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According to a world-renowned Author and psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi :

“Creativity is any act, idea, or product that changes an existing domain, or that transforms an existing domain into a new one… What counts is whether the novelty he or she produces is accepted for inclusion in the domain.”

What this means is that creativity is not something that you are born with or something that you can get through sheer dumb luck. Creativity is something really special that the person, in question, unlocks in their mindset.

Anyone and everyone can be creative, they just need to have a system to harness it themselves.

Companies have always been inspired by someone that thinks out of the box. Someone who doesn’t want to play by the rules and can do the work quickly and in a whole different way than everyone else.

And if you think that you don’t work quickly or in some innovative manner, you are still a creative individual on some level, because we all exude some form of creativity in our daily work and personal lives, just not so much that the whole world knows about us.

So, what is creativity actually and what are the different ways that you can use to increase it in your daily work and personal life? Well, in this article we are going to try and answer those exact questions. Let’s begin.

What is Creativity?


Whenever we don’t succeed in pinpointing the exact meaning of something, there are bound to be many misconceptions created about it. So, in order to get to the true meaning of creativity, we are going to dispel some of the misconceptions surrounding it.

  • A Lucky Lightning Bolt of Inspiration: Every creative person in this world knows that when a creative idea hits their head, it is never a coincidence. It is all part of an elaborate process of creative thoughts that leads up to them having a creative idea.
  • Something they’re born With: Research around creativity shows that both the creativity and the non-creativity that a person exudes, are learned. This means that you are not born a creative savant or a procrastinator, you make yourself one.

So, if creativity is not something that you can get due to luck, or if it is not something that you are born with, what is it? Well, let’s now discuss the 5 steps of a creative process that guarantees increased creativity in your personal and work life.

5-Steps of the Creative Process

Here are the steps that we are going to talk about in this article.

  • Gather
  • Digest
  • Incubate
  • Insight
  • Develop

Let’s take a look at all of these steps in detail and find out how this process can help you.

1. Gather

The first step is gathering information about the problem that you want to find a solution to.

2. Digest

The second step of this creative process is to always try out new ideas and experiment with a single solution from many different angles.

When you try to digest all of these different ideas, you become stronger in your resolve and are fearless in front of any new challenges that may come.

3. Incubate

Increasing your creativity is like improving your body via workout. You know you have put in the time, now you have to take a step back and incubate. Give your brain some time to relax, so that it can start to subconsciously make connections and create new ideas for you.

4. Insight

This is the moment you always see in the movies, where the person is thinking hard beneath the shower. When you have gone through the first steps, you would notice that all of your creative ideas will start flooding back in, and you can choose the best one from your arsenal.

5. Develop

The last step is to develop, test and cement a newly found creative idea in your head. And for that, you need to put the idea out into the world, so that the people around you or in your creative space can ponder on it and give you their honest feedback.

If you think that this process is too “Do it Yourself-y”, here are some genius ways that you can incorporate creativity into your daily work and personal life in 2022.

5 Genius Ways to Increase Creativity

Here are all of the ways that we are going to discuss in this article.

  • Schedule your creativity
  • Start at the end and work backward
  • Give yourself creative space by putting your phone away
  • Use music to unlock your creative potential
  • Embrace constraints

Let’s discuss them all in detail and find out how they can make your work and personal life more creative.

1. Schedule your Creativity


You might have heard that creativity can’t be scheduled. We are telling you that it can be. How? Well, we read the story of the famous host of the podcast Unmistakable Creative and author of some incredible bestselling novels, Srinivas Rao , where he mentioned something incredible.

He said that he forced himself to write 1000 words at a scheduled time every single day and he got amazing results like increased creativity, lots of book deals, and tons of exposure to his work. He also tells us that there are three other benefits of scheduled creativity.

  • There is always more motivation for you whenever you sit down to work.
  • There is little to no pressure at all to create something new, because you sit with a clear head to work every day and creative ideas just flow through you.
  • You also make regular progress throughout your workweek, and even if that progress is slow-paced, it is still progress.

2. Start at the End and Work Backward

This is a very interesting approach to handling your work as used by the great Henry Ford . In his car manufacturing process, he used to perform the car-making process reversed. Well, what does reverse mean in this context?

Well, he created the car manufacturing assembly line, where the car was assembled in a proper fashion and not just putting parts here are there.

He started the assembly line by working backward or reversing by learning from all of the mistakes that he made at the start of the process and working again from the front.

3. Give Yourself Creative Space by Putting your Phone Away


Our cell phones are incredible at what they do in this day and age, but a drawback of this incredible technology is that your creativity gets lost in the way when you are constantly on your phone rather than concentrating on your work.

That is why when you start working on your project, you should put your phone away to make sure that you put your 100% concentration on your work and not get distracted by millions of notifications raining down on your phone every other minute.

Here is something that Manoush Zomorodi, the amazing author of Bored and Brilliant wrote about mobile phones and creativity:

An idle mind is a fertile ground for the seeds of creativity, but our endless swiping, tapping, and digital interactions ensure that our minds never have an opportunity to drift into this ‘default mode,’ where fresh ideas germinate.

4. Use Music to Unlock Your Creative Potential

Music is something that is very personal to every human being. The beats that you like or the rhythm that you move to is very different for every human being. That is why music is the best relaxant when it comes to unlocking your creativity.

While most people around the world, prefer silence to work on matters that require your utmost attention, research has found that listening to your favorite music can calm you down and lowers your perception of tension that you may be facing.

This tension is the blockade between you are your creativity. When it is gone, you are going to be more creative.

5. Embrace Constraints

It is quite normal to think that if you have all the time and resources in the world you will be the most creative individual ever. But we are here to tell you that you will be wrong.

Studies have shown that when an individual has constraints tied with him regarding a project or any activity that they might be performing, they perform better and they exude more creativity than if they had more resources.

So, to conclude, it is not important that you have all of the time and resources you wish for, all you need is the determination to do your work perfectly and as creatively as possible, without everything showered on you.


This was a short guide that you can follow to spark more creativity in your daily work and personal life in this day and age.

If you think that we should find more of these ways to help you increase your creativity , be sure to holler in by email to

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