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Most people prefer purchasing an iPhone because it is equipped with classy features and is easy to use. But, it doesn’t matter that it works the best. Like any other sophisticated digital device, iPhones could also encounter some issues.

It may develop different problems for various reasons. Here, we’ve composed a list of a few common issues found with the iPhone and how to fix them quickly.

1. Faster Battery Drainage

iPhone batteries, just like other lithium batteries, tend to wear down with normal use. It is not a major concern to drain out your phone battery quickly, or it is not charging. But, the good news is that you can fix these issues on your own. 

Consider upgrading your phone’s iOS or simply reset or restart your device. Check your iPhone’s battery health by tapping Battery in the Settings App. Turn on low battery mode on your device.  

2. Excessive Device Temperature

Is your iPhone getting hot excessively after every charge? It’s normal. But, take it seriously if it is getting too hot. Overheating can cause permanent damage to your iPhone’s battery and reduce its functioning. If you encounter such a situation, avoid using your phone while it’s charging. 

Ensure the room where you’re using your phone has an adequate temperature. Take out the phone cover and make sure it is placed away from direct sunlight exposure.

3. Inconsistent Touch ID

Some users complain about the unresponsive functioning of Touch ID and Face ID. Simply reboot the device or reset the Face ID by navigating to Settings. Contact the Apple support center if none of these methods work. Before using the Touch ID feature, ensure your hands and sensor are clean and dry. 

Make sure a case or screen protector doesn’t cover the Touch ID sensor. Still not working? Head to Settings and then Touch ID and Passcode. Check that you’ve enrolled in one or more fingerprints.

4. Sudden Water Damage

The newer iPhone models come with water-resistance ability. But remember that it is resistant to water, not water-proof. That means it can get damaged if submerged in water or other liquids such as lotions. 

If your phone is water damaged, wipe it away using tissue paper. Remove your SIM, phone case, tray, and accessories. Power down the phone and keep it in a warm, dry place. Check LCI. If it is red, your smartphone will not be covered under a free warranty.  

5. Unstable Bluetooth Connectivity

iphnoe bluetooth connectivity

Many people have been dealing with iPhone Bluetooth connectivity problems. They have trouble connecting Bluetooth with a car and 3rd party wireless headphones. A potential solution for this issue involves phone restart, toggling Bluetooth off and on, and resetting your iPhone network setting. 

If these methods do not work, disconnect the Bluetooth devices and pair them again. If you didn’t notice any improvements, perform a factory reset.

6. Non-Functional iPhone

iPhone users living in colder climates have been reporting issues about devices hanging consistently every few minutes. They reported that the iPhone X screen becomes unresponsive in colder regions with extreme weather conditions. 

Apple has announced a software update to fix it. Till then, locking and unlocking your iPhone can help solve this problem.

7. Deficit Camera Color

Many people complained that their iPhone displays a black, green, or sometimes a purple screen while using the camera. At the same time, some people said that their camera app is not loading. Other users reported that their smartphone showed an error “Emergency iPhone needs to cool down.” 

If you’re also dealing with any such problem, perform the steps given on Apple’s support site. If the issue persists, contact Apple support because there might be a hardware problem.

8. Failed Touch Screen

Several incidents of iPhone touch screen failure have been reported when they’re wet. The most common way of troubleshooting includes cleaning and drying the screen, restarting the phone, and freeing up some storage. 

If it doesn’t work, put your smartphone on charge for an hour. Go for iPhone screen repair services if the iPhone touch screen has cracked, broken, or damaged. The damaged touch screen can only be replaced.

9. Sudden Data Loss

After jailbreaking an iPhone or updating it to the latest version, some data may get lost. In such situations, iTunes and iCloud backups provide the best solution. Several professional data recovery tools can selectively recover a specific type of data.

That’s why it is recommended to have a backup of the entire device every few days. If anything goes wrong, you can restore data successfully. 

10. Stuck Apple Logo

Data retrieval from backup, jailbreaking, deletion of iOS files, failed iOS updates, and hardware problems can be the reasons for this issue. To fix it, restart the iPhone, put it in recovery mode, or perform a hard reset.

If restarting the iPhone doesn’t help much, you may require professional assistance. Buying an AppleCare+ can help in such cases only if the device is not jailbroken. 

The Conclusion

So, that’s all about the common iPhone-related issues and their most effective solutions. If you’re facing any of these problems and are unable to solve them, contact Apple Retail Store or Apple Support.

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