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Programming languages are evolving fast to meet daily human needs in our past-faced world. Whether you want to build an eCommerce or an essay and paper writing service website for students similar to EssayService , you need a programming language to configure the front-end and back-end infrastructures.

But choosing the most popular programming languages still poses a challenging task, considering there are over 700 in use globally.

To determine the most in-demand programming languages in 2022, we conducted extensive research to find out popular choices among developers. Now, let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Python

Python first appeared in 1991 and quickly gained a solid community. Developers prefer Python because it has cross-platform flexibility and object orientation. The Python syntax is easy, making it the perfect choice for students, who, in addition to learning a programming language, keep studying in college full time. And if they use DoMyEssay , a paper writing service, to cope with their written assignments, they have even better chances to master Python to perfection.

Python supports app development, back-end development, and data science. Over 10.2 million users rely on Python’s extensive library for everyday tasks and commands, which helps newcomers understand the language faster.

Companies that use Python include IBM, Pixar, NASA, Facebook, Spotify, JP Morgan Chase, Google, and YouTube.

2. C

The C programming language is one of the oldest programming languages, on which C++, Java, Objective-C, and C# are all based.

Microcontrollers and embedded software programs run on the C programming language. Companies that use the C programming language include the following:

  • Google (Android and Chrome server)
  • Microsoft (Windows, Visual Studio)
  • RedHat (Linux)
  • VMware

3. JavaScript

Brendan Eich , the co-founder of the Mozilla project, invented JavaScript. By far, this programming language is the most ubiquitous, thanks to its extensive library and reliance on internet resources. JavaScript is common in front-end and back-end web development, as well as game development.

JavaScript is easy to learn and is very popular with new developers, powering over 1.7 billion websites globally. Companies that use JavaScript include Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter.

4. Go (Golang)

Golang is a product of Google, although it is no longer exclusive to the company. This programming language is used by Facebook, Intel, BBC, Yahoo, and Adobe.

Go is a programming language with a simple syntax and extensive technical documentation. It’s most typically seen on Linux and macOS computers, while it’s used significantly less frequently on Windows. Developers and engineers rely on Go to build microservices and online apps.

According to the Go Blog, the language’s engagement rate grew to 34% in 2019, with 3 out of 4 respondents favoring it over other programming languages. According to PYPL, Go is the thirteenth most popular programming language.

5. HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are not programming languages in the classic sense, but developers often start their path with both of them.

Programmers use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to determine on-page elements like size, position, and color. CSS is easy to learn and use for beginners. The simple syntax makes it easy to edit or write from scratch.

Every website or web application uses some HTML and CSS. Both of them also work with Javascript and PHP.

6. Kotlin

Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language for developing apps. Over 60% of Android developers use Kotlin, making it the fourth fastest-growing programming language. Kotlin has 4.86 million users worldwide, including companies like Udemy, Amazon, Trello, Slack, Robinhood, Uber, and Pinterest.

Some prominent features of Kotlin that make it the best choice for Android developers include:

  • Enhanced security features ;
  • Concise code and structures concurrency;
  • 100% interoperability;
  • Smooth usability.

As a programmer seeking to build a career in Android app development, Kotlin is the programming language to learn in 2022.

7. C#

The C# programming language runs on the .NET framework. The Microsoft-backed programming language is highly effective in developing games and desktop applications.

According to experts, 34% of the top mobile games rely on C# to build core environments.

C# is a well-designed language with high demand globally for the following reasons:

  • A great starting point for object-oriented programming;
  • Easy to learn and understand;
  • Fully integrated with .NET libraries.

C# has around 6.2 million users today. Companies that rely on C# for their frameworks include Delivery Hero, Hepsiburada, and Accenture.

8. R

R is an important programming language in financial domains, data analysis, and telecom sectors. The programming language is a favorite choice for programmers involved in data mining and statistics.

R is highly extensible with vast libraries for interactive graphical needs. It is an object-oriented programming language that supports cross-platform development.

Unlike other programming languages, only 50,000 users rely on R globally, making it a good programming language to learn for beginners looking for non-saturated spaces. Companies that use R include Flipkart, Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon.

9. PHP

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that will continue to hold its relevance in the upcoming years. PHP is one of the first server-side languages to embed with HTML to add functionality to web pages. The increase in online trends has led to the high demand for PHP developers. Some amazing features of PHP include:

  • High speed;
  • Simple to learn;
  • High security.

About 8 out of 10 websites use PHP, including Facebook, Delivery Hero, and Slack.

10. SQL

SQL or Structured Query Language is a programming language that allows programmers to manipulate and query databases. It’s a domain-specific language designed for managing data within relational database management systems.

Simply put, SQL can retrieve and locate data from a database, as well as update, remove or add records. While SQL is quite functional, it works better with small databases. Approximately 19 million SQL developers work in companies like Microsoft, Accenture, and Hepsiburada.


The best programming language should be easy to use and implement. Python and JavaScript are the most in-demand programming languages because they have a large community backing. To find the right programming language, choose the project for you and find one that performs the task perfectly.

Author Bio:

Anna White is a web development enthusiast who is currently learning her second programming language. She is also a professional content creator writing articles on various topics for multiple online platforms.

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