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Gone are the days of letters and mail posts. Social networks have drastically shrunk the whole globe into a tiny piece of dot where it’s easier than ever to connect and find people on the Internet. Now, in just a few seconds, you can learn all you ever need about a person. 

Surprisingly, this isn’t limited to social media platforms . Various websites are available online to help you find your lost friends or new business partners. 

How To Find People on Internet In 2022?

The Internet is a significant source for reconnecting or looking for old friends. Almost 5 billion people around the world are active internet users. This constitutes up to 63% of the world’s total population. This is a considerable number. Thus, the Internet has overflowing data about individuals. 

Various platforms can be used to find information about different individuals. However, they all have their ways and specifications. The data is drawn from other websites. Therefore, the results may vary accordingly as well. 

So, when you plan on starting your research, make sure to know a little about that person. It can be their birth date, school name, job reference, etc. Once you get this information, you’ll know all about that person in just a few seconds. 

It’s just amazing and overwhelming as well! Connect with people from the ease of your home and expand your circle. 

10 Best Sites To Find People On The Internet

Well, different websites can be used to find people on the Internet. In this blog, we’re going to discuss 10 of those fantastic sites. 

1. Pipl


Pipl is a great place to narrow down all the details about a single person. The search on Pipl is conducted on “non-typical sites” to gain deep results. It is best suited for business owners to increase their connections and remove all the barriers to communication

Thus, the site can help know about the street address, phone numbers, and even the details about the family members. It is great to help people find trustworthy clients and run smoother businesses. 

Moreover, it is free to use. All you need to do is sign up for the subscription, and you’re good to go. 

2. TruthFinder  

TruthFinder is another detail-oriented platform to help find people on the Internet. It provides a whole database of the person being searched. It goes beyond their social profiles and contact details. TruthFinder tells you all about a person’s traffic offenses, felonies, misdemeanors, court records, bankruptcies, mugshots, sexual offenses, arrest records, and weapon permits. 

All you have to do is enter that person’s name and residence, and you’re all set to find everything about that person. However, the general details about the person (name, age, location, family, or relatives) are free. You must subscribe to a paid membership plan for the rest of it. 

3. BeenVerified  

BeenVerified is one of the best tools to find people on the Internet. It is a great place to find detailed information on people’s backgrounds, names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, or social media user names. 

There are different ways to search for information. You can search it with name, phone number, email address, or vehicle search. Moreover, more than 1,000,000 people have used BeenVerified to find relevant information. 

So, try to find whoever you want and reconnect with your loved ones. 

4. Google Groups  

Google Groups is the following tool to help you find people on the Internet. It is a powerful place to find people who used the Internet long ago. Moreover, it has over 800 million Usenet messages. This is a grand database to find people dating back as early as 1981. 

It has been a powerful tool to find information about people and get a hint on their thoughts, motivations, and ideas.

5. Find People Search  

Find People Search helps find people on the Internet by running a basic background check. Even though it’s just basic information, having something about a particular person can still be helpful. 

However, the catch with this website is that it doesn’t provide information outside of North America. Thus, the search might be extensive but only limited to a certain area. 

6. PeekYou

PeekYou takes a deep dig into the social media platforms like Pinterest , LinkedIn, or Instagram to get the results and information you need. You must read through the information carefully to verify it. 

You must enter the person’s first and last name and the state they live in. You’ll also get information about their Age, relatives, and location. You can run a full background check or get reports from there. Thus, know all about the person, from their phonebook to driving infractions. 

7. Facebook


Well, who doesn’t use Facebook nowadays? It is not only great for socializing and connecting with old friends but also for finding the lost ones. Previously, the search used to be limited to the person’s name. However, now you can use multiple filters to find a person’s account. 

Many other social media platforms can also help search for people. For example, Instagram or Twitter. Still, the search is easier with Facebook than with these two. 

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8. Zaba Search  

Zaba Search is another great website to find people on the Internet. The information provided on this platform isn’t limited to online activities and records. It takes a deep dig to help you learn about a person’s background details, address, criminal record check, driving record, birthday and birth location, and child predator check. 

Thus, all you have to do is write the name and location of the person you’re searching for, and you’ll get all you need. This helps establish trustworthy relations and avoid any mishaps as well. 

To view the full profile, buy its paid plan for $50, and you’re set to go. 

9. FamilyTreeNow  

At some stage, we all like to be aware of our roots and know our family tree. There are various genealogy sites for this purpose. However, the information is more often limited to the living members of the family. Most of these sites have privacy policies and laws. 

FamilyTreeNow helps you find people on the Internet by entering your first and last name and the state you belong to. The family tree builder helps you to research and track your genealogy. The best part is that this site is free, so you don’t have to worry about hidden charges. 

However, still, make sure to fact-check the data it provides for accuracy.

10. LinkedIn


The last website to find people on the Internet is LinkedIn. Individuals and businesses rely on LinkedIn to search for the best people for a job. You’ll find amazing information on people’s past activities and careers by filtering out your search. 

However, to make full use of it, you must buy subscriptions. Still, the unpaid plan provides enough information to start well. 

To wrap it up!

As much as it’s overwhelming to run a background check on a person, use these websites carefully. Don’t use them to exploit, harass, or cyber-bull someone. Such actions would be answerable in front of the law. 

So, use them to reconnect with friends or find potential business partners. 

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