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There are so many factors you need to put into consideration when you think of building your home. For instance, land, contractor labor cost, and the price of materials keep fluctuating. Often, you may end up spending more money than you had budgeted for because you had the wrong estimates or you had to make specific changes last minute.

To avoid such scenarios, checkout CostCertified . They give you accurate estimates for your home construction costs. One of its perks is that anyone can use it whether you are a consumer, subcontractor, or contractor. The client does not have to meet with the contractor because they can quickly build their quote and send it to the contractor. It also allows a client to control the process, since they can see how their money is being spent, and they can make changes they want on the document and send it to the contractor. Below are some essential tips on how to accurately estimate home construction costs in 2021.


When estimating how much building a home will cost, you have to factor in the location since it significantly affects the general cost. The location and size of the house you want will determine how much you have to spend. Therefore, make sure you factor in the location and size into your estimate. It would also be best to do some research and see how much it costs to build a house in the location you plan to have your home in, since different locations have different prices.


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When thinking of the location, you would like to build your home in, other than the location’s price. You also have to factor in the price of the land. When buying land, if it is unfinished and it does not have electricity connections, or a sewer, you will have to factor this into the construction cost when making your estimate. Therefore, it would be best to have finished land to reduce the expense you incur. You will still need to make a couple of changes to the land, such as driveways, outdoor structures, and landscaping.

Floor Plan

Having a specific floor plan is an essential part of estimating home construction costs. If you are a contractor, you have probably worked with clients who have not committed to a particular floor plan and instead asked for a general estimate. You must have a specific floor plan to settle on if you would like to make an accurate estimate. It also prevents you from wasting time by having to revise or draft a new floor plan. This also ensures that you save on time because you are sure that you will not have to change the project in the long run.

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Costs Per Square Foot

Having the right floor plan ensures that you can come up with the correct estimates per square foot. As a client, if you are using construction software , it is easy to know how much you will need, and for a contractor, you can provide your client with the estimate you come up with. This ensures that you are both on the right page since you will understand the general cost needed to have the home done.

This also allows you to discuss what parts a client may want to splurge on, such as the exterior and interior finishes and what areas they can economize on so that the total cost does not go beyond their estimated budget. That is why it is essential to use cost calculating software to give you the appropriate estimates of everything, including the finishes. It also allows you to stay on budget.

Quality, Style, and Features

Clients have to be well versed with the quality, style, and features they would like or at least have an idea of what they want. It is the contractor’s job to educate them about this if they do not know. Knowing what needs to be focused on can help you stay on budget and know where to maximize and where to cut back.

There are various materials you can choose from when it comes to home construction. While it is essential to stay on budget, avoid using cheap materials when working on significant bits like the foundation. The quality, style, and features that a client wants will help a contractor come up with the appropriate estimate of how much the materials needed will cost.

Unexpected Costs

Often, there could be a miscalculation or an oversight when coming up with the estimates for home construction costs. In other cases, you could have the proper budget, and then when you start the construction prices, you realize that the prices of materials have fluctuated and increased. So, as a client, always ensure that you have set money aside for such unforeseen costs.

Professional contractors always let their clients know that they need a contingency plan since things in construction do not always go according to plan. Having money aside for unforeseen causes helps prevent the construction from stopping. For instance, you may need heat blankets for the concrete during winter, and you would probably not have factored that in your budget. You could also need money for permit fees, or site prep work could go beyond the initial budget.

Stay Proactive

As mentioned earlier, you could come up with the correct estimate for house construction, but when you start building, you notice that the materials’ prices have gone up. Therefore, you need to stay proactive throughout the process. That is the only way you can keep costs low. Avoid any potential fees you may have to pay for late construction delays, and if you can buy materials when the cost is still low, you can stay within the set budget.

Use the Appropriate Construction Estimating Software

If you are a contractor, it is essential to invest in a cost calculator. As mentioned earlier, there are various cost calculators that you can use to come up with the right construction estimates.

No matter how good you may be at calculations, you will most likely make an error if you do the calculations manually. Using estimating software helps you save time since it will speed up the time spent on making the construction estimates. It also helps you avoid having to make corrections and adjustments to the initial estimate.

Once you understand the market trends, have a good understanding of construction costs, and learn how to make effective estimates, you will have an easy time coming up with accurate estimates for home construction. Using software will make the process easier and more efficient.

It also makes the communication between clients and contractors easy since they can share the documents easily without necessarily needing to meet physically. As a client, it is essential to work with a professional contractor and one you can trust. Since you will have to work together for an extended period, it is best to have someone you can communicate easily with.      

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