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Virtual Data Room software is used by businesses to help them reliably exchange important financial and legal papers, as well as private client information. This type of software is used by any company that wants to do proper due diligence. Head up here for more information on five amazing scenarios of online data room software utilization.

What Kinds of Organizations Use VDRs?

Financial sector: Businesses that operate with confidential information are in critical need of protected means of document delivery and control of data access rights for departments and external counterparties.

Design organizations:  Such firms often find themselves in a situation where a group of persons needs to be given access to data for a specific time period and assured of the capability to revoke access to documents after the project has ended.

Providers of communication services: telecom operators require tools that can protect the clients’ data and mark documents according to the regulators’ requirements.

Retailers: Retail businesses strive to protect data that resides on the merchandisers’ and sales representatives’ devices that have commercial value.

These are just some areas where VDRs can be applied in real life. All organizations that require everyday protection and command over the distribution of information shared with external counterparties must unquestionably use data room services.

Top 5 Virtual Data Rooms

To make a smart choice of a software provider that best fits your particular business, you must compare virtual data rooms and their pros and cons. For this purpose, we have assembled a short but informative list of the best data rooms available on the market in 2022.

1. iDeals

iDeals is a one-stop solution that works well for different-sized businesses. iDeals began providing its services in 2008 and has become one of the most prominent brands in the VDR industry.

The company provides end-to-end business solutions for various fields, including real estate, mergers and acquisitions, law firms, investment, and many other businesses worldwide.

While iDeals is a one-stop data room with numerous practical features, its Q&A section, which improves communication and collaboration , gives iDeals the edge, especially in M&A and real estate transactions.

In addition, iDeals has responsive customer support.

Key benefits of iDeals:

  • Multilingual (a choice of 14 different languages)
  • Over 25 file formats are supported
  • Can be installed on Linux, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android
  • A 30-day free trial is provided

2. Intralinks

This is another leader among the data room vendors which is well known in the industry. This specific software is especially suitable for large-scale businesses. The company is considered one of the best providers of M&A solutions.

Intralinks virtual data room software has an easy-to-follow interface. Some noteworthy features are automatic indexing, bulk drag, and drop, electronic watermarking, etc.

Key benefits of Intralinks:

  • Multilingual support, including English, German, French, etc.
  • Versions for iOS, Windows, and Mac are available
  • A 30-day free trial is offered

3. Merrill

Merril is very similar to Intralinks when it comes to meeting the needs of medium to large companies. Merrill solutions are the best choice for investment bankers, corporate developers, and private investors.

Merrill Virtual Data Rooms provide all the VDR features you need, including the bulk upload, Q&A, branded website, drag and drop, etc. With Merrill, you can upload compressed files up to 50 GB in size.

Key benefits of Merrill:

  • Compatible with Mac and Windows support
  • Multilingual
  • Offers a free trial (upon request)

4. SecureDocs

This provider is highly recommended on various review websites such as Capterra, G2, etc. What makes SecureDocs unique is its intuitiveness, transparent pricing, quick setup, and ease of use.

SecureDocs offers basic VDR features such as audit logs, drag and drop, watermarks, user permissions, and more. On the other hand,  it lacks collaboration capabilities. Moreover, if the due diligence procedure is one of the main reasons why you are seeking a reliable virtual data room, SecureDocs is not recommended.

However, SecureDocs provides unlimited repository room and the electronic signature service, which are both useful for all types of organizations.

Key benefits of SecureDocs:

  • A free trial is available
  • Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems are supported

5. Ansarada

Has three pricing plans and is a solid choice for people in business and freelancers. Ansarada is a VDR powered by artificial intelligence with modern security features such as watermarking, digital multiple-factor authentication, configurable security access limitations, and more.

Moreover, Ansarada has convenient features that make it easy for corporate teams to collaborate. Therefore Ansarada is a reliable option in M&A deals. In addition, this software easily integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive. Other features include security timeouts, single sign-on, tracking, and MS and PDF file blocking.

Key benefits of Ansarada:

  • Only English is supported
  • Is compatible with Mac and Windows
  • You can start a free trial

The future of VDR

As long as there are security issues, electronic data room software will continue to be enhanced to address them. Security is the primary concern that this technology aims to tackle. There are many ways to quickly transfer large amounts of data between users, but one wrong click can send a file to hundreds of unauthorized individuals.

The future of virtual data room software will be shaped by competition over which service offers the most advanced data security and additional tools. Online encrypted chat features will become more common, so important meetings won’t have to be held on public platforms like Zoom , which often suffer from connectivity issues and lack security.

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