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Papaya Global is a cloud-based, global payroll platform designed to streamline the process of managing workers across a variety of locations simultaneously, including payroll employees, EOR workers and contractors, as well as remote and gig workers and on-demand hires.

The platform supports HR teams in meeting compliance with regard to tax and other deductions, regardless of the jurisdiction, and also aims to make the onboarding process more efficient and cost-effective. Papaya Global also makes it simpler to ensure that workers are paid correctly and on time, wherever they are located.

All HRIS data is available in an easily accessible dashboard, while workers also have access to a self-service portal.

In this review, we look at the functionality of the platform, the other platforms with which it can be integrated, as well as the sort of enterprises that are most likely to benefit from the Papaya Global platform.

Features and functionality

Rating 8.7 out of 10

There are a number of key features of the Papaya Global platform that we were able to identify as delivering benefits for global payroll and remote team management

One of the key functions of the platform is to make hiring and onboarding new workers quicker and easier, regardless of where they are located and whether they are being taken on as employees or EOR workers or engaged as independent contractors.

The Papaya cloud-based platform also means enterprises can hire in foreign countries without the associated time and costs setting up an entity usually requires, while also ensuring compliance with all local labour laws. HRIS services can be easily managed from a unified dashboard, while employees also have access to a secure portal to see payslips, time attendance reports, etc.

In addition, Papaya Global also effectively supports payroll management, irrespective of where workers are located, and it is straightforward to integrate with other payroll systems your company may already have in place. You can choose whether to pay employees via your existing providers, or through Papaya’s cloud-based platform.

When it comes to payments, there is considerable inbuilt flexibility and so it is straightforward to pay different types of recipients in a range of currencies. You can also configure the system to provide a variety of reports as required (e.g., people, payroll, payments, etc.),

BI Analytics Suite

One of the most powerful tools users of the Papaya Global platform can access is the BI Analytics Suite. It provides a variety of different dashboards — Payroll, People, Payments, Billing and Admin — each of which enables a range of essential tasks to be completed within these categories.

Each dashboard also provides a wide range of functions which means information can be easily filtered, is accessible in a variety of table styles, and enables different types of reports to be generated, as required (all of which can be downloaded in PDF or Excel formats).

The flexibility that the BI Analytics Suites provides mean that it can be successfully utilised by payroll teams, HR manager and administrators, and enables a range of customisable analytic and comparison functions to be performed.

Papaya Global Key Integrations

An additional benefit of the cloud-based Papaya Global platform is that it supports a range of single sign-on (SSO) integrations, such as HR automation systems, accounting platforms and business management software tools.

For instance, Papaya can be integrated with third party solutions like BambooHR, WorkDay Oracle HCM, Expensify , SAP SuccessFactors, NetSuite and more.

Pros and Cons of the Papaya Platform

In our experience, there are a range of benefits to be gained from utilising the cloud-based Papaya Global platform.

  • Papaya Global is one of the best employer of record (EOR) providers available today, making it simpler and more cost effective to enter new markets and expand into new territories without the need to establish an entity. Hiring workers, and paying them properly and on time, is also simplified, so that rather than using time and resource to manage HR, the focus can instead be on essential operations (crucial in the early stages of an expansion).
  • For enterprises with workforces based in multiple locations, Papaya Global makes it easy to ensure compliance, even in jurisdictions where you may not have previous knowledge or experience.
  • The platform makes it easy to adhere to the data protection requirements of the various jurisdictions in which you operate, enabling effective safeguarding of employee data and privacy in accordance with local legislation.
  • As a cloud-based platform, software updates and security upgrades occur automatically. In this way you can avoid the downtime needed for manual upgrades.

One of the potential drawbacks we have identified in using the Papaya Global platform is:

  • If you are a start-up or SME operating solely within your ‘home’ country, you are unlikely to need or be able to take advantage of the full range of features available.

Pricing Plans

There are a range of cost effective pricing plans available, depending on the specific needs of your enterprise.


This plan gives you access to global payroll services in more than 160 countries, including management of all your payroll operations, for a monthly, all inclusive per employee fee.

  • $20 per employee per month

Employer of Record (EOR)

As an EOR provider, Papaya works with in-country partners to deliver payroll and HR services on your behalf, while you retain control over the employee’s role and responsibilities.

  • $650 per employee per month

Contractor Management & IC Compliance

This service enables you to outsource specific services to an independent contractor (either local or overseas), reducing onboarding costs and wages during periods of growth or expansion into new markets.

  • $25 per employee per pay cycle

Payroll Intelligence Suite

This plan provides access to Papaya’s real-time BI Analytics Suite and a range of functions, including dashboards showing employer and payroll costs, etc., and which can be integrated with your existing payroll system.

  • $250 per location per year / $320 per location per quarter

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