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Prints were and will always be a trend in fashion but, with the rising technology around us and changing consumer tastes, regular prints won’t do.

The freedom of customization and personalization in a product they buy is what they expect today and to make that possible you need a smart online editor tool like DesignO.

Now you might be having questions about what it is and why you need it. So, we bring to you a complete guide about DesignO answering all your questions.

Let’s Begin With What is DesignO?

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DesignO is a specially created online graphic design tool that helps businesses like eCommerce, and especially print where without it sales are impossible in the present times, to achieve much more than they can imagine.

DesignO is not just merely an online design tool, it comes with various other in-built features that prove to be highly beneficial for both the store owner as well as the customers.

With the customization of products becoming the new normal, having a design tool integrated into the web store is becoming a need of the hour. In fact, some businesses like web to print, fashion, furniture, packaging, gifts, accessories, etc. do not stand a chance to survive the current market without it.

In short, DesignO an API-driven online graphic design tool is an extremely important weapon for online businesses using which a store owner can lure both customers and sales.

Who Can Benefit From DesignO?

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Of course, the next question to come to mind is whether your business needs it or not. You might be thinking that if it’s all about editing designs, what benefit will it give to my business if it’s a grocery-selling online shop or an electronic eCommerce?

Well, indeed not all businesses need this incredible tool but, the current consumer behavior is totally unpredictable. They love personalization and customization so much that they are looking for it in any business. And moreover, remember we said DesignO is not just an editing tool, it comes with a lot of features that any online store owner can benefit from. 

Although, there are a few businesses that integrating DesignO into their store can boost their sales and market presence like never before and they are as follows:

  • Apparel
  • Print packaging manufacturers
  • Accessory decorators
  • Book publishers
  • Promotional product suppliers
  • Commercial printers
  • Merchandise vendors and trade printers
  • Marketing agencies and brand ambassadors
  • Graphic designer
  • Photo printers
  • Educational institutions
  • Real estate
  • Franchisors and franchisees

So you can see half of the business sectors today do need this amazing tool other than just the print industry. Also, if you are wondering what things can you design with DesignO then, here is a list for that too:

  • Single-page print products
  • Multi-page print products
  • Wide format and custom size products (banners and signs )
  • Labels and stickers (regular and die-cut)
  • Packaging
  • Boxes
  • Photo products with photo books
  • All types of apparel and merchandise
  • Social media graphics
  • Digital graphics
  • Variable data printing products, and more.

Now, let’s peek into the most important factor – its features about which we were giving a few hints since the beginning.

Various Features of DesignO

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You might be tired of hearing us say that DesignO is not just a design tool because not only does it offer mind-blowing design features, it offers access to a robust backend system for processing jobs, managing orders, and setting the print workflow.

Its built-in print order and workflow management give you complete order management tools – from pre-press to ready-for-delivery. You can even use the ordering and reordering features to generate high average order values (AOV).

With its real-time production and at-a-glance job schedule status features, and automated emails and notifications for approvals and updates to/from customers keep everyone in the loop at all times, you need not have to worry a bit about your print workflow and job management anymore.

Other than that, it is extremely user-friendly and fully mobile responsive. This means it will allow you to create and edit a design anywhere anytime making use of the pre-loaded library of clipart and fonts or integrating your own stock image library. It gives a user experience similar to Canva’s for desktop users and an app-like interface for mobile users through which anyone who is an experienced or novice designer can create custom artwork and templates in minutes – with full control of editable elements.

DesignO is also very easy to integrate means you don’t need any additional setup to get it up and running nor do you need to migrate your store. DesignO can be easily integrated with your existing eCommerce platform.

Its easy API-driven integration features allow it to fuse into any eCommerce, ERP, MIS, CRM, or other systems. Some of the popular platforms are in fact pre-integrated with DesignO, including Magento , WooCommerce , Shopify , BigCommerce , Shopware, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Odoo, and more.

Also, if you have more than one store to manage, guess what? DesignO has a feature for that too! With its multi-store support, you can have centralized management of stores. Not just that, it also offers a multilingual experience and multiple payment options, and currency support which can attract customers and increase sales from any corner of the world. So in a nutshell, you just have to install the respective DesignO plug-in and get started with your online print shop!

Now, let’s see what design features it offers which can be a game-changer for your business.

  • CMYK and Color Support – DesignO allows its users to create high-quality and vibrant prints with its CMYK and spot coloring features.
  • Multi-functionality Design Studio – A fully-equipped studio with unlimited design features, advanced image detection for picture quality, variable data printing support, 3D preview, background editor, and access to an in-built library for photos and clipart and preloaded fonts. Moreover, the customer can also add QR codes, clipart, shapes, and background and even upload photos and edit text fields.
  • Editable Templates & Template Builder – With an extensive library of editable templates, DesignO allows its users to take advantage of its personalization and production profiles to set templates and combine elements for later reuse and re-edit. While its in-built template builder allows users to import designs, create print-ready templates, upload images from social media channels and create templates. It even has a system that sends an automatic alert to notify the creator if the image quality goes down while editing.
  • One Page Personalization – There is no need to open various tabs or use another editor to personalize designs because DesignO offers everything from access to add visual margins, change fonts, add coloring, overlays, redo, group, ungroup, etc., on the same page.
  • Real-time Pricing – DesignO comes with no hidden charges. Customers can get an estimate based on materials, print quantity, and design options quickly with its real-time pricing feature and will be charged for only what they require.
  • Download Print-ready Files in Various Formats –  DesignO allows its users to place orders and download print-ready digital files in PNG, JPG/JPEG, SVG, PDF, or any other format without any restrictions.
  • Mobile-responsive – You need not sit on a desktop/laptop to edit designs. DesignO is mobile-friendly which means you can create custom designs and edit templates on the go. It neither will take up space on your mobile nor will hang your device 

What Makes DesignO The Best Solution For Online Printing Challenges?

In order to stay put in the digital era, the print business has to face a lot of challenges. But thanks to the latest technology like the graphic design software – DesignO, printing has become a lot easier, smart, and more fun than those traditional ones.

Using heavier tools and expensive techniques is one of the biggest challenges for printing business but with DesignO, all those laborious and costly tasks get eliminated and one simply has to integrate the online design tool into their store to create, edit, download, and print a design even while on the go.

It is clear from the above features that DesignO is not just an innovative software in the print business but is also a must-have tool for any online business due to its centralized management feature, workflow automation, and many more benefits.

DesignO Review

Finding a design tool that fits perfectly for all your needs and that your customers will love, is no less than finding a ring in the sea, but DesignO appears to be eligible to face any challenge because of its praiseworthy features that can serve any business.

Be it a startup or an established brand, DesignO is a must for anyone planning to offer personalized and customized products. DesignO’s online graphic design studio makes it easier for both customers to create artwork from scratch or edit a preloaded one as and how they want without paying any heavy charges for it and for store owners to smoothly manage all from stores, orders, print, delivery, etc., without any hassle.

So, if you haven’t yet got it integrated, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with DesignNBuy now to get started!

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