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Skype is among the most popular VoIP technologies and many businesses around the world use it as a medium of communication between staff. From local startups to multi-national firms, Skype has found itself among throngs of workplace messaging and video calling apps. We all know the importance of monitoring our lives – within the ambits of law – whether for security or business/consumer purposes. Among these, rigorous workplace monitoring is considered indispensable to improve the consumer experience which can help you read someone’s text messages without their phone .

On asking, many employers are intrigued by the question of whether or not they should start Skype Surveillance of their office staff. Honestly, the days of imagining the implausibility of Skype monitoring in a workplace are long gone. The questions now shift to how often should you do it to keep an eye on your employees – make your business more productive in this era of cut-throat competition. 

Should Employers Start Skype Surveillance

Skype at the workplace is used for multiple purposes; from a small firm using Skype as an official platform to communicate between colleagues and staff to a large enterprise using it to host and collaborate meetings. We are already past the era when managers had second thoughts about surveilling their employees. Today, in a world of cyber-crimes, it has rather become a necessity to monitor and track the communication between your staff – but make sure you have the written consent of the employees you’re monitoring to avoid legal complications. 

Skype for Business comes in two versions: one is Skype for Business Online, which is best suited for small firms, and the other, Skype for Business Server, which is meant for large corporations. So, if you have recently launched a startup or are already an executive in a multinational company, monitoring Skype conversations should be your forefront concern – no matter which type of Skype your company is using.

Why Managers Should Improve Skype Monitoring?

The importance of Skype surveillance at the workplace cannot be overemphasized. As an employer, you are always conscious of the productivity and sustainability of your firm, and communication between employees is critical to achieving them. That’s why almost 90% of managers across the US, as per a recent survey, believe that they have every right to monitor their employee’s communication. 

Let’s go through some of the main reasons why employers monitor their workers’ communication. 

Sharing Critical Data to Third Party

The threat of data leakage is probably the biggest pitfall of internet-dominated workplaces. Cases of crooked employees leaking the company’s secrets to a third-party, mostly a competitor, in exchange for financial gains are through the roof. Internal threat detection is a feature of any monitoring software.  

Even though the foremost culprits are Emails and encrypted texting apps, Skype is not innocent either. Since it provides both texting and video-calling services , many employees have started using it to deliver confidential data to another party – right under the nose of the employer. The only way you can prevent this from happening is by monitoring their Skype communication remotely. 

Indulging in Personal Conversations

The internet has provided more than enough reasons to distract the workers. Many employees may find Skype a way out of a ‘daily boring routine’ by chit-chatting with their colleagues. No one can discern by the naked eye if they are doing office work or indulging in private conversing. A direct inquiry is unlikely to elicit an honest response. That’s why you have to keep tabs on employees’ Skype activity, especially during office hours, and ensure no one is using Skype at the expense of the firm’s efficiency and productivity. 

Similarly, some other reasons justifying Skype surveillance include:

  • Enhance team productivity
  • Block access to inappropriate content
  • Evaluate individual work performance
  • Ensure deft customer service 
  • Enforce compliance and disciplinary guidelines

Why You Should Use mSpy for Skype Surveillance?

A range of business reasons warrants the use of mSpy for monitoring workers’ activities. This one-of-a-kind app helps users to supervise all the sent and received Skype messages of workers. It also keeps a complete record of the calls received and sent along with time stamps. 

What makes mSpy the best monitoring app is its ability to present the information in easy-to-evaluate forms. It gathers the required details and generates simple charts and graphs for employers to understand the individual time spent and the activity of each worker. You can review the information to address work performance weaknesses, restrict any undesired contact, block access to unsuitable content, detect cyberslackers, and keep individual checks and performance evaluations.   

Final Remarks

To sum up, an employer has legitimate business reasons to monitor the Skype communication of workers . If you want to have the advanced and thorough monitoring of your employees, mSpy is the right app for you. Considered the leader of monitoring apps, mSpy allows you to have complete analytics of workers’ activities on Skype – helping you make informed decisions about the firm’s future.

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