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Leading sales and market teams can be daunting. While you may feel like doing your part by launching a product or service, your persistence to increase and manage sales content is a never-ending process.

The world has developed rapidly in recent years, particularly when it comes to providing digital solutions to support sales teams and meeting effectiveness.

Choosing the right sales enablement software can assist your salespeople in delivering and sharing the most up-to-date, on-brand sales materials that precisely suit your clients’ needs.

As with any options, there is a broad range of tools out in the market to reduce the hassle of organizations when it comes to increasing sales or managing sales content.

Here the issue is to come up with the best tool for the task while avoiding overspending. Today, we will shed insight on one of the top agile sales enablement tools or solutions.

Showell Sales Review is based on features, pros and cons, and stuff like that. Whether it’s a driver behind massive sales for any business, we’re going to check it out.

What Is Showell?

Showell tool

Advertised as ‘Connect sales, Marketing, and the Customer’, Showell delivers precisely what it promises. The robust and intuitive Sales enablement platform includes a single content library that is constantly updated. Showell enables businesses to show, distribute, and monitor sales and marketing content and effectively communicate with clients.

Showell enables sales teams to:

  • Get access to the latest sales materials
  • Engage in face-to-face or virtual sales meetings with clients
  • Keep records of how their customers are consuming this material

The tool claims to provide a perfect platform for managers to develop slide decks for customers using current websites, papers, videos, images, or other content with a personalized buying experience.

Developing brand identification within the right audience effectively lets you customize the platform by adding logos, styles, graphic components, and thumbnails.

Showell is the first to launch a freemium model in June 2021. The intention was to bring efficient sales tools to the masses.

Who can benefit from Showell?

Small startups and businesses can significantly reap the benefits that they provide. Tens of thousands of salespeople from a variety of sectors utilize Showell. The powerful B2B software is very popular in equipment and vehicles, architecture, technology, health, consumer packaged goods, and pollution and waste.

While its primary market is the mid-market, it has the functionality and adaptability to meet the needs of both small and big businesses, like Volvo, Staples, Ponsse, Bosch, Sandvik, Vernacare, and Massey Ferguson.

Let us now do a Showell sales review based on the features or services offered.


Here’s a rundown of the services Showell offers to its clientele. We tried and tested almost every function, and here is our Showell sales enablement tool review to help you get started.

1. Showell Content Management

Showell content management

Thanks to the Central content library of the tool that enables you to arrange all your sales and marketing content in one place. Documents, movies, graphics, and 2D/3D animation is uploaded and managed by the team.

The tool supports various file formats, i.e. PowerPoint , Word, Excel, PDF , MP4 movies, and JPG/PNG/TIFF photos.

2. Showell Online

This powerful feature allows you to sync your favorite web browser with the App, allowing you to access, find, and deliver presentations from the browser.

Interestingly, it also offers personalized presentations and content sharing features such as Showell offline.

3. Showell App Platforms

The best part is that the Showell offline app feature is available for all major operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. This offered accessibility to all of your sales, marketing, and training data while making it easy for you to create a powerful offline presentation.

You can create presentations that are tailored to your needs. Also, you can send an email with a copy link to share the information you have selected.

4. Supports Multilanguage

Multilanguage support is undoubtedly our favorite part of the Showell sales review. The tool is accessible in various languages, i.e., English, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Finnish.

This feature is beneficial if a company has remote staff distributed across multiple locations.

 A user can effortlessly switch between languages, which can be regulated under Showell settings. The user interface does not affect the language used for content, which could be in any language.

This feature, however, is not offered in the free plan.

5. Unlimited Storage    

 This is one of the most exquisite features of the Showell. Users get unlimited cloud storage with the Showell Professional and Enterprise plans. The plans allow unlimited storage for your documents, presentations, videos, or files.

However, the free plan only allows you to save 25 files.

6. Quick and Advanced Search

When you are operating with an extensive network and are short on time, the Quick Search feature can help you discover the data you need. This feature may be used to locate the right file, content, presentation, and the right company/contact person.

However, integrating or installing a CRM add-on is required.

Using keywords and location, the advanced search feature instantly locates and pulls out the search by file or document you need. This feature is only available to users of the Pro and Enterprise subscriptions.

The feature makes it much easier to increase efficiency and reduce the pressure associated with time-consuming tasks.

