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An average Facebook user likes 12 posts per month which is one almost every other day. The average user also makes five comments and shares one post every month. That will make you see a lot of ads you do not want. Now, imagine if you could just unlike all the posts you did not like instead of marking them as spam? Well, it is possible.

Most people know the significance of liking on Facebook but they do not know the significance of unliking. Facebook targets users based on their preferences using Facebook advertising. ‘Unliking’ pages that no longer post interesting material will help you cut down on irrelevant advertising on your newsfeed.

Users may ‘unlike’ status updates, photos, and comments on Facebook. If you inadvertently like a post or remark, unliking something on Facebook will assist you.

How Facebook shows you ads?

Many users are not aware of how Facebook’s advertising works. Facebook tracks your likes, comments, and shares to advertise you with the posts your friends liked.

If a post gets enough ‘likes’, it will appear on a user’s timeline even if they have ‘unliked’ it or put it in a restricted list.

Facebook classifies profiles based on information gathered from your profile. Information is gathered regarding your age, location, page likes, app usage, and even data from the mobile websites you visit. Then Facebook shows you ads based on this information.

Are you seeing ads specific to you? It is because Facebook keeps track of your online and offline behavior. One category Facebook uses to group data is about your interests. This data category includes posts you share and ‘Liked’ pages. For example, if you are interested in cooking, you will see ads related to cooking. If you have ‘liked’ a page about animals, you may see ads about animal adoption.

If you no longer want to see ads related to your interests, unliking the pages that you have liked will help. When you ‘unlike’ a page, Facebook removes it from the list of pages that they used to target you with ads. Clearing your Facebook history does not help.

Options to ‘Unlike’ Something on Facebook

We will explain how to unlike something on Facebook on a computer and smartphone.

How to ‘Unlike’ a Post, Comment, or Page on Facebook from a PC

If you want to “Unlike” a Facebook post, follow these steps:

  • Locate the article you wish to “Unlike.”
  • Scroll down to see the like button. The ‘like’ icon will be blue.
  • ‘Unlike’ the post by clicking on the like symbol (thumbs-up icon).
  • The like symbol will change from blue to gray when you press the button! It is that simple to ‘unlike’ something on Facebook!

Also, Facebook comments can be unliked as well. Follow these steps to ‘unlike’ a Facebook comment. Find the post with the comment to unlike.

  • To delete comments, click the x comments button at the bottom of a post. The highlighted area in the image below is where you should go.

The current number of comments for the post will be x.

  • The same holds for ‘likes’ and ‘unlikes’. When viewing comments, the comment previously liked will be blue. To Unlike a comment, click the thumbs-up like symbol. The like icon will become gray, showing that you have just unliked a comment.

Finally, here are the steps to ‘unlike’ a Facebook page.

  • On the left side of your Facebook ‘News Feed’, select Pages.
  • Click ‘liked’ pages on the ‘pages tab’. Also, you can find pages of the people who invited you.
  • Facebook lists all the pages you ‘like’. Click the like thumbs-up button under a page to unlike it. The ‘like’ symbol will transform into follow button to let you know you are not following the page and have unliked the page.

How to “Unlike” a Post, Comment or Page on Facebook App

You may ‘unlike’ something on Facebook from the App on your smartphone – Post, Comment, or Page – even if you access it from the website. Here are the steps:

To unlike a post, follow these steps:

  • Locate the article you wish to unlike, then scroll down. The thumbs-up like icon will be blue if you previously liked the post.

  • Unlike the post by clicking on the ‘like’ symbol. The ‘like’ image will become gray after you ‘unlike’ the post.

How to unlike a comment:

  • Open the post with the comment you want to unlike that was previously liked. Click x comments under the posts.

The number of comments is x 

  • A comment you previously liked will be colored blue. Click the blue ‘like’ symbol to ‘unlike’ a comment. It will become gray. Compare the two images below to see the difference.

Finally, here are the procedures to unlike a Facebook page using the App. Click the three lines in the upper right corner of the page from your Facebook App. Then go to Pages.

  • On the top right of Pages, select ‘Liked Pages’.

The list of pages you ‘like’ will be shown with three dots for each. Unlike a page by clicking the three dots and then clicking ‘unlike’.

  • The blue icon will change to a gray thumbs-up icon.


What happens after unliking or liking something on Facebook?

If you visit a Facebook profile, you will most likely ‘like’ a post. It would be weird if you unintentionally like something from a long time ago. To save yourself from the humiliation, you unlike it. But you want to know whether they saw that you ‘liked’ the post before. They will not receive a notification of the ‘like’ if you unlike quickly.

If they are active on their phone and you took too long to unlike it, they will be alerted. The notifications are immediately removed from their device if they are not using their device. Even if they check their Facebook notifications, they will not see it.

Keeping your phone on ‘airplane’ mode helps if you have a habit of accidentally liking something. Now your likes will not register since you are offline.

Why do people ‘unlike’ something on Facebook?

There can be many reasons someone unlikes on Facebook. One reason is too much self-promoting and ads. Instead of informing your viewer and using a pull strategy, you show too many ads. Another reason is posting too much because people do not want a notification every minute.

Posting too little will get you an ‘unlike’ since they think your page is inactive or dead. Being rude and negative will instantly get you ‘unliked’. Another great way of getting ‘unlikes’ is posting irrelevant material to your page. Avoid these practices to increase your ‘likes’ and decrease your ‘unlikes’.

Tracking who and how many people ‘like’ and ‘unlike’ your Facebook Page

Facebook ‘page Insights’ has made tracking people who unliked your Facebook page easy. Get there by logging in to Facebook and going to your page. Click on insights, which is on the left side. Then click ‘likes’ to see how many people liked and unliked your page. Also, under insights, click ‘page views’ to see how many people viewed your page.

If you want to track who likes your page, then first go to your page. Settings will be on the left side to click. The last step is to find people and other pages and click on it. Here you can see all the people who like your page.

Now that you know how to use Facebook’s unlike button, it will be easier for you to keep your newsfeed free of irrelevant and intrusive ads. Another strategy would be to ‘unlike’ status updates, photos, and comments on Facebook if they don’t interest you or contain unwanted information.

Remember, you are only allowed to ‘unlike’ up to 5,000 pages. Read our other blogs on Productivity Land.

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