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Establishing a solid online presence is an integral part of every business strategy in the digital age. Not only do you need to be present where your customers are, but you also need to find a way to communicate with them and nurture them throughout their customer lifecycle . You can achieve this if you have a great lead generation strategy.

So what is lead generation, and why do you need it? This essential marketing practice revolves around attracting prospects by offering them valuable content or resource and persuading them to provide you with their contact information, usually in the form of a name, email address, and phone number. This allows you to add them to your database and move them down the marketing funnel.

A good lead generation campaign contains the following important elements:

  • Relevant landing page
  • Effective copy
  • A clear and strong call to action
  • Irresistible lead magnet or offer
  • Lead capture form
  • Nurture sequence
  • Effective Google ads and other types of paid campaigns

While it is doable to get all these elements in place, these questions remain: how effective will they be? How can you make your lead generation campaign stand out amid fierce competition?

The best way to catch customers’ attention and convince them to give up their information is to think outside the box. You have to try something different. The good old methods may be losing their magic.

You are not alone. We know executing a brilliant lead generation strategy is one of the most challenging tasks of a marketer, whether you are a novice or an expert. Even seasoned digital marketers need to update their knowledge and get fresh ideas on the table.

We’ve gathered some of the cleverest creative lead generation ideas you can use for your campaign efforts. Let us delve right in.

1. Give Customers a Product Demo

Good content does not end in crafting compelling ad copy for the landing page. Yes, words can be powerful. But do you know a more powerful medium you can use once you have convinced a user to click on your ad? A video. 

Humans have always been visual learners, at least most of them. In fact, around 65% of people tend to process information based on what they see, making them visual learners.

A picture may paint a thousand words, but a video can speak so much more. This tactic is especially effective if you create a video to explain your products’ value and demonstrate how to use them. Videos can grab and hold your target audience’s attention far longer than a written copy. You can engage and motivate customers to take your desired action.

2. Increase Visitor Conversion through Pop-ups

Have you ever visited a website and seen something pop up on your screen just when you are about to leave? Exit-intent pop-ups are just one of the ways to do an excellent on-site retargeting of your visitors. 

This tactic allows you to convince your visitor one last time to reconsider and provide their contact information. You can maximize your exit pop-ups by giving them an offer they can’t resist, which can be in the form of the following:

  • A discount coupon
  • A downloadable e-book
  • An email course
  • A free consultation
  • A newsletter subscription

Want to take it to the next level? Give the pop-up’s copy a personal touch by customizing the message based on your visitor’s behavior. You can offer them something relevant to the page they checked on your website. 

For example, a visitor checked a page that talks about facials. You can prompt them with a question when they hover to exit the page, “We hate to say goodbye, but before you go, do you want to avail of a free consultation?”

This tactic can assure you will enjoy a higher conversion rate .

3. Share Insights as Thought Leaders

Everybody wants to know the recipe for a successful company. What better way to show just that than by sharing rich insights and success secrets from the thought leaders themselves? It can come from the company director or the CEO. You can arrange an interview with a thought leader and deliver the best advice you can give to your readers.

Make sure the questions you ask are thought-provoking and will uncover a wealth of ideas that visitors will find valuable. They will be assured that the brand will deliver its promise as they have heard it straight from someone with a demonstrated thought leadership initiative. This will also cultivate trust and loyalty as they can catch a glimpse of the human behind the brand.

4. Create an Interactive Tool

Is there a better way to learn about a product than by giving them a free demonstration? If you want to be more creative in learning more about your potential customers and obtaining their contact information, giving them an interactive tool can be a great idea.

Many websites that offer services do just this. For example, an SEO research tool can be tried for free so users can get the feel of the tool and check if it’s the right fit for their needs. Of course, before they can try it out, you can ask them to subscribe first or provide their details in an opt-in form.

For skincare brands, why not try creating a quiz that allows your prospects to determine their skin type? They can answer a series of questions that will help the tool analyze what kind of skin they have. Before you give them the result, you can ask them to sign up first so you can send their skin type via email. You can then include some product recommendations most suitable to their skin type.

5. Nurture Your Leads throughout the Funnel

While it’s certainly not a novel idea, doing a lead nurture campaign can usher in a wealth of opportunities. Your work as a marketer does not end with acquiring a bulk of leads that can boost your database. What is more important is what you do with all those leads. Just because they did not take your bait in your welcome email does not mean you will cast them out into oblivion.

You need to find the right timing to convert them into paying customers. This is where the power of personalization comes in. You got their details. Chances are, you’ve gotten more information than the usual name, email, and phone number. If you have their birthday, you can give them a personalized birthday message through email. You can entice them to check out great deals and discounts on special occasions like Christmas or Black Friday.

You will want your brand to stay on top of your customer’s minds, even if they are not ready to buy from you yet. When they decide to purchase, you will be the first one they will think of because you made an effort to remain present in their lives.

Ensure you have the proper emails to nurture in every customer touchpoint —a welcome email for the new subscribers and nurture emails about new product launches for your loyal customers. All of these little things will add up to give you great results in the long run. 

6. Harness the Power of Retargeting

Website visitors aren’t lost forever, even when they have long abandoned their shopping cart or easily closed the page when they get there. You still have an opportunity to persuade them. We are talking about retargeting.

Visitors who browsed your brand’s shoe collection and added items to their cart but did not proceed to the checkout page can be retargeted. You can send them an email or retarget them on your Google ads, reminding them that they have items on their cart and that now might be the right time to check them out. Sweeten the deal by giving them an exclusive 15% discount that will expire in a week.

You can also analyze their behavior and tailor the product recommendations to the items they added to their abandoned cart the next time they visit your shop.

Wrapping It Up

Putting an impressive lead generation campaign in place takes a lot of hard work, patience, and learning. You don’t have to do it right the first time. Chances are, you will do several tries before establishing the right strategy. However, these clever lead generation ideas can be a good start for improving your lead generation tactic and enjoying better conversions, one step at a time.

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