7. Showell Sharing & Presenting

sharing in showell

Sales and marketing teams must develop and deliver presentations that impact the audience’s minds and hearts by sharing content. Showell has further sub-features of Presenting and Sharing that we shall look at in the Showell sales Review.

7.1 Browsing while offline

This feature provides offline presentation and browsing options. So, even if you are in an area lacking a high-speed internet connection, you can still complete your project!

You can always find and present the content regardless of the time and area.

7.2 Content Distribution

Content sharing can be challenging, especially when a client requests a copy of the content. However, Showell has expertise in the area. The tool allows content sharing via emails or document links to make it easy for the clients.

The content can be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook , WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. The content shared is entirely safe; the user can add a pin-code for the particular content and specify an expiration date. The feature is crucial for confidential assets.

7.3 Switching pages

In the Showell sales review, we observed that the App and content could be accessed anywhere. Since the interface is smooth and user-friendly, presenting using Showell is easy. The transition from page to slide is effortless.

There is zooming in and out, which allows for easy presentation navigation.

7.4 3D Content Sharing

This unique feature supports Augmented Reality (AR), enabling you to see and display other 3D models in a real-world setting.

This helps in the visualization of the entire project. Note that this feature is only available on the iPad and iPhone versions of Showell.

All you must do is upload the 3D model to Showell, and the software will immediately provide a live view from different perspectives once opened.

7.5 Showell Integration

The Showell app works well with your preferred email client, i.e. Apple mail/Gmail /Outlook. This is essential because it prevents the email from being sent to the spam folder. It is simple to pick the default email address you choose to use.

Later in the Showell Review, we further depth the impact of integrated apps and how they boost sales support.

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8. Team and Communication Management

Effective communication is needed for optimal team management. This Showell review examines all of the features that may help you manage your team.

  • Large teams that use the App can easily add and manage Showell users and create user groups. This enables better team management and seamless communication.
  • Users can prioritize messages to guarantee that high-priority notifications receive prompt attention and do not get buried in a sea of emails. A high-priority message can also help with marketing strategy.
  • The Showell sales enablement tool makes it simple to invite multiple people in one go. It enables users to add a huge number of internal users, external users such as partners, and even third-party users to their Showell account. You can also customize the invitation.
  • The team management feature is beneficial when you need to discuss something crucial with other Showell team members. You can share new content and updates by sending a notice to specific people, groups, or everyone.

9. Optimal Performance

In the Showell sales review, we concluded that this App improves sales performance and efficiency as a sales enablement software. The following are some productivity-enhancing features.

  • Direct uploading of files
  • Kiosk mode
  • Slide designing
  • Analytics and editors
  • Interactive tools like HTML to boost sales and communication  

Showell Sales Enablement Platform Pros & Cons

In the table below, we have highlighted some of the benefits and drawbacks of Showell that we discovered while using the software.

Pros Cons
– Great presentation material and template
– Updated content is easily accessible fast to use and easy to learn
– Perfect tool for sharing large files
– All relevant sales content in one place
– No need to copy and paste from the previous presentation
– Branded user’s face
– Assist remote meetings  
-Professional sits for users  
– No search function for pdf files.
– Users can’t register for the second brand
– Sending notifications could be more precise
-Sometime affected by Windows update  


Showell offers their features in a variety of price packaging. Each package offers something unique, and clients are free to choose the plan that best meets their needs.

  • Showell Freemium plan (25 documents limitation) in addition to its Essential self-service program (€15/per user/month, 50 document limit)
  • Professional plan (unlimited files) starting at €40/user/month

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User Experience

The neat and aesthetically pleasant interface offers one off solution for your sales management KPIs.

You have to drag and drop to get all of the content in one place. Our Showell sales review shows landing pages are designed to keep all the related content on one page. The drop-down menu has the option of storing and customizing content.

Showell Integrations

Showell integrates with various other apps and platforms to improve content quality, efficiency, and profits. Here is a list of all the integrations, connectors, and plugin

  • Salesforce
  • DropBox
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Marketo
  • Analytics API

Customer Support

 Showell offers top-notch customer service. The Showell Help Center is packed with informative tutorials, videos, tips, and tricks. They also send out frequent emails to inform their users of any updates. If a client has any concerns or queries, the Showell customer service team will typically answer your email within an hour.

Users acquiring professional and Enterprise plans receive even more customized assistance.


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Over To You

In our Showell sales review, we have found that it is an effective tool for Sales teams to communicate, present, and share sales content. It is considered one of the top sales enablement tools in the industry.

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