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The entrepreneurial mindset has changed in recent years, with more and more entrepreneurs opening up to the idea of going global. The transition is primarily because international markets are more receptive than ever. Moreover, immigration is easy for several global destinations. In fact, Italy is among the prime locations for entrepreneurs looking to establish a business overseas, so we will take its context. According to experts at Investor Visa for Italy LLC , the investor visa is the most viable option for aspiring business leaders. While entrepreneurs may have concerns about immigration, it should not be a roadblock. Let us explain how it can be a smooth journey if you choose Italy as your business destination.

Quick access with an investor visa

Italy offers multiple citizenship routes like descent, marriage, and destination. While relocating as a citizen sounds alluring, not everyone may be eligible for one of these alternatives. Fortunately, the investor visa option addresses this roadblock by offering quick access. You need not worry about queuing up for immigration  for years because the two-step process closes in a few months. The steps are easy, and you do not require a lot of paperwork. You need not even travel to Italy as the nulla osta application goes online. Likewise, you can submit the visa application at your local consulate.

Money is not a daunting challenge

The cost of immigration can be painful for an entrepreneur planning to launch a business overseas. Imagine spending millions to qualify for an investor visa when already running on a shoestring budget. But things are easy with the Italian investor visa as you can qualify with a minimum funding of €250,000 to an innovative startup in the country. You even have other options with higher investment values if investing in a startup does not sound good. Your money is safe because you need to bring it only after landing in the country and obtaining a residence permit. A bank statement is enough to provide proof of funds until then.

Family immigration is a breeze

Another roadblock you may encounter is family immigration. You will probably want to bring your clan along when starting a venture abroad. The Italian investor visa makes it a breeze because you need not invest extra money for each member. A single investment suffices, provided you can establish your capacity to support your loved ones. Your loved ones get residency status and the benefits that come along without additional funding requirements .

Long-term opportunities

You need not worry about expanding your business and staying for good in Italy because the Italian investor visa opens long-term opportunities. You can tap the EU markets with the visa-free travel benefit  as a resident. Moreover, the investor visa sets you up to stay for good by staying in the country for a decade until you qualify for citizenship by naturalization.

The ease of setting up a business overseas boils down to the choice of your destination. Picking Italy is a great idea as the Italian investor visa eliminates the roadblocks and enables you to move ahead with a successful venture.

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