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Providing free company lunch , gym memberships, and a ping-pong table isn’t enough to ensure a happy, healthy, and engaged workforce. While those benefits are certain to be appreciated by employees, they offer little to motivate or keep them.

To establish a truly exceptional bond with your team members, you need to go a step further.

Keep reading to learn about various tips and tricks that will help you create a better bond with your team members at the office. Succeed at this and you can expect each team member to become a more valuable asset to your business.

Listen to your employees

The voice of employee concept is often defined as the ability for employees to openly share their thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints without fear of social or workplace consequences. Employees can give their comments to influence workplace decisions in this way.

Leaders with a desire to grow to respond to feedback from their subordinates. Adopting a new way of doing things, embracing new ideas and work methods, enhancing the company’s culture, or addressing difficulties are all examples of such action.

Active listening is a listening style in which the listener fully absorbs, comprehends, responds to, and remembers what they’re being told. That’s why you need to prioritize the voice of employees at the office. This is fundamental for executives who feel that being a coach to employees is crucial to individual success in the organization.

If you want a better connection with your employees, you will need to listen and listen closely.

Organize coaching sessions

coaching sessions

There are so many products and services that claim that they can change your life and shift everything in a matter of a few days or months. Unfortunately, almost 90% fail to do so.

However, coaching and consulting belong to that 10% that can actually work wonders for you. Business coaching and consulting sessions are led by a competent professional, placing a big part of the control in the participant’s hands.

Good, skilled coaching has the purpose of empowering the individual to find their own answers. In a coaching relationship, the recipient, not the coach, sets the goals, defines the playbook, and chooses what success looks like.

The coach brings a wealth of experience to the coaching relationship, providing insight, perspective, and a growth mindset. So if you want a better bond with your team members, you should consider involving a coach to help you out.

Introduce team building activities

team building activities

If you don’t operate on an abundant budget, you can still organize interesting team-building activities . Your team doesn’t have to go for a summer vacation together, but you can definitely find some interesting activities to do together and regularly engage in bonding activities.

Try to plan activities that take place both during and outside of working hours to connect with your team on a variety of levels this way. You should maintain a professional approach most of the time, but it may be refreshing for your coworkers to see you having fun in a less formal situation.

If you want to make the most of these opportunities, search for activities that will bring you together. You could, for example, take your employees out to play ping pong or paintball. This is the perfect time for you to study your team dynamics and discover any areas for development.

Think about implementing an open door concept

Even if you’re swamped with work, it’s critical that your staff feel comfortable approaching you with questions, concerns, and suggestions. Otherwise, you’ll probably notice a significant drop in morale. To prevent this, you should try to keep your door open as often as possible.

You may also put an anonymous question box outside your office door during the hours when you need some time alone. This will not only allow your employees to stay in touch with you, but it will also enable you to receive feedback from those employees who lack the courage to speak to you face to face.

Try to be flexible

Finally, remember to be adaptable. Treat every single one of your employees as a person if you want to retain great morale. Looking at their specific needs and assisting them on their independent paths to success will be part of this.

Perhaps you might offer employees with young children flexible hours. Alternatively, you may allow your digitally savvy employees to work from home. Whatever you choose, make sure you strike the correct balance between understanding your staff and recognizing your business’s practical demands.

Try to be reasonable and flexible. If you show them that you have these skills, your employees will know to appreciate this.


These tips and tricks have a proven record of success. Use them and see how they work for your business.

You should treat others the same way you like to be treated. If you show respect and understanding and cater to their needs, you can rest assured that they’ll do the same for you.

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