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Parents always worry about their kids’ digital lives and overall well-being, especially when kids begin using their own devices. If your kids have started enjoying their newfound freedom in the form of iPhones, perhaps it is time for you to venture into the world of parental controls for iPhones too.

If you still haven’t heard of parental control apps, you might be wondering what they are or why you need them. Let me explain.

Purpose of Parental Control Apps

Parental control apps help us monitor what kids do online without becoming helicopter parents. With features like Internet filters, screen time limit, location tracking, app blocker, etc., parents can block inappropriate content, reduce screen addiction, know their kids’ whereabouts, and restrict access to indecent apps. Though many parental control apps offer basic monitoring features for iPhones, FamilyTime parental control app for iPhone is the best because it provides every security feature a parent may need.

5 Reasons FamilyTime Offers the Best Parental Controls for iPhone

Kids love to interact with digital devices because they are never tedious. On the other hand, parents struggle to adapt to the latest technology and often get intimidated.

family time app

FamilyTime is perfect for parents who cannot handle complicated systems. It offers a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use parental controls for iPhones. Though it has a plethora of cool features, let’s look at 5 reasons that make it the best choice for kids who own iPhones.

1. Smart Screen Time Controls

Let’s face it. Technology is engaging and fun. Therefore, it is addictive. That is why kids spend hours glued to their screens. It is indeed challenging for parents to reduce kids’ screen time. However, FamilyTime’s smart screen time controls make it super easy. Parents can limit kids’ screen time, create a daily schedule, and develop a healthy bedtime routine simply by tapping a button on their parental control hub. Let’s take a closer look at these features.

Screen Time Limit

Screen Time Limit can help you restrict access to their devices to ensure they can complete their chores with concentration.

Homework Time

Use this one to help your kids focus on homework during study hours without distractions.

Bed Time

Want your kids to have a good night’s rest? Use Bed Time to restrict access to apps to ensure they won’t use their iPhones and sleep well.

2. Accurate Location Tracking

All parents feel anxious while sending their kids out in the world. Parents cannot always be with their kids all the time, but they can still protect them with FamilyTime’s accurate location tracking features.


Create a virtual geofence around your kids and receive instant alerts when they enter or leave those places. For instance, you can geofence schools, friends’ houses, malls, etc., and get notifications when your kids visit those places.

Family Map

It is the best way of locating all your kids’ whereabouts at any given time. It shows their current location on a map, and you can see where they are at a glance.

Location Tracking

Are you looking for a detailed location history of your kids’ visits? Track their iPhones and get location tracking data with time and date stamps for a bird’s-eye view.  

3. The Ultimate Parental Control Hub for iPhone

From content filter to app blocker to contact watchlist and more. FamilyTime offers an impressive blend of parental controls for iPhones.

Content Filter

This filter blocks access to unsafe and age-inappropriate content on iPhone devices. Parents can block adult content remotely, such as movies, TV shows, explicit videos, etc.

App Blocker

Are your kids always busy with social media apps or games? If these apps are hindering their daily routine and their learning ability, you can block these apps altogether to help them focus.

Contact Monitoring

Are you worried that your kids may be friends with indecent people? Parents can monitor their calls and texts histories to see who they are talking to and step in if needed.


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4. SOS/Panic Button

All parents wish no harm would ever come to their kids. It is more than possible with FamilyTime’s SOS/Panic button. Arm your kids with a failsafe and get instant alerts if they need your help in emergencies.

5. Ensure Teens’ Safety on the Road

FamilyTime doesn’t just cater to young kids’ safety. Its parental controls for iPhones also encompass teens’ safety on the road. If you are worried your teens may drive too fast on the road, you can assign them specific speed limits. The app lets you monitor their driving speeds and sends instant alerts if they exceed those speeds.

So, are you convinced that FamilyTime offers some of the best parental controls for iPhones? Explore more of its features and protect your kids and teens with affordable rates and an impeccable security system.

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