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No matter what business you run, you must have tons of documents to deal with every day. The huge volume of documents cannot be stored randomly, you need an efficient system to organize and manage your documents.

Handling documents is a tough feat since you are not just saving words but your business secrets, the strategies you have employed so far and the plans you have carved for your future. Besides, documents are an important asset of your business, no matter how small or big it is.

If you are struggling with document management and want an immediate workable solution for your business then you should start looking for a suitable Document Management Software. As the name suggests, document management software aid in the management of all the documents in your company.

If you haven’t signed up for a document management software then it is time you do so now.

But, wait a minute, how will you identify which software is the best one for you? Scrutinizing each software will be simply impossible since there are hundreds of options available in the market.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have simplified the process for you by compiling a list of some of the best document management software. Along with the list, you will find a brief overview of all the tools and their pricing details.

All you have to do now is to read through this article and decide for yourself. A piece of cake, isn’t it?

But before we dive into the list, why don’t we have a brief look at what is document management software? And what does document management software do?

What Is Document Management Software?

For centuries people have relied on papers to document the processes in the company and store valuable information. Paperwork was a good source of storing information but it is no longer reliable. With the risk of theft, spoilage, and corruption, it is almost impossible to keep your data stored on paper.

Additionally, we no longer have the kind of data that can be stored on paper. The huge volume of data generated today is digital data. The generation of digital data means paperwork is no longer relevant in modern times.

The transformation does not mean we no longer have to organize our digital documents. Digital data also needs management since it can be difficult to assess a large amount of data and extract the exact information needed.

Enter Document management software.

What is document management software? Document management software is a tool that stores, secures, and organizes data. This data can be used to find useful information, keep records of the past, etc.

A document management solution categorizes your documents making it easy for you to search and find the documents you need quickly.

What Does Document Management Software Do?

Let us now take a look at the functions of a document management solution:

  • Stores all your files in one place
  • Organizes all the data in your company
  • Keeps track of important documents
  • Simplifies search and retrieval of documents

What Are the Benefits of Document Management Software?

Document management will make it easy for you to store, manage, and retrieve documents when needed. There are various features of document management software that make it a necessity for growing businesses.

With the help of a good document management software, you can:

  • Create a unified space for document management
  • Improve collaboration between team members
  • Make it easy for employees to access important documents
  • Lessen the time required to access documents
  • Increase the efficiency of your team
  • Enhance your overall productivity
  • Save finances spent on paper-based documents
  • Keep your documents and important data safe and secure

These benefits are proof of the efficiency of document management software.

List Of The Top 5 Data Management Software:

Coming to the list of best data management solutions, here are the top 5:

  1. nTask
  2. Bitrix24
  3. PaperTracer
  4. Rubex
  5. M-Files

1.      nTask

nTask Project Header

When it comes to document management, our first choice is nTask. You might think that we are being biased here but hold up, we have our reasons. Read on and you’ll know.

nTask is not just a document management tool, the software is a one-shop-stop for all management solutions. It’s seven management modules make sure that you never lose out and always stand at the top of all the projects underway.

It grants you full control and allows you to manage your projects the way you want. All while keeping your teams unified on a centralized platform. The tool is currently used by 250,000+ companies in over 150+ countries all around the world.

The unmatched popularity of the software stems from its reliable document handling and secure storage. Its advanced management features simplify document management so that you do not have to waste time on manual management and other menial tasks.

Its user-friendly interface works like a cherry on top helping new users familiarize themselves with the tool in the nick of time. In addition, new sign-ups can book a demo or take a 14-day trial free of cost.

Key Features:
  • Allows you to create and assign tasks with set deadlines, start and end dates.
  • Allows you to share related documents with specific tasks
  • You can view the activity log to keep an eye on the latest developments
  • Let’s you add comments and exchange feedback
  • Attach files with simple drag and drop
  • You can also share documents in the comments section of tasks
  • Allows you to create folders and subfolder to keep everything organized
  • nTask’s cloud servers make sure that all your documents are safe and secure all the time
  • With document organization, file retrieval is as easy as ABC
  • You can access data from anywhere around the world without any hassle
  • Mobile app available on iOS and Android
  • 1000+ third-party integrations keep you’re the flow of your work smooth
  • Basic plan – available for free forever
  • Premium plan – $2.99 per user per month
  • Business plan – $7.99 per user per month
  • Enterprise plan – Custom pricing

2.      Bitrix24

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Bitrix24 is our second choice for document management software free. You might have heard about Bitrix24 as a popular project management software . The tool offers a variety of other solutions to help your business grow beyond leaps and bounds.

