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TL; DR: HoA #42: Lean Roadmapping and OKRs w/ Janna Bastow

In this energizing 42nd Hands-on Agile Lean Roadmapping session, Janna Bastow, the go-to-authority on product roadmaps, talked about being lean while creating and maintaining your roadmap and how objectives and key results (OKR) may help meet that challenge.

Janna Bastow: Lean Roadmapping and OKRs — Hands-on Agile #42 —

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Lean Product Roadmaps and How to Get There

Janna Bastow’s presentation looks at modern product roadmapping best practices, including where lean roadmapping came from and how to put it to use in your organization. In addition, it covers practical tips on moving away from the old-school feature- and delivery-date-driven product roadmap and moving your team on to a leaner, more objective-focused track of product management using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).

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Connect with Janna Bastow on Lean Roadmapping

Janna Bastow the inventor of the Now/Next/Later roadmap, and is co-founder of ProdPad , product management and roadmapping software for product people.

Janna is also co-founder of ProductTank and Mind the Product , the global community of product managers. She often starts and stops conversations with the question: β€œWhat problem are you trying to solve?”

LinkedIn: Janna Bastow’s LinkedIn profile .

Twitter: Janna Bastow’s Twitter profile .

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