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Whether you talk about retail shopping or online shopping, nothing is the same anymore. Every shopper now wants a “WOW” experience when shopping.

A “WOW” experience is when a shopper gets surprised and excited to find a product or service that absolutely blows their mind. It’s truly a shopper’s dream!

Nowadays, it has become challenging for small businesses to keep up with large enterprises. So, a “WOW” experience is clearly significant for them to keep their shoppers engaged. These moments are not only an effective way to market the products to potential customers but also act as a visual representation of the brand.

Are you having trouble getting new customer engagement? Don’t worry. We have six great ways to give your shopper the wow experience offline and online.

6 Ways for Giving Shoppers a “WOW” Experience

Shopping has changed since everything has gone online. Now, shoppers can easily research an item without visiting the shop.

Moreover, when customers walk into a store, they already know what they want, weakening the retailer-consumer connection.

On the other hand, online shopping can become stressful for customers when a website is hard to navigate. Even though almost everything is online, customers always look for convenient and personal shopping experiences.

All these concerns can be easily solved using these six ways. Let’s check them out!

1. Give Shoppers a Personalized Shopping Experience

Who doesn’t love a personal and welcoming shopping experience? So, focus on creating that experience.

Custom packaging is the first thing you can do to make a customer feel welcome. Whether it be online or offline, you can always make personalized packaging.

If you have a physical store, use a custom sticker or printed tape to wrap the product box when the customers check out. Do the same thing for online purchases when shipping a customer’s package.

Another way to make a product personalized is by attaching cute notes with phrases, well wishes, or small product facts. Customers will love reading them and they might even brighten their day. This is also your best shot to ensure repeat purchases.

2. Get Shoppers Involved in a Conversation

Shoppers usually don’t like engaging in conversations now, but you can always be polite and tell them some facts about your products.

Remember, not everything is listed online; sometimes, some extra fun facts can help wow your customer.

Tell them how the product manufacturing process is, how you have sourced the ingredients, how the idea of creating the product came into mind, or what the products can do. Such trivia will help you engage in a conversation with your shopper, giving them a more in-depth shopping experience.

Conversing with a customer helps them feel more comfortable, and they remember your hospitality which can result in gaining a loyal customer.

3. Get Shoppers to Write the Product Reviews

Do you want to make your physical store more fun? Add a review section next to some popular products like online stores do.

Let your customers know that now they can physically write reviews about the products they like so it can be helpful for others. Moreover, if you want, you can frame the most helpful reviews and change them every other month.

Your customers will be happy to see their names on your store shelves and feel more connected to the store.

For online stores, you can pin the most helpful review of a product on the top of your review section for others to see. It will help the other shoppers, and the top reviewer will be delighted to see their name.

4. Provide Shopper an Invoice for Every Purchase

We know you’re surprised to see this suggestion. But trust us, this is an important tactic that is often neglected or underestimated.

Many online stores fail to provide an invoice with the order. It creates a problematic situation for the shopper to know the total and identify the package serial number.

We suggest you provide an invoice for your customers. You can easily create invoices using the best estimation software . Mention your shop’s and customer’s names; it will help make it more informative. People like it when stores pay attention to small details.

5. Provide Shoppers with Gifts and Rewards

Gifts can be exciting, especially when it’s a surprise. You can give your regular customers a surprise gift that will make them happy when they find it in the bag or package.

On the other hand, loyalty reward points are a great way to give special discounts to regular customers and make personalized suggestions according to their profiles.

For example, makeup stores offer personalized discounts on concealers whenever someone buys a foundation. It goes hand in hand. You can do the same for your product and offer something that goes hand in hand.

The gift and reward strategy works wonders irrespective of whether your store is offline, online, or both.

6. Always Try to Be Better

Many shops and online stores don’t renew their policies or introduce new products. That is a guaranteed pathway to losing customers.

With time, everything changes, and if you don’t remain aligned with your customers’ changing preferences, there’s no way they are going to return.

Always try to think of the next big idea and work accordingly. Maybe a slight improvement of the shelves or the counter will light up the store. Customers will love the presentation.

For online stores, update the website frequently to make it more user-friendly, for example, by adding text-to-speech support. Moreover, if you also have a physical store, always keep your website updated with the offers or when a new product arrives.


Shoppers love honesty. It is the key to running a successful business. Moreover, always try to provide your customers with the best experience when shopping or returning a product.

Shoppers will definitely appreciate the little things your store has to offer. It doesn’t always have to be the decor or the products but a small and sweet gesture can wow shoppers every time they visit your store.

Thus, follow the six simple strategies to give your shoppers the “wow” experience and enjoy the rich dividends it can bring to your business!

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