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When the pandemic hit in 2020, the world as we knew it changed and a majority of businesses switched to remote work. Employees packed up their laptops and said goodbye to their offices. And even though it was a hard adjustment, remote work has now become standard practice. 

As much as 85% of managers believe that having teams with remote workers will become the new norm, even after the pandemic passes. However, running a remote team is much different from managing an in-office team. Here are a few tips and tools that can help you be a successful remote team manager.

Use the right set of tools

The world of remote work wouldn’t be sustainable without all the modern technology businesses have at their disposal. These tools are a lifesaver, but it’s also very important to realize that not all tools are designed for all businesses.

Some tools that are necessary for one business can be completely useless to another. However, there are certain tools every remote business needs, regardless of its size and niche. At the top of that list of tools is a virtual meeting platform.

Organizing meetings would be impossible without these platforms. Collaborating with your coworkers and ensuring you’re on the same page is much easier when you talk face to face. Make sure to check out Hoppier’s list of great virtual meeting platforms you can choose from.

Other tools every remote business needs include:

  • Instant messaging tools that allow for smooth and fast communication that doesn’t require a virtual meeting.
  • Project management tools that help you organize and manage all of the tasks and projects that need to be completed, assign deadlines, and keep track of everyone’s progress.
  • Document depository tools that you can use to store and access company-wide documents and allow all team members to collaborate on them.

Remote teams rely on these tools to function. Without them, it would be impossible to imagine a productive remote workforce. You can also think about introducing productivity software in your workplace to make things go even more smoothly.

Have a dedicated workspace

dedicate workspace for teams 4 Tools and Tips for a Successful Remote Team

One of the most important remote work productivity tips is to have a dedicated workspace from where you will perform all of your business operations.

When you work remotely, almost anything can be your office. Some people like working from libraries, others from coffee shops, but 84% of remote workers prefer their homes as their workplace. Working from home has a plethora of benefits, but it can also be challenging for one specific reason.

All of us associate our homes with the place where we rest and relax, so turning it into a space where we need to work and keep our focus can be challenging. But you can make the transition to working from home go smoother if you have a space in your home that is for business only.

The ideal situation would be to have an office in your home that you will transform into your remote workspace. If you don’t, find a room or an area that isn’t used very often and transform it into your office.

One very important thing you need to remember is that you should never use a space that you associate with rest and lounge time for work. This includes areas such as your bedroom or living room.

Think about your employees’ wellbeing

Remote workers are typically happier than those who work in offices for many reasons. However, working remotely comes with its own set of problems and challenges, especially if your employees aren’t used to this type of work dynamic.

Working from home can make people feel disengaged and disconnected from their teammates, which can leave them with a sense of loneliness and a feeling of unimportance.

This is why it’s important to constantly check in with your remote employees to see how they’re handling the situation, if there is anything they need help with, and show them support. Assure every team member that their mental health and wellbeing come first and encourage them to talk about any problems they’re facing while working from home.

Have non-work-related conversations

non work conversation 4 Tools and Tips for a Successful Remote Team

A big part of office work culture has always been water cooler conversations where coworkers would gather around and chit-chat about their personal lives. But when you’re no longer sharing an office space, it becomes easy to stick to professional conversations during meetings.

But just because you’re not in the office anymore doesn’t mean you have to forget about casual conversations. You can schedule virtual happy hour meetings with your team members where everyone can talk about anything they want and you can all forget about work for an hour or two.

Final thoughts

Remote work is taking over the world. It will surely stay even after the pandemic is over and things return to normal because so many people are now used to the benefits of working from home. As long as you know the best tools and tips to use, you won’t have any issues finding success.

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