The software, used by over 9 million users worldwide, can help you sync your files, allow you to share documents online and offline, and also offers mobile access.

Key Features:
  • Allows you to place documents, presentation videos, etc. for downloading, private use, and collaboration.
  • With internal search, you can quickly lookup document and find the ones you need
  • Offers three types of Drives for documents:
    • My Drive – For personal storage of documents, inaccessible for other users.
    • Group Drive – Includes files shared among a group of members.
    • Company Drive – All the documents of a company, accessible to all employees.
  • Activity Stream allows you to write comments, see the changes in real-time, receive feedback, and much more.
  • Version history allows you to keep previous and newer versions of files.
  • Users can lock documents temporarily to make edits without anyone’s interference
  • Multiple integrations help edit documents quickly
  • PC applications can also be used to make edits to documents stored on Bitrix24
  • More liked documents have a greater chance of appearing in searches
  • Free – $0 forever
  • Start+ – $24 per month for all users
  • CRM+ – $69 per month for all users
  • Project+ – $69 per month for all users
  • Standard – $99 per month for all users
  • Professional – $199 per month for all users

3.      PaperTracer

paper tracer

If you want to enjoy control over document management then PaperTracer is just the right tool for you. The document management solution offers great control so that you can micromanage your work.

PaperTracer’s comprehensive document management features, along with its strong security make it one of the most attractive software in town. It offers HIPPA compliant solutions along with tracking capabilities all of which add to its usability.

Key Features:
  • Allows you to quickly create and integrate your workflow, users, and data into the system.
  • Allows you to scan new documents added into the system
  • You can add files via simple drag and drop
  • You can run Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the content of your file
  • Helps you track changes made in the document
  • Helps you efficiently create and manage your workflow
  • Automated workflows enhance your productivity and help you improve your work efficiency
  • Traditional Windows device access is secured with 2048-bit encryption.
  • Create reports to analyze the latest developments in your business processes

PaperTracer offers three pricing plans, the price for each plan can be obtained by contacting the paperTracer team.

4.      Rubex


Rubes is the perfect document management tool for remote teams . All of its functions can be accessed from anywhere in the world. the cloud-based solution offers mobile apps to make sure users can access the documents easily.

With this software, not only can you manage your important documents but also, control the access to make sure the data contained in those documents remain safe and secure. Its sleek and user-friendly design makes the onboarding process simple and quick.

Key Features:
  • Offers a centralized place for the storage of all your documents
  • You can search the content of your document with OCR
  • Encrypted connection keeps your document safe and accessible from any part of the world
  • Allows you to share documents instantly
  • Pre-built templates and folder names make it easy for you to store and organize your data
  • You can customize workflows to keep your work flow smooth
  • Mobile App available for free
  • Sends real-time notifications to keep you updated
  • You can control access with role-based permissions
  • Starter — $15 per month
  • Advantage — $55 per month
  • Business — $99 per month
  • Unlimited — $199 per month

5.      M-Files


M-Files is our last pick for this list. The software uses AI technology to help you manage your documents efficiently. M-files updates your document and only keeps a single version so that you do not have to deal with a bunch of different versions and duplicate files.

The document management solution is highly customizable and easy to use. Retrieving documents in M-files is a walk in the park since you can easily search the document with the title, name of the author, or date of expiration.

Key Features:
  • Connects and stores different types of content at the same place.
  • Provides a big picture of the topic you are interested in.
  • Stores only one copy for each document to keep things hassle-free.
  • Offers foolproof security with permissioned access to documents.
  • Documents are labeled on the basis of their content
  • You can easily search the documents you need with the help of the search bar

M-Files offers three pricing plans; standard, professional, and enterprise. You can contact team M-Files to inquire about the pricing details of each plan.


Document management software can be your last straw of organization in the sea of countless documents shared every day. While finding the best solution is still very much a gamble, we hope this rundown has given you an idea of which tool would be the best for your business.

Which of these tools is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

Signing off!

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