when you need to spice up the textual collaboration on Microsoft Teams, you need to use Freehand. This application helps many different companies all over the world create some amazing graphic design workflows to present their voice more interestingly.

Here are some of the features that the Freehand integration with Microsoft Teams has to offer to you.


  • Visual planning
  • Co-drawing
  • Wireframing
  • Presentations
  • Save collaborations in the cloud


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3. Cacoo

Cacoo by Nulab

Many times in the project management world , you need to support your product or project with some important diagrams and illustrations to prove your point or to display your work to the client in a more artistic way. You need to integrate MS Teams with Cacoo.

This application helps you to create different wireframes , mind maps, flowcharts, SWOT diagrams, UML diagrams, and network diagrams, among many others. Some other features that this integration has to offer are as follows.


  • Commenting and mentioning right on diagrams
  • Version control to save and track changes
  • An incredible arsenal of professional templates and shapes
  • Real-time collaborative diagramming
  • Shared folders and team access controls
  • Presentation mode for easy sharing

4. Mural

Mural App

Being one of the best notification managers, Mural is certainly a must-have, if you never want to miss out on any activity that is happening in your MS Teams workspace.

This application provides you with a custom notification channel and an incredible notification bot built-in that helps you to manage all of your notifications without any issues.


  • Messaging extension
  • Custom Mural Tab to group all of your notifications with a custom collaboration tab
  • Push-notifications about everything that happens at MS Teams

5. Givitas


If you have problems doing the work-tasks that are assigned to you by your team leader or your project manager, then it’s not the end of the world and you can hook your MS Teams with Givitas.

This is an incredible application that helps you get guidance from specialists from all over the world that are going to improve your chances of completing your tasks on time and with ease.


  • Access useful information for the whole team
  • Get help to complex problems quickly
  • Make knowledge sharing simple

6. MS Translator

MS Translator

If you are leading a big business that requires you to regularly interact with people that don’t speak the same language as you, you have the application Translator integrated with MS Teams.

This application allows you to translate and read the message that you received; in the language, you want to read it in. You just have to install the application into your MS Team hub, and the translation functionality will be available for use on every device that you use your MS Teams on.


  • Available for iOS, Office 365, Outlook, Windows and Mac
  • Real-time translation across multiple languages
  • Translate without switching between apps

7. MeisterTask

Productivity Land,

Being an incredible project management application, MeisterTask is certainly an application that can help you improve your communication via integration with MS Teams and also help improve your agile workflow that will ultimately help to bring more value to the business.


  • Activity stream
  • Descriptions and checklists
  • Task watches and task assigning
  • Tags for projects
  • Due dates and times
  • Tracked time

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8. ServiceNow


Another tool that will help you introduce a more visual aspect into your overall Microsoft Teams conversations is ServiceNow. The tool allows you to improve your digital workflows easily and without any problems.


  • Exchange data easily with ServiceNow apps
  • Execute routine actions in Microsoft Teams chat
  • Resolve common IT requests and HR tasks quickly using ServiceNow cloud services
  • Find answers to common questions

9. Cisco Webex Meetings

how to use cisco webex meeting app

Want to merge two amazing messaging apps so that you can have the best collaboration tool possible? Try Cisco Webex Meetings that will help you improve your collaboration among the teams and ultimately increase the value of the company.


  • Schedule meetings on Microsoft Office 365 calendars
  • Send links from Webex into Microsoft Teams
  • Let Microsoft users join a conference from a single click on a unique URL

10. RingCentral


This application is an incredible tool to integrate with your MS Teams application. This integration will provide you with a RingCentral bot that helps to improve your collaboration among the team members and ultimately increase productivity.


  • Meet to locate session and dial-in numbers
  • Call to access conference calls and click-to-join meetings

11. Lucidchart

lucid chart

Another great example of a tool that you can integrate with your MS Teams application that allows you to use organizational charts and wireframes among many other functions is Lucidchart. Do check it out.


  • Work together in real-time from any location
  • Include links and layers for interactive diagrams
  • In-editor commenting, notes , and @mentions
  • Drag and drop visual editing
  • Presentation mode for easy-to-consume slideshows


These were our top picks for the best Microsoft Teams integrations that you can perform to improve the collaboration among your teams. If you think that we missed something or there is something wrong with the article, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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