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Music is one of the arts that make our life beautiful. It completes our everyday life, it helps us express our emotions, have fun, cry, and keep vivid memories in our minds. If you are passionate about music, you are probably looking for opportunities that help you compose music.

As an educator, you are probably looking for the best tools to support your music students to advance their skills. And thanks to the evolution of technology, you have lots to choose from. They can be used in remote settings when the ensemble cannot gather in person. So, what is the best music-making software for educators and students?

1. SmartMusic

SmartMusic is one of the most popular and appreciated music-making software. It helps both educators and students connect and track progress, especially when meeting in person is not possible. SmartMusic is a website that promotes music learning and it offers a wide variety of tools to both students and educators.

There are music libraries, but also tools that help students practice their skills. Some features of this website are customizable, so you can adapt the software to your needs or the ones of the ensemble. This enables students to learn and educators to track their progress, including college assignments.

As a music student, you have a lot of theory and practice classes. You can even be part of a band or orchestra and compose music with your colleagues. However, besides the practical side of learning and making music, there is also the writing part one. Students might need to write essays on a wide variety of topics, including a concert review where they should review sound or performance technicalities. Reading a few concert review essay examples would help you introduce yourself to the topic and understand how to craft a compelling essay as a music student. Even though writing essays and papers is not a major part of your learning experience, it is one that helps you expand your view on some aspects of making music.

2. BandLab for Education

BandLab for Education is an incredible free tool that can be used within classrooms. As it is free, it is available to all students and educators around the world who can use it for music production. The greatest thing is that it works on any device and operating system, so you do not have to worry that you cannot access it or that you have restrictions.

BandLab for Education enables educators to create lesson plans and invite students to participate. But a nice feature is that educators can invite other classrooms too and collaborate on the same project.

3. MusicFirst

MusicFirst, compared with the tool above, is a cloud-based tool that can be used by educators and students alike. MusicFirst allows educators to create music assignments and review the ones students have submitted. It is available on any operating system , both on mobile and desktop, so you can use it from anywhere if you have a good internet connection.

The nicest thing about it is that students can record and submit music samples that will be automatically scored by the tool. This helps educators easily track the music performance and progress of students. The assignments they have been evaluated by the educator and every score can be noted in a digital grade book. Thanks to technology, today many tools can be used in college to help students learn. And they develop not only their soft skills but hard skills too.

Final Thoughts

As technology develops, even more, new tools appear on the market. They ease our lifestyle, but also make the learning process more pleasant and enjoyable. If you are in the music industry, you are probably looking for software that helps you make music and collaborate on projects with others.

These tools can be used by educators to create lesson plans, assign assignments, and track the progress of the students. Many of them let students record and upload music samples educators can review and grade. They are of immense help, especially when meeting in person with the entire ensemble is not possible due to various reasons, so students can practice and meet online.

Post By: Mark Torain

Mark Torain is a content writer and blogger. He is passionate about music and is currently learning how to play the piano. Mark’s favorite music genres are classical, techno, and pop music.

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