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Productivity is the cornerstone of success for a business, regardless of its size and scale. Having a productive team enables you to achieve more with less, so you can actually overcome the cash and time constraints in the long run. But winning on this front takes more than hiring top talent, providing valuable tools , and training them to stay on top of the game. Of course, these factors make them more productive, but you can embrace some more measures to help them go the extra mile. Here are some lesser-known team productivity hacks that business owners can rely on.

Prioritize activities

Every employee has a checklist of tasks and responsibilities they need to cover during the day. But they can accomplish them much better by prioritizing activities against the most vital goals. Encourage people to pick the priority tasks first every morning before distractions arise. It also minimizes stress, and people end up closing tasks on time and without errors when they work without anxiety.

Ensure zero-distractions

This one is a no-brainer, but most business owners miss out on this productivity tip for their teams. Employees are less likely to wrap up tasks and deliver their best if they are constantly distracted by conversations, meetings , and checking their phones. Ensure a zero-distraction work environment that lets them focus only on work. It is even more crucial if you operate on a hybrid model. Also, schedule regular breaks so that people do not indulge in distracting activities during work hours.

Ramp up the work environment

A positive work environment boosts employee health and productivity, so it should be a priority for business owners. Provide a clean and healthy workspace for your team with features like plenty of natural lighting, eye-pleasing aesthetics, and ergonomic furniture. Installing commercial air fresheners  is a good way to refresh indoor air quality. Create rest spaces and integrate green elements into your office to enhance the workplace environment further.

Review the week every Friday

Managers often spend too much time reviewing the daily activities and accomplishments of the team members and fail to look at the bigger picture. Successful businesses are different because they enforce weekly reviews to get a bigger picture of performance and productivity. It enables you to pick trends, patterns, and gaps that really matter and address them effectively to make the employees more productive in the long run.

Outsource where possible

Business owners can go a notch higher with team productivity by outsourcing where possible. Pick the non-critical and repetitive tasks for each department, such as resume parsing for the HR team , bookkeeping entries for the accounts team, and support requests for the IT department. Collaborate with outsourcing partners to address these tasks, and let your in-house employees manage the mission-critical ones. People become more productive when they no longer feel bogged down by cumbersome actions.

Implementing these lesser-known productivity hacks can take your business a step ahead on all fronts. You will have a team that works smart (not hard) to accomplish its goals and boost the business’s bottom line.

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