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WFH is the new normal, and every organization has a few people working remotely at a given point in time. Even if you do not go fully remote, you will probably want to pick a hybrid model to run your team. The flexibility, scalability, and cost savings make it a wise decision for a business owner.

But you may have some qualms about remote employee productivity in the long run, even with the most trusted team members on board. Working from home is full of distractions, and people encounter tech issues more often than not. Security concerns may also hurt their productivity. But you can overcome these challenges with a creative approach. Here are some proven productivity hacks for remote teams.

Set clear expectations

Setting clear expectations with your team is perhaps the best way to increase productivity and address performance concerns in remote settings. You can do it by establishing goals , metrics, milestones, and timelines. Being on the same page enables them to collaborate with teammates and give their best. Pick expectations project-wise, and ensure they align with the overall objective of your business.

Establish a clear communication roadmap

Even as people know their roles and responsibilities well, they may have doubts and questions along the way. Working remotely can be a barrier as they cannot ask questions in person. You can ensure productivity by establishing a clear communication roadmap for employees so that they know how to reach out.

Daily scrums enable each member to share daily tasks and goals. Likewise, you can implement team meetings weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Provide the team with communication tools so that people can connect on the fly.

Enable seamless remote access

Besides good communication, collaboration is another factor that makes remote workers productive and efficient. The best way to do it is by ensuring seamless Remote Computer Access for your team members. It is possible by choosing a reliable software solution that delivers on the performance, consistency, and security fronts. People perform much better when they can access files and resources just in time.

Invest in productivity tools

This one is a no-brainer because investing in the relevant productivity tools can boost the productivity of remote workers. Ensure they have the relevant ones to match their needs. For example, you can empower them with tools for task management, time management, and scheduling. Analytics, spell checkers, and writing assistants are some other applications to ease their workload. Also, automate tasks wherever possible.

Put performance over presence

You can make remote workers more productive by putting performance over presence. It shows trust in your team members and gets you employee loyalty and retention in return. Trusting people when they are not in the same location is not easy. But you can do it by focusing on output instead of the time they spend in front of their devices. Ditch the micromanaging mindset, and give people autonomy to work the way they want.

Remote work productivity is a tricky thing, but you can get the most out of your team by implementing creative measures. Follow these simple tips to build a productive remote workforce.

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