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Rainbow Six Siege is a character-based game where every character, called an operator, comes with a set of unique abilities and weapons. While almost all operators in Rainbow Six Siege are great, excluding a few like Clash, it is still necessary that you figure the one that best suits your playstyle.

Not all gamers are alike, and it is not uncommon for gamers to have different playstyles in the same game. This is true for Rainbow Six Siege as well. One gamer may feel that they perform well with a particular operator, while some other gamer may perform poorly with the same operator. Take Caveira for example, she is meant to be played as a sneaky roamer and if a player who likes to stay in site plays with Caveira they won’t be using her to her full potential.  Here we will discuss how you can choose the best Operator in Rainbow Six Siege for yourself.

Find Your Playstyle

The main thing that will help you decide on an operator is figuring out your playstyle. In other words, you need to figure out whether you like to play aggressively or passively. However, you must understand that aggressively does not in any way mean rushing into the site all willy nilly as an attacker or rushing out trying to get a spawn kill as a defender. While this strategy may work at lower ranks, higher-ranked players are much more strategic, and at those ranks, you won’t stand a chance playing without a proper game plan.

  • Roamer: On the defense side, roamers are the ones that need to delay the attackers as much as possible. Roamers include operators like Caveira, Vigil, and Oryx.
  • Anti-Roamer: The anti-roamers from the attackers’ side need to deal with these pesky roamers. They include operators such as Jackal, Ash, and Nomad. They either need to be super-fast or have strong anti-roaming or hunting abilities.
  • Utility (Denier / Anchor): The utility-based operators are one of the most important operators in the whole game. However, they are entirely situational. For example, you don’t really need thermite if you are attacking the Hookah in the Clubhouse map. On the defenders’ side, the utility-based operators either have to deny the entry of attackers like Bandit doing the Bandit trick or smoke using his smokes to block entries, or they have to just sit tight and hold the site like Rook and Doc. While on the Attackers’ side these operators usually have one job and that is to breach and make way for the rest of the team to plant, which include operators like Thermite and Thatcher.

While these guides are super helpful in deciding your playstyle and then your operator, you will need to actually play with several operators before deciding which one is best for you. If you don’t have the game yet, the best way to get it is from Gamecamp where you can find all the available retailers to purchase the game from.

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