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Amazing and dedicated animation studios can help you elevate your business by producing stunning 2D and 3D animations and animated videos throughout Melbourne. Every business is unique, from the kind of animations it specializes into the types of customers it serves.

Consider creating an animated video if you like an engaging way to promote your business in corporate videos, short videos, TV commercials, or 2D animated explainer videos.

Animations are a fantastic method to draw in your audience, and Melbourne is home to the best creative animation studio in the country. In this blog post, We’ve put together a list of top studios and companies specializing in animation video in Melbourne . Read on!

The top ten Melbourne animation studios and video production firms are listed below.

1. Dream Engine

Dream Engine has been producing videos for more than 18 years in Melbourne. They are knowledgeable about the market they serve for animated videos. They keep the process simple so that brands, companies, and SMEs can acquire great-looking animated material quickly and on a budget. They are experts in

  • 2D animated
  • Motion Pictures
  • Videos with explainers and whiteboard animation

2. Essence Studios

 Essence Studios is a 2d animation studio in Australia. Educational animated films, app demo videos, and whiteboard animation are all included in their comprehensive bundle of 2D representation. A team of talented video producers, animators, graphic designers, and storytellers works in-house to produce an amazing animation project for clients.

Essence Studios has partnered with companies or brands in various industries, including corporate, educational, and technology. The crew is driven by a persistent desire to advance and succeed in video creation.

3. Jasper Pictures Company

The Jasper Pictures Company is a local Australian specializing in 2d animation production. Company They have fully furnished studios in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofit groups make up most of their clientele. They have a solid reputation for having a social conscience.

Their team of experts works hard to produce the highest caliber video material for every one of their clients. Seasoned artists and newbies with a passion for animation make up the Jasper Pictures Company crew.

4. Monster & Bear Animation Studios

Monster & Bear Animation Studios provides a full-service production business that uses 2D and 3D animation to make engaging, educational, and entertaining animated films. It also focuses on Corporate video production, social media campaigns, TV commercials, and branded video content.

Brands, advertising agencies, television commercials, animated training videos, motion graphics, branded online videos, video game cinematics, 3D titles & logos, character animations, and educational videos can all benefit from their use.

View their animation portfolio below to learn more about the kind of 2D and 3D animations they can create for you.

5. Snackable

An Australian startup, Snackable Media, specializes in 2D animation and short-form social media content. Essentially, it is a company that produces photos and videos. The group has years of experience producing interesting material for social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

They produce content for social media campaigns, advertisements, promotions, events, and entertaining branded video content, in addition to animated videos. They can convey messages through extremely brief movies. Snackable Media has teamed with some well-known Australian firms to produce videos.

6. Motionlab Animation Studio

With its strategy-driven cartoons, Australian animation firm Motionlab aims to draw in viewers and achieve goals. They are adept at capturing the interest of any audience. Motionlab has collaborated with major companies and advertising agencies to provide top-notch animated video content.

They are experts in motion graphics in addition to animation. Their material is frequently used in commercials, music, online, and other contexts. With the aid of their videos, they can arouse viewers’ emotions.

7. Jumbla

Jumbla is a 2D animation studio based in Australia specializing in animation and motion graphics. It began in 2011, and since then, a group of skilled animators and creators has been assembled. In every project, their staff works closely with the clients.

With a distinctive design philosophy, they provide a wide variety of services. Jumbla produces animation services for various platforms, including YouTube, TV advertisements, internal communications, music videos , and more.

8. Studio Moshi

One of the first animation studios in Australia was called Studio Moshi. It produces video material primarily for streaming and television firms. They are renowned for developing unique characters and world designs. Pre-production services from Studio Moshi include overseeing storyboards, animation, and designing. Additionally, they plan and oversee the production of whole episodes, hand-drawn animations, visual effects, etc. In addition to all of this, they also fund, create, and edit videos.

This 2D animation business covers everything from script writing to screen production and everything in Australia. They produce all kinds of cartoons using interdimensional, bionic, and technicolor rash technologies. They prefer to start from scratch when they work.

9. Creativa Animation Studios

One of the well-known Australian 2D animation firms is Creativa. They provide full video production and animation services to domestic and foreign clients and agencies. They specialize in producing content that can hold the attention of Australian viewers. An internal team of experts at Creativa provides animation services from their Melbourne animation studio.

Creativa creates videos that link viewers to its clients’ brands. Through their charming animations, they want to inspire. They include the audience in their message by offering a customized and interactive multimedia experience. The entire video creation process , not just the final edit, is significant to the Creativa team.

10. Reel Pictures

Since 1993, Reel Pictures has been committed to creating top-notch animation and video graphics. They produce content for various purposes focusing on motion graphics for business presentations, character animation for television commercials, medical visualization, logo design/animation, and architectural simulation.

They are experts in:

  • Particle Mapping (Projection Mapping)
  • Animated 3D
  • Virtual Reality
  • Installations
  • Motion Pictures
  • 3D interactive
  • Smooth Animations

Perfect for: Projection mapping, virtual reality, and 3D animation installations. Animation in movies and commercials

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! You can now access our list of the top 10 Melbourne animation studios and businesses for 2022. We hope this list will assist you in selecting the ideal studio or business for your upcoming project. These are the studios to contact if you’re searching for a humorous, imaginative, and attention-grabbing video that will draw viewers in.

And we’re happy to help if you need assistance getting started on your project or want some guidance on what kind of animation would be most appropriate for your requirements. Reach out to us right away so we can demonstrate our capabilities!

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