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If the thought of traveling to a foreign land terrifies you due to the language barrier or if you are just trying to learn a new language you should consider looking into translator apps.

While an internet connection is available pretty much everywhere you go, when traveling it can sometimes be hard to come by. You may not want to invest in the extravagant roaming charges or maybe you just want to be off the gride to fully immerse yourself in your adventure.

This is where offline translator apps come into play. Not only do they allow you to feel comfortable in an unknown country, offline translator apps are accessible and can help you communicate and bridge the language barrier whether you are connected to the internet or not.

That is why we have put together this list of the best offline translator apps you can choose from so that you can be prepared for your next vacation, whenever COVID gives us the ability to get back to normal.

So, without further ado, here are our picks for the top offline translator apps.

Top Offline Translator Apps

Here are our picks for the best offline translator apps you can choose from:

1. Google Translate

Google Translate

Google Translate needs no introduction and is arguably one of the most popular and known translators on this list.

The app works both online and offline making it a great choice as you can take advantage of its features even if you don’t have connectivity.

Google Translate’s offline version also offers transliteration thus allowing you to not only translate spoken words but also convert the script to your language of choice.

When connected to the internet Google Translate offers the ability to translate to and from 103 different languages, this is partially limited in the offline version which offers 59 languages.

While the app is free to use, remember to download the language pack necessary to use the application’s offline version.

Download Google Translate on: Android | iOS | Chrome Extension

2. iTranslate


iTranslate is a great translator app that has an intuitive interface allowing you to seamlessly translate words and sentences making it a popular choice for many users.

Being an Apple Design Award winner for 2018 further reiterates the great way the app is created to make it both easy to use and a go-to for translation.

Similar to Google Translate, iTranslate offers some variations in its online and offline functionalities. With an internet connection iTranslate allows you to translate between 90 different languages. These languages even include some specialized ones such as Canadian French and non-standard Arabic languages.

With the offline version, you can access 37 languages.

Download iTranslate on: Android | iOS

3. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator- best translator app

Microsoft Translator is a great translating tool especially with its ability to sync and integrate with other Microsoft tools.

Microsoft Translator comes equipped with the ability to translate to and from 70 different languages, although the offline version is somewhat limited in its functionality.

One of the unique features available in Microsoft Translate is the ability to have conversations within the app. If two people have the application downloaded you can connect your devices and converse in real-time.

You can use this live conversation feature with more than two people and up to 100 people.

You also have camera and screenshot translations which are great for translating signs or menus and such when you are traveling.

Download Microsoft Translator on: Android | iOS

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4. Naver Papago- Al Translator

Papago Translator

Naver Papago is next up on our list. This translator app supports over 13 languages and provides features to enable you to understand and translate content into your native language.

Besides basic translation, the app also offers a dictionary where you can view the definition of different words as well as a history of what you have translated in the past.

Naver Papago offers real-time text translation, image translation, conversation translation, text and audio real-time voice translation, website translation, and an offline version.

Download Naver Papago – AI Translator on: Android | iOS

5. Apple Translate

Apple translate

Apple Translate is Apple’s in-built translation app for its iOS devices.

Apple Translate offers the ability to translate both voice and text into different languages including 11 languages offline as well.

To use the offline version be sure to download the necessary language pack.

Apple Translate not only allows you to translate complete conversations but also lets you replay them at a later time. You also can save phrases to favorites for easy access.

Available for iOS.

6. Translate Now


Translate Now is another great translator app that offers features including voice translation, AR translation, camera translation, and more to help you both communicate and understand other languages besides your native language.

The application supports translation to and from around 110 languages when connected to an internet connection and offers the ability to translate to and from over 30 languages when using the offline version.

With Translate Now you have some unique features you can take advantage of as well.

These unique features include the ability to create a custom phrasebook that you can access instantly.

You also have the ability to use a translator keyboard which you can use to type in around 60 different languages on different apps and platforms.

Download TranslateNow on: Android | iOS

7. TripLingo


In any list of translator apps, you have to include TripLingo, which with its range of features makes it a perfect travel companion.

The application supports translation for over 100 countries, and 13 languages. You can use the application’s instant voice translator to translate to and from around 42 different languages.

What is unique about TripLingo is that besides the basic translation ability, the application also offers around 1000 phrases in four different local slang levels thus allowing you to fully immerse into any region and converse with locals with ease.

With the offline version, TripLingo supports a 10,000-word offline dictionary.

TripLingo also offers other features including image translator, audio lessons, currency converter, and more.

Download TripLingo on: Android | iOS

8. Waygo App

Waygo translate app

The Waygo app while limited in the languages it translates from is still a powerful translation application and therefore is our next pick for the best offline translator app.

Waygo offers instant visual translations of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

The application does not require any internet and only needs you to point your phone’s camera towards the words you are trying to translate to allow it to translate for you.

The application is focused on food translations thus making dining experiences a breeze.

Download Waygo on: iOS

9. Speak & Translate

Speak and Translate

Speak and Translate is based on the real-time translation of conversations. The application offers the ability to translate to and from over 117 languages making its use versatile and thus being a great choice of translator app.

However, it must be noted that the offline version of the app allows you to translate to and from 59 different languages.

Speak and Translate also offers camera translation as well as a load of other features including iCloud integration and much more.

The tool uses Microsoft and Google services to translate and offer accurate language translations.

Download Speak and Translate on: iOS


There you have it, here are our picks for the best offline translator apps.

These apps and tools can not only help you in your next adventure and vacation to a land unknown but can also be used to learn new languages and add to your skills. Feel free to share your feedback on

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