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Working outside traditional office environments, companies actively seek effective digital communication tools. And despite all remote work challenges , software developers have much to offer. Slack is a powerful tool for organizing work life. This popular collaboration software offers multiple features and free and paid plans. Millions of people benefit from the app, but it has tailored its functionalities to fit enterprise users. 

If you are a small business owner looking for an affordable team collaboration tool, explore these top five alternatives to Slack software. They have much in common with Slack but offer more control over team communication. So let’s choose a solid replacement program that will help you stay productive

What Is Slack Software?

Slack is a messaging program for bringing work communication into one place, launched in 2013. The acronym SLACK is deciphered as the Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge, and its advanced features prove a sound codename. It has a user-friendly interface and rich functionalities. The app ensures your information, conversations, and files stay safe. Many world companies, including Uber, Sky, Airbnb, etc communicate effectively using Slack. 

You can try it for free and benefit from 10,000 recent messages or choose one of the paid plans: Pro, Business+, and Enterprise Grid. Pro is good for small teams and offers unlimited message history and 10 GB of file storage. Business+ is twice as expensive and has advanced management tools and round-the-clock support. With Enterprise Grid, you can collaborate with up to 500,000 users and tailor all functionalities according to your need and preferences. 

Why Use Slack for Team Communication?


Remote workers look for appropriate home office equipment and professional communication tools. With Slack software, it’s easy to keep in touch and manage the work process easily from any place at any time. Here are top program features that make it so demanded among businesses: 

  • It has chat rooms (channels) organized by topic, private groups, and direct messaging. You can organize your work efficiently, create alignment with sync information accessing, and make channels private, public, or connect with multiple organizations.
  • You can easily connect Slack with other services for smooth work. Connect the best productivity apps in one place, and do not worry about data security. You can find about 2,400 apps available in the Slack App Directory. 
  • Users have complete control over their data in Slack with their own encryption keys. The Slack Enterprise Key Management technology-enhanced collaboration security. You get visibility at every stage and can revoke access in a targeted manner. 
  • It is easy to automate workflow with Slack without coding using Workflow Builder. Deliver requests quickly, share updates, and incorporate your favorite tools into the process to improve automation. 

Features to Look For in Online Communication Apps

Choosing the right communication program for your business can be challenging. So before we move on to top Slack alternatives, let’s find out what features these team communication tools should possess. 

  • Direct messaging is a paramount feature allowing to exchange messages instantly with one of the teammates or connect with the whole team. 
  • Video chat plays a huge role in group conversations as you can discuss any problem face-to-face in real-time. 
  • The audio conferencing feature should also be available in professional communication software in case a video call doesn’t work. 
  • App integrations allow people to boost productivity and use their favorite tools in one place. 
  • Screen sharing makes video chats more meaningful as you can easily share reports or presentations with colleagues. 
  • Secured file-sharing of different formats and sizes facilitates the work process. 
  • Screen recording helps employees capture online conferences and review and share them. Here you can find how to record your screen if your tool doesn’t have this feature built-in. 
  • Reasonable price is another vital feature as high-quality, secure software cannot be cheap, and you have to pay for convenient use. 

5 Best Slack Alternatives to Use in 2022

Slack is not an open-source tool so users look for alternatives to install on their server and fully control the data. Here we will explore the best five solutions to replace Slack and benefit from flawless in-team collaboration. 

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams chat app

Microsoft Teams is a viable Slack alternative with many advanced online communication features and a straightforward interface. Users can easily sign up with their email addresses. It has a lot of training and tutorials for smooth program use. Follow Microsoft Teams on social media and read teams’ blogs. Microsoft Teams has one free plan and three paid. 

  • You can sign up for free and benefit from unlimited one-to-one and group meetings with up to 100 participants. There is data encryption, file sharing, unlimited chat, and 5 GB of cloud storage for each user. 
  • With Microsoft Teams Essentials for $4 per month, you will get everything available in a free version and 10 GB of cloud storage, and up to 300 participants per meeting.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic costs $6 and offers meetings recordings with transcripts, 1 TB cloud storage, and business-class email. 
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard has a range of office apps and services, webinar hosting, and customer appointment management for $12 per month. 

