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Before the internet became a constant part of our lives, students used to ask their seniors or friends how they found a particular teacher or university. This still happens. But now, with sites like Rate My Professor, students can get greater feedback than just their circle. 

These sites are a great initiative to help students make wiser decisions and carefully choose what’s best for them. No one likes to pay for a program where they aren’t learning anything. Moreover, it also drives the teachers to put in their best efforts. Thus, improving the quality of education as well. 

Most of you must have heard about Rate My Professor. In this blog, we’ll update you with everything you need to know about this website and some of its alternatives as well. 

What is Rate My Professor? 

Rate My Professor is one of the best online platforms for professor ratings. Almost 15 million users’ ratings have been added to this site. Moreover, it has a database for over 1.4 million professors and over 7000 schools as well. Various schools from UK, USA, and Canada are added to this site. The ratings are given on a scale from 1 to 5. 

This website was built for college students by college students. It helps students to interact and find out what’s best for them by learning through other people’s experiences. Thus, it is easy to use and caters to the needs of the students better. 

Rate My Professor is pretty simple to use. All you have to do is add the name of the school or the name of the professor you wish to rate and learn more about them. This will provide you with an overall rating of the professor as well as learn if the students will take a class again or not. Moreover, you can also write your reviews in the comment section. 

Thus, it is a great way to enhance the educational system and have quality teaching staff as well. Most of the time students are afraid to give reviews and such a platform allows them to do so anonymously. 

Even though Rate My Professor is the largest online platform for professor ratings, it isn’t the only teacher rating website. There are many other websites that aren’t only about ratings. You can also find educational material and details on the university. 

Thus, some of the great alternatives to it are listed below. 

Let’s have a look through some of them:

5 Best Alternatives to Rate My Professor 

Here is a list of the top 5 alternatives to Rate My Professor. 

1. Rate My Teachers

Rate my teacher

Rate My Teachers is an alternative to Rate My Professor and a very popular dating site. The main focus of this site is on elementary and secondary school teachers. It has a database from various countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. 

You can use it easily by simply entering the name of the teacher or the school. The reviews and ratings would be shown where you can assign star ratings out of 5. The ratings are checked in the following categories:

  • Effectiveness 
  • Integrity
  • Empathy 
  • Respect 
  • Determination 
  • Homework

The great part is that Rate My Teachers is completely free. So, start enhancing the quality of your child’s education by finding him the best teachers. 

2. Schools View


The next alternative to Rate My Professor is Schools View. This site includes teacher ratings from the USA, UK, New Zealand, and Canada. The ratings on this site are not limited to the teachers and schools only. It includes the level of parental involvement and principals’ ratings as well. 

Select the login category you’re interested in and review the ratings left by the students. Moreover, this site is broader than just rating. You can also read educational blogs, and download ebooks, lesson plans, worksheets, and other educational material. 

Thus, it is a great place to improve modern classrooms and boost the quality of education as well.

3. Rate Your Lecturer

Rate your lecturer

The third alternative to Rate My Professor is Rate your Lecturer. This website is mainly for schools and teachers based in the UK. However, it contains tons of data from various universities and schools in the Uk.  

By using this platform, you can provide ratings in various areas including lectures, cities, and universities. Student ratings are included in various categories. Including:

  • Tutorials 
  • Seminars 
  • Lectures
  • Feedback
  • Office hours
  • Intranet support
  • Approachability

The ratings are added on a scale of 1 to 10. Moreover, you can also review the best professors and lectures by simply entering the name of your university. The website also contains some interesting blogs related to student life. So, while you’re at it, don’t just add the ratings of your professors but also learn something interesting about student life hacks. 

4. Docsity


Doscity is another great alternative to Rate My Professor. This website isn’t only attractive in UI design and contains data from millions of universities worldwide. 

Moreover, like many rating sites, Docsity isn’t limited to professor and university ratings only. This website contains more than 5 million documents, including lectures, study notes , and past exams. These sources help students to learn better and expand their knowledge as well.

In addition to that, the website also arranges some educational webinars. It can be related to getting admission to some top universities, applying for scholarships, or finding the best program for yourself. 

Most of the students find this website useful to learn from other students’ notes or catch up on the missed lectures in the most flexible manner.



The last alternative to Rate My Professor is Over 1,000,000 students across 4000 colleges use to rate their professors and universities. 

This website isn’t only about ratings. It is more like a large marketplace for the students. Various services are included in it like jobs, housing, roommates, tutors, course notes, test prep, textbooks, solutions, study abroad, student loans, and much more. 

Just by entering the name of the college or university, you’ll get information in all these areas. Select the program you want and get all sorts of data on it. 

It is a great place to be aware of the university before going. Moreover, to improve you’re learning with personal tutors or prep notes. 

The ratings on this website are on a scale from 1 to 5. The main categories involved are clarity, easiness, and the level of help they provide to the students. You can also read or send your comments to provide a deeper understanding. 

To wrap it up!

It’s always nice to share your good and bad experiences and help others to learn from them. This website provides an excellent opportunity to do so. Moreover, knowing about your teacher beforehand also helps to make a good expression and reduce stress and pressure. 

Make sure, to be honest with your comments and reviews. Don’t just use them to have fun and leave false comments. Because not only is the future of the teacher dependent on it but also on many students. So, use them responsibly. 

Moreover, expand your knowledge through scholarly sources as well. 

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