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Being one of the best project management and task management applications out there, Trello is incredible when it comes to catering to the needs of its 50 million users and their task management activities.

The software has been counted as a part of the elite list for over 9 years now, and that fame and likeability are very much owed to the fact that the free version which the company provides is one of the best in the business.

Obviously, there are some incredible paid subscriptions that can enable you to use some amazing extra features. But as far as most users go, the free version is the strong suit of the application’s fame.

Let’s take a more detailed look into Trello’s pricing plans and find out how they can be the perfect match for your project management and task management needs in 2022.

Trello Pricing Structure

Trello pricing

There are three different pricing plans for this wonderful application, and we are going to highlight all three of them in this article. Let’s begin.

1. Free

The free plan is the first pricing plan on the list, where the application is completely free of cost and you don’t have to pay a single dime to the company to use this wonderful application and all of the features that it has to offer in this plan.

The features are good but there are some limitations too, such as the maximum number of users and the max file size. Another limitation is that you can only include 10 max team boards for a particular account and no more.

2. Business Class

The second pricing plan is the business class plan. This plan includes a lot more features and other goodies than the free plan. These features include unlimited max team boards and over 250 MB of max file storage.

3. Enterprise

The third pricing plan is Enterprise. This is very similar to the business class, but one of the most significant differences between the two is the 20 minimum users that can access the Trello boards.

This is very necessary as many companies have big teams and they want to access the team data at the same time quite regularly.

Here is a feature and cost table for the three pricing plans.

Free Business Enterprise


$0 $12.50 $17.59
Minimum Users 1 1 20
Maximum Team Boards 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum File Size (MB) 10 250 250

Some Benefits of the Paid Plans

Here are some of the benefits that the paid plan of software has to offer.


If you are just using the free version of the application and you are not thinking of purchasing a subscription, then you are definitely missing out on an amazing feature called Observer.

This observer function is amazing when it comes to letting a guest of the company take a sneak peek at the project development process that you are working on.

This helps the guest that you have allowed in your workspace, have a peek at the boards, and also vote and comment on any and every activity that is being performed in the project development process.

They can do all this, but there are certain limitations as well. These include editing the cards, ticking off the different checklists on the interface, altering the settings of the board, and also moving the elements of the interface from one place to another.

Views, Backgrounds, and Integrations

Another limitation that the free users have to suffer is that they have to stick to the Kanban view for all of their viewing activities, and they are not going to have access to the map and calendar views that the application provides, but on a paid subscription.

One of the most important features that you won’t get to enjoy in the free version is the extensive integration gallery that the application provides for you to stay together with most of the applications that you might use on a daily basis for your work activities.

These applications include Google Drive, CRMs like Crmble , and even Slack, among others.

Other features that you are not going to get on the free version are the custom backgrounds and stickers that allow the users to customize their Trello tables according to their needs and requirements.

How Can You Make Your Trello Experience More Affordable?

Well if you want to make your Trello experience the most affordable one ever, you can always remain on the free version and continue using the application without paying the company a single dime.

But if you want to be a paying customer and still have an affordable experience, then here’s what you have to do.

Business Class

As we have discussed earlier in the article that the Business class subscription of the application costs around $12.50/month for each and every user that you are trying to add to your project development team or your team in general.

However, you will be happy to know that you can get that price dropped to about $9.99/month if you switch over to the annual billing cycle where you pay after the year ends and not month after month.

This is a huge money-saver as a team of five different users can get the fifth subscription for their team members for free if they are willing to switch over to the annual payment cycle rather than paying every month. By this logic, a team of 10 or more people are going to save around $300/year.


When we talk about the Enterprise plan, you might’ve wondered how it is going to be possible for you to make the Enterprise edition more affordable for you, but, bear with us, it’s possible.

Well, it is true that the Enterprise version of the application is $5 more expensive than the Business class subscription, but as you scale your team up and include more users, the price goes down drastically.

Here is a table to show how low the price goes as your user count goes up.

User Count 20 (Min) 1,000 2,500 5,000 (Max)
User Pricing


17.50 13.13 9.75 7.38

So, as you can see, if you are working with a big enterprise and you want a project management and task management application that is going to take care of your project development process’s needs, then you should try Trello.

Why? Because the Enterprise version gives you a significant price cut when you are willing to bring in more users.

Let’s now take a look at what the competitors have to offer and how the Trello pricing model competes with them.

Trello Alternatives

Here is a list of the Trello alternatives that you can use right now, with their pricing models.

Tool Plans Pricing
Slack Free



Enterprise Grid




Custom Basic








Asana Basic








ProofHub Essential

Ultimate Control

$50/month (unlimited users)

$99/month (unlimited users)

Freedcamp Free








Basecamp Basecamp Personal

Basecamp Business

$0/month (up to 20 users)

$99/month (unlimited users)

Chanty Free




Trello’s Non-profit Discounts

You will also be pleased to know that the company provides an incredible discount to all of the non-profit industries that want to merge their business with Trello.

This discount is about 75% on the business plan of Trello, which means that if you are a charity or some other non-profit, you only have to pay a quarter of what the other companies are paying for their services.

You also get a substantial discount on the price, about 30%, if you are an educational institution and you want to manage your work with Trello.


As you can see that if you take a deeper look into Trello’s pricing, you see that you can save hundreds and thousands of your precious dollars on your Trello subscription.

There’s always a catch with these types of deals but if you know everything about them, and nothing is hidden, then there shouldn’t be any problem trusting the company.

And believe us, Trello Delivers.

If you think that this guide helped you in any way or if there was something that shouldn’t have been a part of this article, please write to us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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