Choose Microsoft Teams, and you will get high-quality online meetings, secure Teams Phone calling, innovative devices, instant messaging with quick chats, workflow automation with connecting apps, and high-security level and organizer controls.

2. Chanty

chanty product art

Chanty is an easy-to-use team collaboration tool that is used by over 75,000 world companies. It is a great replacement program for businesses seeking to address issues fast and easily. The intuitive user interface ensures a seamless experience and 55% higher productivity. You do not have to spend much time learning how to use Chanty as all features are available with Teambook at your fingertips. You can choose a free or paid plan.

  • If you have a small team with up to ten members, a free plan will be enough for you. Sign up with your email address and benefit from many great features, including unlimited public and private conversations, searchable history, one-on-one audio calls, and voice messages. You will have the possibility to invite one guest user and one multi-conversation guest. Get 20GB per team file storage and up to ten integrations for free. 
  • The business plan, starting at $3 per user per month, provides additional features and unlimited members. Paid version ensures dedicated customer support and unlimited integrations. You will pay $3 per multi-conversation guest and invite three guests for free. File storage amounts to 20GB per member. There is also built-in task management and roles & permissions.

3. Element

element app

Element is the open-source team communication software, ensuring secure conversations connected via Matrix. There are a lot of advanced features such as encrypted messaging, data sovereignty, scalability, device verification, app integrations, auditing, antivirus, and powerful widgets. You can download it on your mobile or desktop device. It has flexible pricing, so choose the right plan for your organization.

  • The Element app costs $3 per monthly active user and $0.50 per remote monthly active user. It is available for Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows & Linux users. You can benefit from unlimited E2EE messaging, voice and video calls, voice messages, and private and public rooms. Users have spaces to organize conversations and app translation in 60 languages.
  • If you choose Element Enterprise for $4 per monthly active user, you will get all of the above-mentioned Element features and more. There is a 99.9% uptime SLA, data retention policies, and managed deployment protocol. You will be able to select your hosting region, have an audit and admin bots, and even a content scanner.

4. Fleep

best slack alternatives 2019, top slack alternatives 2019

With Fleep software, you can stay connected and coordinate your team’s work flawlessly. Create an account in a few simple steps and benefit from unlimited communication and advanced features. Your team can discuss and make plans on the conversation’s Pinboard. Taskboard allows you to create tasks, assign them to the right people, and coordinate execution. The file drawer contains all shared photos. There are also presence features, audio-video calling, screen-sharing, app integrations, and a full-featured API. You can choose the appropriate plan: basic, business, or enterprise. 

  • The basic plan is free and offers unlimited 1:1 conversations, full message history, one group conversation, one GB of file storage, and native apps.
  • The business plan costs €5 per month and has unlimited conversations, 100 GB of file storage, user account management, and organization settings.
  • The Enterprise plan is custom, and it’s a great choice for corporations and large businesses. You can benefit from a full message history, unlimited conversations, 100 GB of file storage, native apps, teams, and a volume discount.

5. Twake


Twake is an open-source tool that is simple and secure to use. It’s fully compliant with GDPR and has secure code encrypted. Your team productivity will improve significantly with Twake software. Manage key activities in your company from one place with a calendar, video conferences, application integrations, and real-time document collaboration. Starting using Twake is easy, you simply sign up with your email. You can download it for free or choose among standard, premium, and enterprise plans. 

  • The free plan provides access to 10000 most recent messages, 6 GB storage, calendar, tasks, and meetings. 
  • The standard plan for 4,19 € per month has unlimited chat, workspaces and integrations, 11 GB storage, guest user, and office.
  • Premium costs 10,39 € per month and provides all the above-listed features with 25 GB storage and SSO authentication.
  • The enterprise plan has custom prices and offers unlimited communication possibilities. You will have 1 TB storage per user, data and file encryption, and more. 

Final Thoughts 

Slack is a good chat tool for businesses, but there are many great alternatives to choose from. Pay attention to the team communication program that fits your company culture and needs. You can select a top tool from the list or find yours, considering the must-have features listed above. We hope that remote work in your company will be smooth and engaging with one of the solid Slack alternatives. 

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