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As the coronavirus rages on, and more and more people are hunkered down in quarantine, the demand for social media applications and other collaboration applications is surging.

These applications are a lifesaver if you are all alone in your home and have to stay away from the very people that you didn’t even spend one minute away from.

So, if this is your situation and you are in need of an application or ten which, are going to help you stay connected with your friends and family, or even make some new friends, here are some of the best chat applications that you can use in 2021.

5 Best Chat Apps to Use in 2021

Let’s take a look at all of them in detail and find out how they are going to help you stay connected with the people in your life and maybe add some new ones in there.

1. WhatsApp

Whatsapp chat app

Being one of the best chat apps that you might have used in the previous decade, WhatsApp is an incredible tool that you can use to stay in touch with your loved ones.

The application also has a business version that allows you to have a separate account for your business contacts so that you can create the perfect work-life balance.

Just a few years back, the company was acquired by Facebook which ultimately brought along a lot of UI and feature changes, but the essence of the application is still there, and you can easily use it to your benefit. The Application is available on both Android and iOS.


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2. Viber

Viber chat app

Viber is second in line to be the best chat application that you can use on both iOS and Android. The application is fairly intuitive and easy to use with a lot of useful features up its sleeve.

The application uses your phone number as your login username and when you have created the account, the application syncs all of the contacts on the phone with the application that helps you find your friends and family that are using the application.

Even if they are not using the application, you can invite them to join the application so that they can enjoy the same barrage of features as yourself.

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams chat app

If you are a professional and you’re working from home, one of the best applications is Microsoft Teams. The application comes with a rich set of text, audio, and video features that allow you to collaborate with your colleagues and other peers, and stay in touch while in quarantine.

You get other features like searchable chat that allows you to search a key phrase or a word in your chat history and takes you straight to that exact message, customize notifications that help you to take control of the notifications that bother you throughout the day, and also various integrations across the entire Microsoft Office suite of tools, among many others.

The application is available on Android and iOS.

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4. Telegram

Telegram app

If you are an avid user of WhatsApp, but due to the latest changes that push you to agree to the new security configurations that are lenient towards more user data sharing to the big companies, then you should check out Telegram.

The application is an incredibly secured tool that allows you to have the exact chat experience like WhatsApp only more secured and encrypted. You can also use the application to send self-destructing messages that disappear according to the condition you set for them.

One of the great things about the application is that in group chats, you can send videos and documents to up to 200 users. The application is available on Android and iOS, but you would have to use a proxy application to access the application in certain parts of the world.

5. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

If you have been in quarantine for a while now, you might have used the messenger application that Facebook provides, named Facebook Messenger.

The application is an incredible chat app for your phone which you can use to message your friends on Instagram and Facebook, all from the same interface.

The company recently launched a new Facebook Messenger Rooms feature that allows you to have a video call with up to 50 people at a time. Highly Recommended.

One of the best things about the application is that if you have a Facebook account, it will directly get your information from the account, but even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can use your phone number to create just a messenger account and use the application easily.

The application is available on Android and iOS.


These were our top picks for the best chat apps that you can use in 2021. If you think that we missed something or if we mentioned something wrong, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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