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The direction of graphic design is in demand now more than ever. But it is important to understand what the designer’s job is, so as not to spend a significant amount of time and money, and then be disappointed.

In addition to an idea of the job, you need to keep in mind the necessary skills, which relate not only to the technical side. Find out what a graphic designer does, what he should know and be able to do. And you will also learn about ways to train for this profession.

Functions and tasks of the graphic designer

The development of styles, the visual design of advertising, the design of groups and pages in social networks, product packaging – rests on the shoulders of the graphic designer. As a result of his work he creates:

  • a brochure with guidelines for the use of the company’s corporate logo, font, and color scheme;
  • advertising design;
  • the layout of books, magazines, catalogs both electronically and intended for print;
  • templates for posts and mailing lists on the Internet.

Many people think that the designer is just creative, but it is worth remembering that he does a lot of routine work. Of course, he does not forget about creativity, but still, most of the time is spent on technical work. Although there are now many programs and services that facilitate the work of the designer from the technical side, however, a large number of actions he still has to perform manually.

The presence of monotony in the work of a designer is rather a plus than a minus. After all, if for a long time to continually create, you can get tired and burn out. It is easier for a designer in this matter because he has a constant change of activity: he thinks up the idea, then draws a layout. That is why the key to success in this profession is not only creativity but also qualities such as diligence, attentiveness, and patience.

The designer needs to constantly self-develop, learn something new. Fashions, tastes, preferences, services, and programs change over time. So knowing by heart only Photoshop won’t help, you need to be able to handle other programs to stay on the wave.

Necessary skills for the graphic designer

Today, the requirements for the skills of a graphic designer are much higher than those put forward before. Now a monotonous routine is not engaged in any specialist. Basic skills in working with Photoshop are not enough, designers are improving in their work with color, shape, and composition.

In addition, new services for creating 2D and 3D animated design, AR and VR, design of presentations, such as KeyNote or Google Slides, are developed. So specialists have to learn the features and functions of programs.

However, both good knowledge and practical skills are not enough for a graphic designer to work productively with a customer if he does not get into the specifics of the project and communicate with clients.

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the following points:

  • initial knowledge in human psychology. They will allow the designer to better understand the goals of the customer, taking into account his desires and doubts;
  • the ability to consider the situation from the point of view of different people, which will allow a better study of the project and more deeply into it;
  • comprehensive development in a variety of areas. It promotes the emergence of unusual ideas and the development of creativity;
  • communication, which in itself indicates the importance of communication with the customer and potential customers and partners, the ability to come to a consensus, to reasonably accept criticism;
  • involvement in the trend and knowledge of products helps the designer to easily navigate the situation and offer modern optimal solutions;
  • creation and development of useful acquaintances, so called networking. In order to improve in one’s field, it is necessary to exchange experience with other specialists and get new knowledge from them.

The initial stage of training as a graphic designer

Do you have a strong creative potential, and are interested in the possibilities of implementing your ideas and designs? We offer the best possible insight into what the field of graphic design offers.

  1. Delve into the essence of the profession. The work involves different directions, study them all. To do this, you can search for information on thematic sites or forums, use training materials, including videos, participate in webinars or free marathons. Determine what your greatest interest is, in what area of graphic design you want to work and develop.
  2. Be observant. Take note of good ideas with success, and, conversely, note unsuccessful ones. Study the advertising of famous brands, get acquainted with their websites, take the most interesting things.
  3. Be guided by the example of designers who succeeded. Read the story of April Graiman, who has been a leading expert in this field for many years. Try to understand from the experience of others what traits and skills you should develop in yourself.
  4. Get to know the profession from the inside, look at it through the eyes of those who have been working in graphic design for some time. Visit the pages and websites of professional graphic designers , and if they host themed events online or offline, be sure to participate if possible.
  5. Join communities or register on sites that unite people of this profession, like Infogra. There is a lot of useful information and news about the profession.

The importance of a portfolio for finding a job as a graphic designer

It’s no secret that successful training does not guarantee an immediate job and a high salary.

To find a client and sell your services, you should first make yourself known. The first step should be the creation of a portfolio. This is the main tool working for you.

Any customer will want to see examples of your work. So you have to put a lot of effort into presenting yourself on the market. So what should you fill your portfolio with?

Be creative: give yourself the first job, rebrand a well-known company, design your website or a business card.

Don’t forget to update your portfolio and send resumes to well-known services. Perhaps there is someone among your real acquaintances or contacts from social networks who can help with employment. If you don’t know how to write a resume so that you will be noticed by an employer among hundreds of applicants, professional experts can help you on this website .

You may also need to write my argumentative essay . By entrusting this matter to experienced authors, you increase your chances of being noticed by the employer.

Don’t give up if something doesn’t work right away. No profession is fast and easy. And the specialty of graphic design involves persistence, perseverance, constant self-development, and hard work.

But this is only at first. As soon as you take your first steps and prove yourself an excellent specialist who knows how to communicate with clients and understand their desires, all the roads to the world of design will open up before you.

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