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Because we are no longer children, we do not anticipate that anyone will come and wake us up. Because of this, our obligations have also increased along with our growth.

We must attend school, college, work, appointments, and meetings , in addition to numerous other obligations.

The only thing that any of us truly dread is having to rush through our morning routine because our alarms failed to go off and we overslept.

The majority of us now rely on our mobile devices, specifically our smartphones, to jolt ourselves awake in the morning.

Gone are the days of the traditional alarm clock. However, some of us are such heavy sleepers that even the default clock on our Android phones is sometimes rendered useless when it comes to waking us up.

This can be frustrating. However, there is always a way out of every problem!

There are numerous applications available on the Play store that are capable of outperforming the alarm that comes preinstalled on your Android device.

They can be personalized in a way that will enable you to get up at the appropriate time every single day.

They will unquestionably get you to your destination before the allotted time. Here are 11 of the best ones.

1. Google Assistant

google assistant app

This software gives Android users a faster and more convenient way to start and use the ever-powerful Google Assistant.

In addition to doing tasks such as playing your preferred music and making phone calls, Google Assistant can also perform the functions of an efficient alarm clock.

Simply give the application the instruction to start the alarm at any moment, and it will be done.

Since it is a Google product, it may simply be incorporated with Google Calendar and other items in the Google family of goods.

In general, Google Assistant is not a specific alarm clock app; yet, it is one of the simplest alarm clock apps available.

2. Sleep As Android

smart alarm

The most downloaded and top-rated alarm clock app available for Android is called Sleep As Android.

It analyses the sound of your breathing through the microphone to determine how deeply you are sleeping and then compares that to your sleep pattern when you are asleep.

Likewise, the application will notify you that it is time for bed if you have been up past your bedtime but have not slept.

However, in addition to Spotify and Samsung S Health, Google Fit, Galaxy Gear, and Android Wear, the software has also been connected with Google Fit.

Furthermore, it entitles you to utilize the service for free for a period of two weeks; after that, you will be required to make a one-time purchase to access all of the features.

3. Puzzle Alarm Clock

alarm clock puzzle

This alarm clock app could be useful to you if you tend to sleep for long periods regularly. This is a top contender for the title of the greatest alarm clock app for Android, and it can be found on the Google Play Store.

You will need to figure out a riddle to silence the alarm. The alarm clock’s problems are designed to be challenging to ensure you get up in the morning.

There are three different challenging levels available in Puzzle Alarm. You will need to solve mathematical equations, memorize images, complete a captcha, repeat patterns, or activate either an NFC tag or a QR code to deactivate it.

4. Alarm Clock HD

alarm clock hd

This app’s range of features extends well beyond that of a simple alarm clock.

You can set an unlimited number of alarms with Alarm Clock HD.

You can also use your favorite music from iTunes as your alarm, fall asleep to a sleep timer, check the weather, and keep up with the most recent Tweets and headlines (paid version)can able to display information on the interface, such as the date, the current battery level, the weather, and many other things.

The default interface is an attractive neon-green color that can be changed to any color. When you give it a shake, it transforms from an alarm clock into a flashlight, making it incredibly adaptable and highly customized.

5. Timely Alarm Clock

The Timely Alarm Clock app has the nicest design of all of the alarm clock apps on this list, yet, the app’s amazing appearance is not all that it has to offer.

It is one of the few alarm programs that synchronize your alarms automatically across all your devices, ensuring that you will always wake up on time regardless of which device you leave on the bedside table.

Timely is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, offers recurring alarms, a customizable interface, and integration with Google Now.

Additionally, the app includes a widget and a DashClock extension.

6. Alarm Clock Xtreme

alarm clock xtreme

You might want to try the Alarm Clock Xtreme app if you are seeking a straightforward alarm clock program

It is equipped with practically all of the important features that a reliable alarm clock ought to have.

With the help of arithmetic problems that you need to figure out to stop the alarm from continuing to annoy you, the application guarantees that you won’t be able to sleep or ignore your warning quickly.

The crescendo feature of this alarm clock gradually raises the loudness of your morning alarm, ensuring that you enjoy a good morning without being overly pleasant, which could cause you to procrastinate.

In addition to functioning as an alarm clock, the app also has a stopwatch and a countdown timer that you may use.

After a cursory examination of the software, I determined that the most significant issue was the annoying advertisements it contained.

To get rid of them, you can select the paid version of the software.

7. Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

alarm clock for heavy sleepers

The Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers app is one of the most effective alarm clocks available on mobile devices for people who tend to sleep late.

The app’s purpose is to awaken you when you first use it in the morning.

You have the opportunity to set several alarms, distinct alarm stop methods, the option to hide the snooze button, and several other options because it is built for people who sleep a lot.

The application is also compatible with wearables, enabling you to silence or snooze alarms without having to touch your smartphone.

The Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers app is a fantastic choice for heavy sleepers looking for an alarm clock for Android.

8. Original Alarm Clock

alarm clock with ring tone

If you despise the standard alarm tone, then you should definitely give the Orignal Alarm Clock app a shot. We can’t stress how highly we recommend it.

This refined application does away with the obnoxious sound of the alarm in favor of gentle chiming, calming bird tweeting, and energizing dancing music instead.

When you first turn off the alarm, the app has a relatively low volume; however, the volume gradually increases as time passes.

9. Freaky Alarm

freaky alarm

Freaky Alarm is very effective in its mission to prevent you from falling back asleep after the alarm has been turned off. It will make every effort possible to achieve this goal.

This iPhone alarm software comes with loud sounds that are frustrating, and on top of that, to turn off the alarm, you have to scan a series of predetermined objects and finish several activities.

There are ten games like this one, and you may select five different priority levels for your alarm, influencing how challenging it is.

Additionally, it has a widget that can be placed in the notification center.

10. Early Bird

early bird alarm clock

When one rises early in the morning, there are a great many things that can be accomplished.

And now, with the assistance of this software, you, too, may rise before the sun with ease.

It offers a significant advantage over other services of a similar nature due to the superiority of its many potent features.

You won’t have to get used to waking up to the same old sound every morning thanks to the app, which gives you a variety of themes and alarm sounds that you can use to personalize your alarm clock regularly. There are a variety of obstacles that you can face to be compelled to wake up. It also functions as a weather app if that’s what you need it for.

11. AlarmMon


One of the most widely used alarm clock applications available today is called AlarmMon.

Not only does it ensure that you awaken at the appropriate moment, but it keeps you awake even after the alarm has stopped going off.

With AlarmMon, you are provided with many different alarm alternatives, ranging from a blaring alarm to one that displays a movie allowing you to select one of them based on how you are feeling.

A snooze alarm game is one of the available options, and you can personalize the appearance of the alarm clock with a wide variety of amusing characters.

After the alarm has been silenced, the app will provide daily weather news.

The program has a history tracker, which is a helpful feature that enables you to track your sleeping pattern and habits that are related to sleep in a more in-depth manner.

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