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An education website provides the best platform for sharing scholarly work and other professional accomplishments. Academic course developers create websites where they can post self-learning courses, education assets, and syllabus information. The website can be a digital library, educational videos, or a language learning site.

You may also create a website that brings together a community of students. They can discuss student issues, ask questions, and get answers. Choosing the right theme for an academic website is crucial. It has the potential to attract more traffic and subscriptions. Here are different ways to choose a WordPress theme for an educational website.

List the features that you would like for your website

Academic web design trends keep changing from time to time. It is important to know the current trends and how each can apply to an education website. You must determine the important features beforehand. WordPress has many customizable themes, but you should have a design idea in mind. The features may include the layout, subject, total columns, etc.

Let it be friendly and simple

WordPress themes come in varying colors and shapes. They contain different types of images with varying meanings. Choose a design that your users will love. If it is for a school, let it match the school’s brand. Avoid choosing a theme that looks complicated. Instead, let it be simple and friendly. It should be a theme that users can identify with.

When developing a WordPress website, you should consider the student as the main user. The website content must be relevant to the users and add value to them. It may contain information about how to write essays, research papers, and other assignments. Writing academic papers is a tough task for many college students. To make writing easier, you can search for outside help or use the essay writing service by Writix , where you will find online assistance from professional writers. They use the website to order essays or any other paper. It helps them save time, get quality work, and get better grades.

friendly and simple site

Choose a responsive theme

Nowadays, people access the internet using different devices. They can use phones, laptops, desktops, or tablets. A responsive theme means it is optimized for any type of gadget. If it is not, you will be missing a large chunk of an online audience. Test the theme to ensure it is responsive.

Choose a theme that is compatible with multiple plugins

Plugins are considered crucial in a WordPress website. They help your website to be functional, where you can add more features. Some of the plugins include contact forms, list builders, security, caching, and SEO plugins . Do not choose a theme that is not plugin compatible.

Choose a customizable theme

A theme might have all the features that you are looking for at the initial stages. As the website grows in traffic and content, needs can change. You may want to make several changes and customize your website. They may include colors, fonts, layout, and many more. If it is impossible to customize your chosen theme, change it in advance. You will avoid disappointments when your website is already running.

Consistent updating by the developer and good quality codes

The foundation of a WordPress website is the theme you choose. Most users will abandon it if it is too slow to load. Before you decide on using a theme, test it to see how fast it loads. Choose a lightweight theme to take advantage of loading speeds. The slow loading speed can also be due to poor quality codes.

The developer might have used codes that often cause errors during loading. The problem can also be because the developer takes too long to update it. Using an outdated theme version will make your website unresponsive, or it could respond too slowly.

good quality code

Choose a smart and clean design

A neat design means the theme is not too clogged with too many features. This makes it harder for users to navigate your website. A smart theme means it looks presentable or attractive to users. The design must look professional to everyone who visits your website. No user should feel distracted by your WordPress theme design when navigating your site.

Easy to add all relevant information

An educational website might contain a lot of useful information. A school website may contain homework, paper assignments, fee updates, school events, and policies. A commercial or educational website may contain courses, registration forms, blogs, and many more. This information is often updated to make sure the website is up to date. You should not struggle to add new information to the website.


The content contained in an educational website depends on its purpose. Choosing the right theme is crucial in the website development phase. A theme should be neat, friendly, and customizable. It should be easy to load or add new content whenever needed. Its codes should be high quality, and they should often be updated. It should be compatible with a large variety of plugins. The right theme should be responsive to different devices.

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