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From songs to social connectivity to making phone calls, the iPhone and iPad have advanced and are continuing to work their way onto the factory floor.

There are iPhone apps that allow you to gain entry and supervise tag variables as well as PLC memory. The iDevices such as iPhone and iPad enable any plant engineer to monitor the status of their industrial operations and PLC programmers to gain immediate access to the networks. Users can check alarms, take a snapshot of pages displaying the present status of dynamic attributes, browse tag values, and use the latest trend function with these SCADA applications. This new trend feature tracks datalog patterns in a real-time graph and can be viewed in greater detail with gesture commands and a zoom function .

The following is a list of the top five SCADA and automation applications available for download from the iTunes store.

What Exactly Is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Application?

SCADA is a cutting-edge system that allows organizations to oversee industrial operations more effectively by delivering real-time visibility of the flow of information between software and hardware components. It is, undoubtedly, a cutting-edge tool that enables businesses to monitor and control different industrial operations in faraway areas.

When manufacturing companies are integrated with the best software from a top SCADA company , they gain the upper hand in remote hardware tracking, real-time site monitoring, integrated security surveillance, and data telemetry precision. Top SCADA applications can alleviate a variety of problems related to applicability, time management, and budget control. The application aids in the recording of log files as well as actionable access data in order to make sound decisions.

1. Advantech’s WebAccess

Visual production data has existed in industrial production for a very long time now. Advantech is now looking to offer a “lite” edition of its Internet Explorer and terminal version, WebAccess, in the form of an application.

Users can see the alarms, take a snapshot of the page displaying the real-time status of dynamic components, interpret tag values, and use all new trend functions with this SCADA app. This latest trend feature tracks datalog trends in a real-time graph and can be viewed in greater detail with gesture control as well as a zoom functionality.

This free application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and used on any handset running IOS 3.2 or higher. Advantech’s website offers an online preview, and an Android version is on the way.

2. ScadaMobile

SweetWilliam, S.L., located in Catalonia, develops ScadaMobile ONE and ScadaMobile Lite in addition to the standard, complete version. ScadaMobile is compatible with the iPhone , iPad, and iPod Touch. It is a straightforward HMI/SCADA app for monitoring parameters and memory on remote terminal units (RTUs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

This application is intended for plant engineers, maintenance personnel, PLC software developers, and anyone else who works with PLC-based structures. It can be utilized as a wireless local or remote HMI and is highly compatible with most major Japanese and US PLC brands.

It also works with Modbus/TCP, Omron PLCs, and Ethernet/IP protocols. ScadaMobile is heavily modifiable, and OEMs can sell it as an add-on to their existing systems. It facilitates multiple simultaneous links to remote RTUs and PLCs and contains automation features that make it simple to organize huge numbers of tags.

ScadaMobile connects to PLCs via direct TCP/IP links with both iOS devices and PLCs. To create a connection, the operator inputs the PLC’s IP address. Passwords, encryption, and tunneling options all play a part in the app’s security.

ScadaMobile Lite, an updated version of ScadaMobile, is now obtainable for a low cost. It has a maximum of four processing parameters and doesn’t endorse alarms.

ScadaMobile ONE, a free explorative version, makes it possible for users to discover the key features of the standard ScadaMobile app through numerous preloaded references. It is constrained to one PLC tag but allows for an unlimited number of internal tags. And it can be used to develop and test works by using local tags, which can then be promoted to real PLC tags in the full version.

To check compatibility with the standard version, the free interface also can be used to verify interactions with the target RTU or PLC.

3. FactoryStudio

Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio provides the tools you need to quickly develop potent and safe industrial applications.  Real-time data modeling, MQTT client/broker/SPB, data logging, audit trail, visual SQL query database gateway, alarms & events, high-performance smart displays, WPF drawing tools, HTML5 dashboards, iOS app, reporting, trends & annotations, and more are available.

Scripts can be written in C#, JavaScript, VB.NET, and Python. You can be up and running and building performance-enhancing apps in no time with ZERO client-side installation and a quick two-minute server-side installation!

There are dozens of built-in native protocol drivers for DCSs and PLCs, as well as assistance for other industry norms such as MQTT and OPC. Do you require a driver that they do not yet have? They also have a protocol driver innovation toolkit.

4. mySCADA

SPEL’s mySCADA is a comprehensive SCADA app with a sophisticated HMI. It is intended for plant operators and managers, as well as software engineers, supervisors, and maintenance personnel. It has stated that it is only compatible with iPads.

The app directly communicates with the PACs and/or PLCs and visually showcases the data collected. It is capable of controlling, monitoring, and displaying technological processes, industrial systems, infrastructure, and facilities. mySCADA provides basic trending to oversee online tags in an organized XY time-chart, virtual alarms to track critical states, as well as text filtering and priority features in the alarm window.

mySCADA is designed to connect with Rockwell Automation systems via the IP protocol/EtherNet, as well as the Modbus TCP RTU protocol, allowing it to govern devices manufactured by Schneider, Advantech, Siemens, Advantech, and Beckhoff. With a free mySCADA Project Editor, the visitor can create innovative applications.


GENESIS64 is a sophisticated SCADA/HMI solution suite. The GENESIS64 suite from ICONICS provides unrivaled results with Modbus, OPC-UA, BACnet, and open system database connectivity. GENESIS64 connects the plant floor and building facilities to the company’s business system applications. GENESIS64 enables executives, operators, and information technology professionals to incorporate real manufacturing, business, and energy data into a unified and secured web-enabled graphical dashboard.

It is best for SCADA/HMI automation tool for resource visualization using 3D or 2D graphics, asset tagging, and alarm management for executives, operators, and IT professionals.

6. ProSoft i-View

ProSoft i-View is a product of ProSoft technology.  This is a mobile SCADA and HMI app that enables remote tracking and governing of process values over a Modbus TCP/IP and/or EtherNet/IP network via cellular network connections and/or wireless 802.11 (WiFi).

The iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch versions of the app were launched in September 2010. It, like all other SCADA applications, includes an HMI for accessing and managing PLC variables as well as memory. PAC/PLC software developers, plant engineers, and maintenance staff can use the iOS platform to constantly monitor and manage their processes in real-time from anywhere, including process data, flow measurements, valve control, and status data.

ProSoft i-View supports multiple simultaneous links to remote RTUs or PAC/PLCs, and its documents can be made accessible using a variety of web browsers. The highly optimized engine for PLC/PAC communication systems, as per the developer, permits tens of thousands of variables with minimal network traffic. Password-protected security controls inhibit accidental variable alteration and safeguard sensitive data.

ProSoft i-View wirelessly makes a connection to the PLC without the need for personal computers or servers. The phone’s WiFi system can be used in combination with ProSoft Technology 802.11 Industrial Hotspot options.


Drafts is a simple text editor with the ability to send messages to other apps. Consider it the launching point for any text on your iPhone or iPad. It works like a basic text-based note-taking app until you swipe left, revealing a set of actions you can undertake on the text. You can do things like post your text as a text message, Facebook status , Tweet, or email. You can also develop actions that are complex enough to include JavaScript. One of my more basic Drafts activities imports a list of stuff I typed in a hurry into my Shopping list, which I maintain in the Apple Reminders application.


If you are part of a team that provides critical services including transit regulations, power, and electricity generation, water supply, and so on, it is critical that you install the best SCADA application to increase productivity and reduce breakdowns.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best SCADA system vendors, sorted by important criteria such as features, available support, deployment options, and more. In addition, the list includes user reviews that can assist you in selecting the best SCADA application for your company.

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